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OUT NOW: SAP Signavio September 2022 release – Faster time to insight, faster time to act

We are excited to announce today the general availability of our September 2022 release.   

Improved performance indicators, new dashboards, enhanced insights, and the newly released SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators for SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Plant Maintenance enable a faster time to insights and time to act for your innovation and transformation projects. 

Your main benefits with this release are: 

  • Foster cross product navigation for collaborators and modelers 
  • Improved UI, UX and troubleshooting 
  • Continuous delivery on insights and recommendations 
  • Reducing times to value and insights 

But this is not all. We have released a multitude of features for the following solutions within SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: 

  • SAP Signavio Process Insights  
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence  
  • SAP Signavio Process Manager 
  • SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub  
  • SAP Signavio Journey Modeler 
  • Partnerships – LeanIX 

 Design Update 

Finally, both worlds unite in an updated design for SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. As a first step central elements as the SAP Signavio logo and an updated color pattern give the solution a new look. Moving forward continuous UI and UX improvements are leading priorities. 

Read here a summary of some of our highlights. 

SAP Signavio Process Insights

In the Q3 Release, SAP Signavio Process Insights delivers updates designed to give customers: greater control over their data storage space, clarity and relevance in analytics, improved user experience and faster time to insights and time and to action.   

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Process Insights: 

  • Performance indicators related to correction recommendations 
  • Activate/deactivate data collection for Performance Indicators 
  • Content updates: 7 new process flows and 11 enhancements to existing process flows; 16 new process performance indicators; 2 new Innovation recommendations; 17 new correction recommendations 
  • Usage based Innovation recommendations 
  • Customer and supplier analysis 
  • Guided Tour (phase 1 of Guided Analysis) 
  • New data center in the US West (US20) 

Users can now see which performance indicator is linked to the correction recommendation via the Related Performance Indicator function, giving a holistic view of correction recommendations and allowing users to move quickly from insights to recommendations. 


Related Performance Indicator function


By default, data collection is active for all performance indicators. With this new update however, administrators can now activate and deactivate data collection for individual performance indicators. The relevant data for relevant performance indicators according to the administrator will only be collected by activating/deactivating PPI data collection. This in turn will save data storage space and gives administrators greater control. 


Activate/Deactivate data collection for Performance Indicators

 SAP Signavio Process Insights enables Process Owners and Analysts to display a visualisation of process performance for typical business processes, allowing them to select from a pre-defined set of process flows, get an overview of the main phases of a process and view progression of business object instances through process phases. With the September release, 7 new process flows and 11 enhancements to existing process flows have been added. Also with this release, 16 new process performance indicators, 2 new innovation recommendations and 17 new correction recommendations have been added to SAP Signavio Process Insights. Please visit our Reference Guide to see the latest process flow updates.  

The Guided Tours update (the first part in delivering Guided Analysis in SAP Signavio Process Insights) is a wizard that improves user experience by guiding customers and supporting first time users in exploring Process Flows. When users launch the Guided Tours feature they are taken on a Process Flows “tour” that starts with a general overview of Process Flows, followed by selection of a Process Flow (e.g. Sales billing document creation to FI-AR clearing), all the way through to what the data sets and other metrics mean. There are useful tips on what to do if the information is hidden and what different colour codes mean. The next phase of Guided Analysis will offer Business Guides that explain the value of Process Flows and Blockers. The third phase of Guided Analysis will feature a Quick Guide offering insights for new users on areas they can immediately address to realise value.  


Guided Tours feature

Usage Based Innovation Recommendations will help customers to identify the most relevant solutions (recommendations) that address their most important problems. Recommendations can now be sorted in order of relevance, allowing users to the insights they need to resolve their process performance issues faster. Users will be able to understand priority of recommendations by viewing usage numbers. 


Usage Based Innovation Recommendations

One of the major SAP Signavio Process Insights updates in this release is Customer and Supplier Analysis. This update helps users to identify the underlying causes of performance issues as well as best practice from a customer / supplier perspective by looking at patterns in personal data. 


Customer and Supplier Analysis

SAP Signavio Process Insights now offers the option of an additional data center which is non-AWS. The new Azure data center is the first non-AWS option in North America. Altogether, there are now three data centers in the North America, and seven overall. 

For more information got to SAP Signavio release notes. 


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: 

Process analysis and mining: 

  • Dashboards 
  • Insights enhancements 
  • More user control for automated insights 
  • Comments for Insights 
  • Notifications for Insights 
  • Insights UX/UI improvements 
  • Sunsetting the relate widget 
  • Metric library improvements 
  • Metric collection 
  • New SIGNAL LIKE/ILIKE expression 

Process data management: 

  • New terminology used on the UI for process data management navigation and screens 
  • Shortcuts for Business Objects 
  • Enable /dissable event collectors, case attributes and Business Objects 
  • Embedded template documentation 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators: 

  • Process Intelligence accelerator for SAP Plant Maintenance 
  • Process Intelligence accelerator for SAP Sales Cloud 


Process analysis and mining: 

With the September 2022 release, the new dashboards are one of the major updates for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence in this release. They provide process analysts and subject matter experts with a much easier way to analyze, visualize, interact and monitor insights in the solution, including widget resizing, drag and drop capabilities and an improved filtering experience, while supporting multi-user parallel access. 


New Dashboards for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

In our last March 2022 release, we announced the availability of automated insights, a set of ready-to-use advanced statistics, as well as insights management, which help reduce time to insight, simplify and streamline data-driven process analysis efforts in organizations. 

For automated insights, users will now be able to flexibly select attributes or metrics they are interested in, thus tailoring the scope of the automatically generated insights shown to them. Read how to narrow down insights generation in this section.  

 Commenting is also now available for all insights, enabling all users to write comments in threads and mention other users, also improving collaboration.  


Commenting feature

Notifications for insights are now triggered for insight assignees and creators to inform them when something happens that requires their attention (such as insight updates or an assignee change), thus improving team collaboration and reducing time to insights.  


Notifications feature

Finally, we have released several UX and UI improvements for automated insights, such as removing the “Explore insights” button to allow the immediate generation of automated insights for the user. 

Starting with this September 2022 release, we will start discontinuing the variable importance – relate widget. This will happen in two steps: from September 28th, 2022, users can no longer create new widgets of this type or edit existing ones. Starting January 2023, we will remove existing variable importance – relate widgets from all investigations and sunset the feature.  

We will now focus on the further development of the powerful automated insights, released earlier this year, which provide a higher value and better results in determining relations between variables and allows you to now flexibly select attributes or metrics you are interested in. 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence offers process analysts a set of metrics, which value is determined by using a preconfigured piece of SIGNAL code (SAP Signavio analytics language). With this release, we are enhancing the metrics library with increased usability, including dynamic filtering, sorting, search, explanatory tooltips, and several UI improvements.  


Metric Library


We are also releasing a SIGNAL metric preview for all metrics. 


SIGNAL Metric Preview

The name of the “Metrics” section in the product haow been renamed “Metric collection” and we have also introduced several updates. We are also planning further improvements to the Metric collection in the near future.   

As for SAP Signavio analytics language (SIGNAL) updates: we are introducing LIKE/ILIKE expressions which will help analysts better search specified string patterns in their data.  

With this, users can search for a specified string pattern in a column with string data (LIKE is for case-sensitive string patterns, ILIKE for case-insensitive ones). An example would be a query for finding the number of orders processed by someone named “Tom”, where the analyst would count the number of cases in SIGNAL where user LIKE ‘% Tom%’ 

Process data management: 

We have introduced terminology changes in the process data management User Interface we´d like to make you aware of. 

Instead of “ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)” we are now introducing a more generic umbrella term to cover all different options to bring and process data in our solution. This term is “process data management” and covers:  

(1) the “standard connectors” (known until now as “ETL connectors”) 

(2) the new integration to SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, a general-purpose ETL tool itself, available since our last market release 

(3) the possibility to upload data with your own data pipelines.  


SAP Signavio Process Data Management

Also, on the main “Manage data” page in our product:   

  • “Process data pipeline” is now replacing “Data model”, as this section refers to the flows for transforming and manipulating data, specific to event logs, and not to data modeling as in entity-relationships models.  
  • “Source data” is replacing “Integrations”.   
  • Finally, “Connections” is replacing “Data sources” to make it clear that these refer to the current connections and not the source systems connected themselves.    

Please refer to the release notes for detailed information. 

The changes will make it easier for data engineers and process analysts to understand the broad spectrum of functionality currently available to integrate and process data in the product. 

Process data management functional enhancements include shortcuts for Business objects. 

Data engineers and process analysts now benefit from shortcuts available for the SQL editor, which will speed up their query creation and maintenance, saving time and reducing errors in their code. The shortcuts currently include fold and batch commenting. 

In case of necessary changes to a process data pipeline, it generally takes time to troubleshoot or develop a new event or a case attribute collector, impacting the whole transformation pipeline and causing it to fail. 

To tackle this, we now give users the ability to remove in-progress queries from their pipeline, disabling or enabling event collectors, case attributes and business objects, so they can focus and fix/finish them before they are added to the event log. 

We have also introduced several performance improvements to our ingestion API as well as new grid view controls in data model canvas to help you easily explore and navigate within the Overview and Transformation grids. 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators 

Finally, you can speed up your time to analysis and time to value with our newly released SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators for SAP Plant Maintenance (Operate-to-Maintain for SAP ECC & SAP S/4HANA) and SAP Sales Cloud (Lead-to-Opportunty). Also, new metrics were released for Invoice-to-Pay.  

All documentation for data transformation templates, currently only accessible in the online product documentation, is now embedded in our tool. We now make it as easy as a click of a button to access and review data transformation templates during the implementation phase.  

Please refer here to the full documentation. 


SAP Signavio Process Manager

With this new release, we have focused on delivering improved functionalities that would benefit the user experience within SAP Signavio Process Manager. 

Users will now benefit from lack of failures and duplicates when creating, importing and exporting processes due to improved behaviour in the tool and in the SAP Solution Manager connector. 

We have also enabled workspace administrators to set how long personal information is kept after a user was removed from a workspace. For details, see the workspace administrator guide. 

Please note, the export feature that has been announced for the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 connector has been cancelled, due to the development of a new and advanced connector. The new connector has entered Beta testing with customers for this release and is planned to enter GA release early next year. 

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

 The following features have been release for SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: 

Administrators can now improve the way on how SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub users consume information and can choose to hide the newsfeed for specific audiences. This allows user focus on meaningful content.  

Notifications for comments on a specific diagram element now focus on the respective element in a process diagram when users click on them for redirection. This allows a faster discovery of all relevant activities and gateways that matter for collaborators in their daily jobs. 

Collaborators are now able to select an activity from the “Activities” list and see the focused activity in the diagram view, allowing them to focus and understand the context of an activity faster. 


Focused Activity in the diagram view


Users of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub can also now benefit from a better browsing experience when a user opens a diagram in full screen and navigates to a sub-process, the sub-process is also shown in full screen. 


Improved Browsing Experience

This blog post only provides an overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite with our September 2022 release. For more details, please read our  release notes 


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Journey Modeler: 

  • Revision management 
  • Ability to discover journey models in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 
  • Unified commenting and mentioning 

Journey Governance 

With revision management, we are making an important step allowing journey modelers to edit, restore and publish previous journey models. Before this release, modelers only saw the number of revisions without being able to change them or to change to previous versions. 

This feature is enabling journey modelers and owners to gain full transparency over the changes made within their journey models. Ultimately this provides a better journey governance, risk and compliance management which will be extended over the next following releases. 


Revision Management

 Collaborators and journey modelers now also have the ability to discover journey models in SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub. The integration with unified search, favorite, and recent will enable journey modelers and owners to have faster access to their relevant journey models from SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. 

 Modelers are enabled to search for journey models by name by using the search box. They can also star a journey model to see it in the favorite tab, and see journey models that have been visited earlier in the recent tab. Overall, this allows modelers to get to their relevant models faster and navigate based on preference. 


The integration with unified suite commenting and mentioning will enable journey modelers and owners to be informed on relevant asks for them and ask specific colleagues for clarity. Modelers can mention other SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite users in comments and receive in-product notifications when someone mentions them in the comments. This new ability is extending cross product features for a better suite experience. 

Unified%20commenting%20and%20mentioningDiscover Journey Models

Unified commenting and mentioning


Partnerships – LeanIX 

 With the September 2022 release, users can now connect different SAP Signavio instances into a global LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management workspace. With that, they can optimize transformations through a comprehensive “one-to-many”-view of one global LeanIX EAM workspace into “many” SAP Signavio instances.  

Please submit a configuration request at to get multiple SAP Signavio instances connected by the LeanIX support team. 




This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite with our September 2022 release. For more details, please read our release notes, available here. 


Please feel free to share you questions around the release or feedback in the comments with us.

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