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Controlling recurring pay components appearing in one-time payment

In this blog we will be talking about how you can control recurring pay components appearing in the one-time payments portlet in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.  This is a known product issue and does cause issues for customers.

One-time Payments

You can add a One-time Payments three ways:

1. By clicking the ‘pencil’ icon

Image 1: Shows the pencil icon in one-time payment.


2. By using button ‘Award One-time Payments’

Image 2: Shows the ‘Award’ button in one-time payment.


3. By using ‘Take Action’ ‘One-time Payments’

Image 3: Shows one-time payment via Take Action.


However, if you use the ‘pencil icon’ in the ‘Type’ field you will see a mixture of recurring and non-recurring pay components.  For example, base salary is appearing in one-time payments.  This causes confusion for customers, furthermore should a payment be added via the ‘pencil icon’ a workflow is not triggered.

Image 4: Shows a recurring pay component appearing in one-time payments.


If you use the ‘Award one-time Payment’ button or the ‘Take Action’ ‘One-Time Payments’ you get a slightly different view.  In this view you only see non-recurring pay components and workflow is triggered.

Image 5: Shows only non-recurring payments in one-time payments.


You can remove the ability to show the edit ‘pencil icon’ but still maintain the ‘Award one-time Payment’ button and ‘Take Action’ ‘One-Time Payment by adjusting your RBP as follows.

Image 6: Shows the RBP for one-time payments.


As shown below this will still allow one-time payments to be added but the pencil is removed.

Image 7: Shows the pencil icon missing from one-time payments.



However, the downside of this solution is that once the payment is created you would not be able to edit or delete it and customer prefer the ability to be able to edit their one time payments.

Another risk of recurring pay components appearing in one time payments means they can be selected by the user and potentially cause payroll issues.  Whilst you cannot remove the recurring pay components from the ‘pencil’ icon’ view you can build a rule to prevents recurring pay being saved in one time payments.  You can build the following rule, set ‘onsave’ on one-time payments to prevent any recurring payments being added to one time payment.

Image 8: Shows the rule.


If we go into one-time payment via ‘pencil icon’ and select the recurring pay component we get this message.

Image 9: Shows the error message displayed by the rule.



Whilst it is not possible to remove recurring pay components from the ‘edit’ view of one time payments you can limit users editing and selecting a recurring pay component.  Hopefully this will provide a couple of options which can help organizations to manage issues with one-time payments.

If you have any or questions that would be appreciated.

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      Author's profile photo Brandon Toombs
      Brandon Toombs



      Thanks for creating this blog. Definitely something I get questions about from my customers.

      Author's profile photo Sothis S-User
      Sothis S-User

      Thanks for your Blog!

      Are SAP thinking of solving this?
      What is the point of letting pay components that do not correspond to the portlet appear in the portlet itself? At least for knowing how to explain it to the customer, because at first it does not make sense.

      Best regards