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SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology: Template version 4.0 available now

The SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) is an integral part of SAP’s integration strategy in context of the Intelligent Enterprise as outlined in the whitepaper Intelligent Enterprises Are Integrated Enterprises. The methodology can help you to shape an enterprise integration strategy covering both the technical and the organizational aspects. For this purpose, ISA-M offers accelerators such as integration patterns, architecture blueprints, and additional best practices for cloud and hybrid landscapes which you can adopt along a well-defined adoption path.

The framework of ISA-M is available for free as MS Powerpoint based template which is updated on a regular basis (see figure 1 below).


Figure 1: ISA-M Template

Now we have released a new version of this template, which is version 4.0. This blog post gives you an overview of the updates and enrichments delivered with the latest template version. More detailed information can be found in the document history which is part of the ISA-M template.

New tool based approach for ISA-M

The major news is the availability of the Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite which is a tool based approach for key parts of ISA-M (see figure 2 below).


Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite

If you would like to know more about Integration Assessment you may check out my blog post Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite is general available now for details and if it has aroused your interest continue with Get started with the Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite.

The latest ISA-M template version 4.0 not only includes an overview of Integration Assessment, but also existing content of the template has been changed to refer to the new tool-based offering. Here are some examples:

Section 4: Technology Mapping

  • The decision tables with the integration guidelines have been changed to show the same recommendations as delivered with Integration Assessment. As of now this applies to the first scope of SAP delivered guiding content of Integration Assessment which covers the process- and data integration style and selected cross use cases. For the remaining integration styles (analytics-, user- and thing integration) and cross use cases just samples are shown as part of the ISA-M template until the SAP delivered guiding content will have been released on Integration Assessment.

Section 5: Interface Assessment

  • For performing an interface assessment, it is recommended to leverage Integration Assessment.

Section 6: Integration Roles & Governance

  • The integration roles have been updated to also include tasks related to Integration Assessment.
  • For introducing integration governance, it is also recommended to leverage Integration Assessment.

Overview of updated ISA-M content

In contrast to the previous updates no major enhancements have been applied to the methodological concepts as such. Mainly existing content has been updated or enriched in-line with the latest version of the Integration Architecture Guide for Cloud and Hybrid Landscapes. In the table below you can find a summary of content updates or enrichments, including examples:

Change Topic ISA-M Template Section Example
Updated Various SAP product names Various SAP Enterprise Messaging changed to SAP Event Mesh
Added New SAP products 4. Technology Mapping SAP Work Zone and SAP Mobile Start as SAP technologies for the user integration style
Updated Various SAP (product) visuals Various Evolved the integrated intelligent enterprise toward an intelligent, sustainable enterprise
Updated Various SAP technologies 4. Technology Mapping SAP Integration Suite, SAP Data Intelligence
Updated Info sheets per architecture blueprints 6. Architecture Blueprints Information about related platform missions of SAP Discovery Center
Enriched Information about the different options to get started with applying ISA-M at an organization “Do-it-yourself” approach and service offerings by SAP and SAP partners

An apple is an apple: Consistent terminology

Furthermore, some terminology has been changed to resolve any conflicts if the same term is used differently across various SAP offerings. Here are two examples:

Section 3: Integration styles & use case patterns

Here we used the term “integration pattern” which is the combination of integration domains and integration styles. However, integration patterns are also being used in context of the Cloud Integration capability within SAP Integration Suite as a reusable solution for a recurring integration problems like the Integration Flow Design Guidelines – Enterprise Integration Patterns published at SAP API Business Hub. To avoid any confusion this term has been changed to “integration area” in ISA-M.

Section 4: Technology mappings

The term “key integration patterns” and related recommendation degrees (“recommended”, “partially recommended” and “not recommended”) have been changed to the ones used as part of Integration Assessment: These are now “sample key characteristics” with the recommendation degrees “good fit”, “partial fit”, and “not a fit”. The related content of Integration Architecture Guide for Cloud and Hybrid Landscapes has also been updated accordingly.

Where to get the latest ISA-M template version from?

The free ISA-M template is shared by SAP through the SAP Integration Architecture Community. If you are not yet a member, simply send a mail to to get invited to join this group.

Enjoy exploring the new ISA-M template version 4.0 and feel free to share your feedback using the comment functionality of this blog post. 😊

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      Author's profile photo Rishabh Jethi
      Rishabh Jethi

      Great to see such a detailed blog Katrin !!

      A tool dedicated to ISA-M is just awesome and can#t wait to try it on.

      Also would love to have some information on industry specific templates for ISA-M.

      Author's profile photo ebsor ---
      ebsor ---

      Hi Katrin Ahsen


      I am getting error while accessing integration assessment

      "You don't have sufficient permissions to access Integration Assessment.
      Please assign the required Integration Assessment specific roles to the relevant user or contact your tenant administrator.
      Follow the help guide to complete the setup. Then, logout and login to Integration Assessment again."

      which role collection is required?




      Author's profile photo Katrin Ahsen
      Katrin Ahsen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ebsor,

      after you have activated this capability of SAP Integration Suite you need to assign a role collection of Integration Assessment. You can find the list of available role collections at:Configure User Access | SAP Help Portal

      Which one to choose depends on what you want to do with Integration Assessment. You can find more information about the authorizations per role at:Tasks and Permissions | SAP Help Portal

      Caution: After you have assigned a role collection to your user you might still get the error message that you don't have sufficient authorizations. In such cases just clear the cache of your browser and give it another try.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Tobias Mache
      Tobias Mache

      Hello Katrin,


      i send an request for invitation to the jam group but have no response until now.

      It would be great if you can check it..

      Author's profile photo Katrin Ahsen
      Katrin Ahsen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Tobias,

      my apologize. I missed to respond to your mail as it was marked as read by mistake. You should just have received a mail from SAP Jam to join the gruup.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Roberto Viana
      Roberto Viana

      Hi Katrin,
      Thanks for sharing this update on ISA-M; great to see the evolution of this practical methodology. I have had the privilege of applying it in practice multiple times, leading to successfully implemented architectures.

      As far as I know, I am already an SAP Integration Architecture Community member. Could you please share the exact location where Can I the template can be found?

      Many thanks, Roberto Viana

      Author's profile photo Katrin Ahsen
      Katrin Ahsen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Roberto,

      could you please send a mail to in this matter? This would allow us to share with you the URL. It might confuse others, when posting the URL here as access is restricted to registered users.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Martin Sommer
      Martin Sommer

      Katrin Ahsen would appreciate if you can provide a link or reference to the Gartner quote on slide 13 which is about escalation of integration effort 🙂 thanks and best regards, Martin

      Author's profile photo Katrin Ahsen
      Katrin Ahsen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Martin,

      this information is publicly available at (6) A Litmus Test for Business Applications "Integrability"​ | LinkedIn.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Sung Yen Yang
      Sung Yen Yang

      Hi  Katrin Ahsen,


      I would like to join SAP Integration Architecture Community but seems don't know where to start.

      Have sent email to but received email undelivered response.

      How can I join SAP Integration Architecture Community?

      Thank you.




      Author's profile photo Katrin Ahsen
      Katrin Ahsen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sung,

      the mail box is still active and we continue to receive and process mails. I just sent a test mail to this account and it worked. Kindly send your request once more to this inbox. If you still receive an undelivered response then please send your request to

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Sung Yen Yang
      Sung Yen Yang

      Hi Katrin,


      Thanks for your testing and confirmation.

      My request to join the community has been approved by the admin of the community.