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Author's profile photo Yogananda Muthaiah

Bring your data from HANA Cloud to HANA On-prem via DP Agent

This feature is available and demonstrating how you can bring the data from BTP – SAP HANA Cloud Instance to SAP HANA Onpremise (SAP Commissions). It allows through DP Agent and managed instance to read data and execute commands against remote database source, for instance, HANA database server.

Using this feature, we can fetch data and update it in other databases without developing custom application.


  • Allow to access data from outside of SQL Servers
  • It has the ability to perform distributed queries including select, update as well as other commands and transactions across heterogeneous data sources.
  • It has the ability to address different databases similarly.


  • SAP BTP Cockpit – SAP HANA Cloud + WebIDE (database explorer)
  • DP Agent Configured
  • SAP Commissions – SAP HANA Onprem + WebIDE (database explorer)

High Level Flow

Infographic SDI

Data is moving from HANA Cloud to HANA Onprem via DP Agent and you can find the step by step explained below.

Let’s dive in SAP BTP – SAP HANA Cloud + WebIDE

Go to SAP BTP Cockpit – Select Service Marketplace – Select SAP HANA Cloud

Click Manage SAP HANA Cloud to check database status and launch WebIDE

Once you’re database is up and running,we are good to start 

Go to Web IDE and follow the below steps to create a sample table

Create Table Demo_yoga (

Insert a sample data into a table created above

INSERT INTO Demo_yoga VALUES ('11','Yoga');

Let’s find out the table

select * from Demo_yoga

now, we can see table contains one row with dummy data in SAP HANA Cloud

Let’s dive in SAP Commissions SAP HANA On Prem + WebIDE

Follow the link for DP Agent Installation SAP Commissions – Smart Data Integration[SDI] – Part 3 

you can go to your command prompt and your command path should be DP Agent.. run the CLI and select option 8 for Adapter Registration and select HanaAdapter

Once Adapter is registered sucessfully, now you can register for the Agent

Now you can login to your WebIDE and go to database explorer and expand the catalog to see Remote Source

Add Remote Source with all the information related to your Agent Registered and SAP HANA Cloud database credentials to link the server.

now you can see Remote Sources, you can find your source Name ( In my example, its HANA Cloud)

Go to your webIDE and try this below command to check if you’re getting result from SAP HANA Cloud database schema


now you can check Virtual table which will get the results from SAP HANA Cloud

select * from VT_yoga

As you can see from below screenshot, the results are pulled through Virtual table which is connected to SAP HANA Cloud table.

Final thoughts

we can bring the data by linking SAP HANA Cloud database server to HANA On-prem database.

Note : Also, you can get the data from SAP Commissions other environment tenant to Target environment through this process.. without exporting or importing the data manually.  Steel chain links connected in the middle by a red paperclip, on white background, cut out


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      Author's profile photo Michael Cocquerel
      Michael Cocquerel

      Why using SDI&DPAgent when it is possible to connect HANA on-prem to HANA Cloud using SDA ODBC Driver directly like described here ?

      Author's profile photo Yogananda Muthaiah
      Yogananda Muthaiah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Michael Cocquerel for reading my blog !!

      SAP Commissions runs on HANA On-prem and having restricted access to database connection. Only offers WebIDE for users.  We have only way through this DP Agent.

      Author's profile photo Krina Rana
      Krina Rana

      Dear Yogananda,

      Thanks for above blog and explanation.

      Can DP agent work with source DB's like Oracle and transfer data in real time to ON premise HANA DB ( HANA 2.0, SPS6)?

      Do you know any method of SRS(Sybase Replication server)  replacement that can bring data in SAP HANA (on premise) in real time manner. The data have to be updated /inserted/deleted from huge Finance tables for this real time need.

      We are exploring Kafka, but it has issues w.r.t Deletes. Also , we use SAP BODS as major ETL tool for data integration. Currently, data is brought from source oracle DB via matviews in intermediate staging database and then from there into HANA using SAP BODS but there is delay of an hour and business user's need is to have more faster data replication.


      Pls suggest newer methods applicable for such problem scenario.





      Author's profile photo Pavan Nagathan
      Pavan Nagathan

      Dear Rana,

      Your ques: Can DP agent work with source DB's like Oracle and transfer data in real time to ON premise HANA DB ( HANA 2.0, SPS6)?

      Have you got any solutions or info on your question ? If so please share the information.


      Author's profile photo Krina Rana
      Krina Rana

      HI Pavan Nagathan,


      Yes you understood it right. Unfortunately, I have not got any response in this regard.


      Yogananda Muthaiah : Can you guide with correct solution to my query above based on your exprerience?


      Thanks & Regards,