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SAP BTP Innobytes – September 2022

SAP Business Technology Platform brings together application development, automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment optimized for SAP applications. Learn more:

SAP Business Technology Platform innovation highlights keep rolling in! In this month’s video, our product experts talk about how:

  • reacting to events in real-time is possible with SAP Integration Suite
  • you can use SAP Analytics Cloud with MS Excel
  • to create the perfect automated process with SAP Process Automation


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Integration Innovations on SAP BTP

Introducing SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh

Have you ever stopped and thought about the fact that everything seems to be happening a lot faster these days? Stopping to smell the roses might seem tricky. This is not just a reality in our private life, it’s also true in the business world. That’s why knowing what’s going on in your business environment, a.k.a “situational awareness”, is crucial, so you can react immediately to significant changes. And by the way, that’s exactly what an event is: a significant change. And events happen in real time.

SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh is a new SAP Business Technology Platform offering to distribute billions of daily business events in real time on a global scale.

Advanced Event Mesh takes your situational awareness to the next level – and turns you into a real time company.

Where do these real time events come from? SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC for example.

Learn more:

Data & Analytics Innovations on SAP BTP

Analytics in MS Excel with SAP S/4HANA Cloud as a live source

For financials and reporters, a direct link to a Microsoft Office environment is key in their daily job. With SAP Analytics Cloud, running on SAP Business Technology Platform, we have an answer.

With the new SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office, you can create analytics in Excel 365 on top of a live SAP S/4HANA Cloud system (2208 release).

By declaring the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system as a “live source” in SAP Analytics Cloud, you’ll have the freedom to analyze or slice and dice data in any Excel Desktop or Online version.

You can get the SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office directly from the Microsoft Store as an application and use it on Windows or Mac.

Learn more:

Automation Innovations on SAP BTP

Trigger a process using API calls in SAP Process Automation

I think we’ve all experienced that feeling of joy after a job well done. For those of you in the process automation business, there is nothing better than creating the perfect automated process. You can’t wait for others to start using it. But then something happens – there are exceptions that you had not considered. Suddenly you need approvals and additional data fed into the process. All things you had not accounted for. Worry not! SAP Process Automation on SAP Business Technology Platform is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

With our newly launched API trigger for SAP Process Automation, you can connect your existing processes and applications in a simple, easy way.

How does this help? This means you can get all the needed approvals and data for the process to run smoothly AND are able to make the necessary decisions based on real, trusty data.

Use SAP Process Automation to create the perfect automated process for your company!

Learn more:

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      Author's profile photo Cameron HUNT
      Cameron HUNT

      Hello, I'm a bit lost. You state that "SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh is a new SAP Business Technology Platform offering to distribute billions of daily business events in real time on a global scale", and that "knowing what’s going on in your business environment, a.k.a 'situational awareness', is crucial" ?

      Does that mean that your current customers can't possibly know -- "in real time" -- what's "going on in your business environment", with the older BTP 'Event Mesh' ? Is (un-Advanced) Event Mesh not capable of 'real time' event distribution ? Can BTP 'Event Mesh' really not distribute events "on a global scale" (but only within a 5-10 km radius) ?

      If BTP 'Event Mesh' can indeed easily manage both of those things (and it obviously can), how many SAP clients today actually have to manage "billions of daily business events" ? I'm curious to know how many SAP clients manage to trigger your x125 publicly available business events (available on the very latest version of S/4HANA Cloud) multiplied by several million times, each and every day ?

      If 'Event Streaming' means anything, it means 'Event Streaming Analytics': an IoT use case. Whilst it's entirely possible that Advanced Event Mesh (a more recent Solace product ?) is better suited to IoT use cases than classic Event Mesh, don't you think you should state that clearly somewhere to avoid customer confusion on your product offering ? Isn't it better to inform them that almost no clients will benefit by moving from Event Mesh to Advanced Event Mesh ?

      Author's profile photo Karsten Strothmann
      Karsten Strothmann

      Hi Cameron,

      let me try to shed some light on this:

      1. Yes, SAP Event Mesh can do a number of these things as well. It is about real time, it is about global event distribution, and it does distribute SAP events. It does this fully reliable. It is well integrated into the SAP ecosystem. It works great for small to mid-range use cases.
      2. I like your 5-10 km radius. Have I said with a word that SAP Event Mesh can't distribute events globally? No, I haven't because it obviously can. It's an Event Broker, this is what event brokers are about.
      3. And now let's come to the point here, the differentiators:
        • AEM allows you to build a full blown event mesh. You can connect brokers in the US, in Europe, in Australia and events will automatically flow between the brokers across regions. This is what I mean with global - a global mesh of local brokers, which is nothing that SAP Event Mesh offers. To make this clear: you consume the event from your "local" broker in a global mesh.
        • You can do dynamic routing and filtering of events - which SAP Event Mesh can't
        • You have additional concepts in place. Have you seen Topic Endpoints in SAP Event Mesh? I haven't.
        • You have much better monitoring capabilities
        • And, and this is the easiest one: bigger event size (factor 30), more buffering storage (factor 80+), no guaranteed throughput limitations but T-Shirts sizes you can pick
        • Oh, and AEM is deployable in private cloud environments, no just in the cloud.
        • Replay of events? Additional protocols? Use cases like Event Streaming that SAP Event Mesh was never designed for? I'll stop it here ... there is way more.
      4. To clearly point this out again: AEM is an offering to complement EM for more demanding scenarios. Customers choose. Based on their needs, based on the pricing, based on available event sources.
      5. Which brings me to the event part:
        • There are currently around 400 standard events in S/4HANA Cloud
        • On top, you have the option to create your own customer events following the RAP based approach
        • Over time you will have more and more events available
        • For S/4 oP and ECC you have the add-on to create your custom events
        • A lot of customers in fact mix in additional event sources in - breaking vendor boundaries has been always important in respect to EDAs
        • And, two VERY big points: there is a clear tendency towards data events which increases the load on the broker, and a lot of big customers have Kafka in the game as well which means more and more data events.
      6. Now the client part: I am about to jump on a call with a customer in a minute to discuss exactly this topic. Why AEM? Because these customers need brutal scale - we're talking about the world's largest retailers and consumer industry names here. I guess you can picture what it means for these customers to even raise the same event in their stores on a global level, throughout thousands of stores. Often these are custom data events, by the way.
      7. Oh, and to point this out again: AEM comes in different T-Shirt sizes. So you can adjust it to your needs.

      I hope this has given some additional background. By the way, I never liked the name Advanced Event Mesh since I am myself coming from SAP Event Mesh. Now that I have worked quite some with Advanced Event Mesh I believe the name fits.