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A Carrousel for your Learning Home Page

Want a refresh for your LMS page?

Usually, clients ask me how they can wear their page with a fancy look, comments like LMS looks very sad are common.

And of course, you can set images in pages with landing pages, but something more complex like CSS and Javascripts are unable to load in Pages with standard methods.

Even if we call those resources from outside, we are not able to make it work because for security those resources are not able by SuccessFactors Learning to be opened as they are in another server.

With this trick I will show you, it would be possible to add different contents.

***Remember SAP doesn’t support any development, or content you add to Landing page.

iContent can Store and Show your Web Content


Well, if the issue is that we can´t put the content in the LMS because it doesn´t allow us to use an external URL, we can use the iContent to store the web content.

How to upload the content to iContent? it is easy, I can upload it by SFTP or even by the Import content menu, as if it was a course content.

So, upload a page with a CSS file, or a carrousel created with javascript, sky is the limit, just pack your files in a ZIP files before upload if you are using Import Content menu. Or put them in a folder if you use the iContent SFTP directly.


​​​​​​​If some content is not allowed for the LMS setup, change allowed files in the next Menu: System Administration => Configuration => System Configuration => CONTENT IMPORT.

** Just consider your content will be available just in LMS, as it requires a logged Learning user to show it. Try to show the content in another module won’t work.

For this example, I uploaded a carosuel done with javascript and css.


Changing Allowed Files

Call your content from a Learning Landing Page


For this case I am adding a custom Landing Page and a custom Tile for my new carousel.

If you don’t know how to create landing pages, take a look on these resources:

Now that you know how to create and assign tiles, let’s call our resources from a custom tile.


Creating Custom Landing Pages

You create your HTML file in a custom tile and resources are called from a URL that you can define with next info:

1) Define your LMS URL root or ​​​​​​​

2) Define your server
Using this KBA define in which datacenter is your LMS
E.g. /learning/user/onlineaccess/

3) Identify the iContent folder where you put your content:


4) Define the call for your main resource in your URL.  E.g.


Build a call for your HTML call


I am using an iFrame to call my content.
Each content is different if you don’t have experience with HTML, you would need help from a Web Developer.

Save your code locally and try to avoid the Preview mode, just save and test in the Student Page, because preview would drop you out of the system.
Instead of made corrections in the tile after review, erase it and create a new one copying and pasting from your local backup.



Calling our content from the LMS custom tile

Ready to go


Once you’re happy with your page, you can hit the save button on the right.

This will let everyone who has access to your tile view your new page. You can always come back erase old tile and create a new one to edit the page after you publish. This will make creating similar content a lot faster in the future.

Remember a new Learning Home Page is coming in the roadmap, so consider this could be a mid-term solution to improve your LMS design.

Hope this can be useful and thanks for reading!!


PS. Share how it works for you, consider I won’t be able to solve HTML issues and follow my profile for similar content.

Remember to post and answer questions in and also read other posts on SF LMS

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