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Author's profile photo Jascha Kanngiesser

@sap/datasphere-cli: Command-Line Interface for SAP Datasphere: Overview


The Node.js-based Command-Line Interface (CLI) for SAP Datasphere, @sap/datasphere-cli hosted on, allows you to interact with your SAP Datasphere tenant from the terminal or command line. 

In this blog post, I’m summarizing all blogs I’ve published so far on this topic. This blog is your entry point to working with the CLI, and stay informed about new blogs which are published on this topic.


The list of blog posts is sorted by date in descending order. The newest post is listed on top.


I’d be happy to hear your thoughts, ideas, and comments on this tool and what you think would be a nice-to-have enhancement to the CLI, making your life and work with SAP Datasphere easier. Let me know in the comments!

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      Author's profile photo Young Seol Sohn
      Young Seol Sohn

      Hi Jascha,

      Thank you very much for this useful documentation. I have one suggestion for you.

      It would be nice to be able to run or schedule a table replication or data flow using CLI or API. A customer's desired scenario is that when a specific job finishes on the source system, a follow-up job runs on the DWC.

      Do you have any support plans for these features?

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Jascha Kanngiesser
      Jascha Kanngiesser
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Young Seol Sohn

      thanks for your comment! 🙂 We have this on the radar, but I cannot communicate any specific version yet, unfortunately.


      Author's profile photo Xavier Polo
      Xavier Polo

      Hi Jascha Kanngiesser ,

      My two cents

      - Support for the "Bussines Layer", I hope that when the Business Builder adds the option to export, dwc-cli will also be able to work with these objects. If not, at least give the option to extract something from the metadata, like dependencies.

      - Extend the file size limit: currently I can export a space (json > 80MB), but I can't recreate it because it fails to import because of this limitation (25MB).

      - Improve the login system, having to use RPA to automate a command line program is a bit extreme 🙂

      - Incorporate existing services in DWC: There are many services like impact and lineage that are implemented through a web service, and I think it would not cost too much to incorporate them into the client tool.



      Author's profile photo Jascha Kanngiesser
      Jascha Kanngiesser
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Xavier Polo re "Improve the login system" I just published Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

      Author's profile photo Xavier Polo
      Xavier Polo

      You made my day 🎉


      Author's profile photo Sebastian Gesiarz
      Sebastian Gesiarz

      Hi Jascha Kanngiesser

      Thank you for sharing the latest updates on the CLI development. It's great to see that the tool is advancing.

      I was wondering if there are plans to expand the import/export capabilities of the CLI to include other object types such as Data Flow, Analytical Model, etc.? This would be beneficial in using the CLI as a key interface between CI/CD and Datasphere.

      Additionally, I'm curious if there are any plans to introduce new parameters like --changed-since and --changed-until to facilitate more granular control over the objects being imported/exported.



      Author's profile photo Jascha Kanngiesser
      Jascha Kanngiesser
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sebastian Gesiarz

      thanks for reaching out! 🙂 Great to hear the CLI helps you in your daily development work!

      Yes, we're planning to include more objects over time. I cannot give a clear outlook on the concrete plans, but stay tuned!

      The ideas about the parameters sounds interesting - I'll circle this back to our product management to put it into our backlog.

      Thank you,