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Have SAP Activate Feedback? We Want to Know.

SAP Activate roadmaps are created and updated based on input from many different people from different areas within SAP and externally. While we have several methods to capture changes, improvements ideas and general feedback, I would like to highlight the feedback mechanism within the SAP Activate roadmap viewer and how we process the feedback within the SAP Activate team.

The roadmap viewer includes two different mechanisms for a user to provide feedback. First, on the content pages, a blue Feedback button is displayed on the left side of the page (figure 1). If the feedback button is not visible, verify that you are signed in to the tool by selecting the person image in the top right corner of the screen. The blue feedback button allows feedback to be given specific to the content on the page that you are viewing. The second feedback mechanism is available only on the ‘Accelerators’ page and is initiated via a toggle to allow for the selection of a specific accelerator (figure 2).


Figure 1 – Page Feedback


Figure 2: Accelerator Feedback

Both feedback buttons will display the same dialog box. However, the difference is that the page feedback automatically records the page being viewed and the accelerator feedback records the name of the accelerator.

Below is an example of the simple feedback form.


Figure 3: Feedback Form

  • The ‘Rate your experience’ selection allows for quick feedback on your overall experience with the SAP Activate content and the tool.
  • ‘What is your feedback related to?’ gives 5 categories for the feedback to improve internal processing.
  • By default, the feedback is anonymous. However, the ‘Yes, you can contact me..’ checkbox will add your email address from your sign in information. We may use the email address if a clarification is needed, and we will typically send you an email when we have actioned the feedback. Most people check this box.
  • The feedback box is a free form text box. Please describe the problem or request with enough detail for us to understand what action we need to take. Positive feedback is also appreciated! Examples would be: ‘the link to xyz is broken’, ‘procedure step 2 is difficult to understand’, or ‘Thanks, we use SAP Activate on all our projects’.
  • The ‘Send’ button starts the SAP process of reviewing and actioning the feedback.

After the user presses the ‘Send’ button, the feedback is automatically added to our feedback database with status of ‘New’. Then, an administrator does an initial review and assigns the feedback record to the person on the Activate team that is responsible for actioning the feedback and triggers a notification to that person. The Activate team member reviews the feedback and schedules the work appropriately in a future two-week sprint. Once complete, the team member closes the feedback items and, typically, contacts the originator of the feedback. Based on the complexity of the action of the feedback, it could take a few days or a few months to complete. At the beginning of each sprint, open feedback items are reviewed to manage delay.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the hundreds of folks that have provided feedback directly through the roadmap viewer. Your contribution is appreciated and valued. For those of you who have ideas and feedback, please take a few extra seconds to use the feedback function in the SAP Activate roadmap viewer and provide us with your feedback and ideas. We, the SAP Activate team, look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Ciecko / SAP Activate Team


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