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SAP PaPM Cloud: What’s New as of 2022-09-26?

Hello Community Members, 

It’s been more than a month since the last blogpost of this series was shared with you. As a recap, my dear colleagues have already provided you with the latest features and enhancements in SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud) contained in the following blogposts: 

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My debut in blogging will extend the series with the latest features and enhancements. Without further ado, here are the newest additions: 

Menu -> User Preferences 

Email notifications – subscribe/unsubscribe functionality  

SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud offers a new option in the User Preferences that will allow you to manage the email notifications you will receive when executing actions in a Process Instance on the Process Management screen such as:  

    • Submitting an Activity 
    • Approving an Activity 
    • Rejecting an Activity 
    • Completing an Activity 
    • Initializing a Process Instance 

If you want to enable the email notifications or subscribe to the SAP PaPM Cloud email notifications, go to the User Preference screen by choosing Menu and then, choose User Preference 


In User Preference screen, by default, the Email Notifications setting is turned off. In this case, you will not receive any email notifications of the performed activities even if you are part of the performer or reviewer team.

Then, turn on the toggle button for Email Notifications and choose Save.   

After you successfully enabled/subscribed to SAP PaPM Cloud email notification, you will receive an email for the subscription confirmation that will look like this: 

As the email notification setting is enabled in your User Preferences, when an action was performed on the activity or process instance where you are part of the Performer and/or Reviewer Team, an email will be sent to your email address. The email notification contains the following information: 

    1. What activity has been submitted, approved, rejected, and completed. As well as what process Instance has been initialized. 
    2. What action has been made in the activity/process instance. 
    3. The email address of the user who made the action. 
    4. What is the next action needed. 

You can refer to the screenshot below as an example. 


The Performer submitted an activity for approval and an email will be sent to the users that are part of the Reviewer Team. 

You still have an option to disable or unsubscribe to SAP PaPM Cloud email notifications. In the User Preferences, turn off the toggle button for Email Notifications and choose Save. You will also receive a confirmation email that look like this: 



  1. Improve export from header in Show Screen: only selected columns

Exporting data from Show Screen via CSV or XLSX now supports the download of only a few selected columns including filtered data under the condition that: 

     A. Pivot Mode = off
     B. If layout does not have fields in Row Groups and Values.  
     C. Proceed with Exporting of data

This is also true for Context Menu’s export formatted data. 

With the feature improved, what user sees in Show screen will reflect the downloaded file. 


      2. Model View support for HANA Views with parameters   

Consuming data from external views is a possibility for SAP PaPM Cloud through Model View HANA View function. Now, this function is enhanced to support consuming HANA Views with parameters in order to influence the way data will be presented or consumed.

How does it work? 

Given a HANA Table in SAP_PAPM_ADMIN schema with below data information:  

Customer  Product  Quantity  Amount 
CUST01  PROD01  10  10 
CUST02  PROD02  20  20 
CUST03  PROD03  30  30 
CUST04  PROD04  40  40 
CUST05  PROD05  50  50 

HANA View with Parameter can be created.



This can be called in the database console using:



How to call it in SAP PaPM Cloud? 

When a connection is created pointing into a HANA View with parameter on a given schema, Parameter will be available in property panel of Model View HANA View upon choosing Edit Parameter button.  

A new tab will be available containing information of Parameter. Users may be able to switch from Fields to Parameters and vice versa in this case. 

Users may be able to add input values in the Formula Editor of Parameter field.

Depending on the logic of the parameter in HANA View, resulting data will be available in Show Screen after activation of function. 


  1. Data Upload Enhancement

With this improved feature, a 3rd option has been introduced in Data Upload functionality focusing Filtered data in both Show & Analyze screens: 

    • Add data from file to existing data: this option adds the data from the upload file into the existing data 
    • Replace all existing data with data from file: this option replaces all existing data with the data from the upload file.
      Note: If importing to an Editable Query function and there is Fix Selection maintained in its Query Elements, only the data associated to the Fix Selection would be replaced when uploading using this option. 
    • Remove filtered (currently displayed) data only and add data from file: this option will be provided from Import options when the user has filters maintained in the Filters panel of Show/Analyze. This option removes filtered data first as currently shown in Show/Analyze screen, then adds the data from the upload file.


Administration -> Content Network

‘Export All’ functionality in Content Network

Previously, the ‘Default’ functionality of Content network when exporting an environment was to include data for ALL Model Tables WITH Transport Data flag set. Now, a new export option: ‘Export All’ functionality gives users the capability to also include the data of ALL Model Tables WITHOUT Transport Data flag set to the export zip file and import this environment with all model table data intact regardless of Transport Data flag. 


I hope that with this blogpost you now have an idea of the latest features and enhancements in SAP PaPM Cloud and you will find them useful. I suggest to bookmark the SAP PaPM Cloud community tag and stick around for the upcoming updates.  

Please, feel free to share this with other colleagues. If you have questions, do not hesitate to post them here in the SAP Community Questions section link 

Thank you! 

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