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U.S Tax Reporter Year End 2022

This blog is not updated anymore, the new blog for Year End 2023 is already created. 

Another Year with our U.S. Tax Reporter Year End blog. If you have questions about 2022 Year-End reporting, you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips, best practices and, SAP Notes related to this subject.

Legal Changes for US

To review the planned Legal changes for US, start the Announcement of Legal Change application. You can find detailed information about the Announcement of legal changes on this blog.

Year End Notes

3226749 U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2022 Announcement
3231551 – Year End 2022 Phase I for U.S. Tax Reporter (This note can just be applied via Support Package, there isn´t any workaround)

3225735 – W-2 / 1099-R Forms, Envelopes and PR Approval letter for year 2022
3245908 – Year End 2022 Phase II for U.S. Tax Reporter
3272039 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3245908
3282510 – Year End 2022 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter
3293660 – TR: Form 940 Schedule A for 2022 not displaying the Total Credit Reduction amount

IMPORTANT: SAP Note for Phase II contains manual Pre-Implementation and SAP Note Phase III contains Post-Implementation steps.

To run Year End 2022 processes successfully and for SAP to provide support, you must have installed the minimum levels of the Sync. HRSP and CLC available in October, where applicable, as specified for your release. There is not any work around.

User Guides and Resources

2464078 – TR: 1099-R User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration
2464161 – TR: W-2 User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration
2463999 – TR: Tax Reporter User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration
1406971 – FAQ: Troubleshooting PDF Forms in US Tax Reporter
544849 – FAQ: Tax Reporter Note

 In addition, detailed Tax Reporter documentation for EHP8 is available on SAP Help Portal. To get Tax Reporter documentation of an older release click in the portal on SAP ERP HCM, then change the version on the upper right corner, and search for “Tax Reporter (PY-US-TR)”.

KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles)

3081097 – KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) for Payroll USA
2918093 – After upgrade issue with the position of text and alignment

Educational Videos

2480185 – TR: Tax Reporter – Online W-2 Enhancements videos


3288050 – GARN: IRS Publication 1494 for tax year 2023
3265862 – BEN: Annual limits year 2023
3204104 – BEN: Limits for HSA in tax year 2023

ASUG Webcast: HCM U.S. Payroll and Tax Reporting 2022 Year End Update

ASUG Webcast for SAP HCM U.S. Payroll and Tax Reporting 2022 Year End Update was conducted on October 20, 2022.

Recording and slide deck for the ASUG webcast can be found at the event page on ASUG website

Important changes not related to Tax Reporter

Blog TaxFactory 11.0
Blog Reverse Tax Engine – Payroll USA

If you have questions about this topic, please use specific blogs to post it.

In case you have any questions/suggestion about Tax Reporter Year End you can post on the comments.

Kind regards,

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      Author's profile photo Hemanth Krishnakumar
      Hemanth Krishnakumar

      Hi Carlos Accorsi , Matt Fraser Graziela Dondoni Ramesh Ayyappan , Chandra Veeramony Ejaz Khalid 

      For a US wage type, i configured Limits on deductions and  for the same wage type i configured a bi-weekly deduction modal.  This bi-weekly deduction modal should deduct only 2 bi-weekly pay period in a month. Example: for the month of May and September we have 3 bi-weekly pay period in a month, for this wage type system should deduct the amount from this wage type only for the first 2 bi-weekly pay period.

      Wage type is a garnishment wage type, which comes out after UGARN function into IT table.


      Function LIMIT in SAP schema check the configuration under limit on deduction and the deduction modal configured (Which stop the wage type from processing for 3rd bi-weekly pay period) or it just check only the configuration made under LIMIT on DEDUCTION.

      Need your input.

      Author's profile photo manish Mrigank
      manish Mrigank

      Hi Graziela Graziela Dondoni

      I am trying to set up MCTDT Metro Commuter Trans District, New York – Payroll Expense Tax (/419). Do I need to set up new Tax authority to enable this or can it be set at NY state level? If anyone has set up, can you please share relevant note or steps I need to follow to enable this.


      This was released as part of TUBS 60.


      Author's profile photo Elizabeth Munoz
      Elizabeth Munoz

      Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, if not, could you please point me in the right direction. I am trying to find out why boxes 15-16-17 on form W3 in PU19 are not populating. Upon checking the field mapping for form HR_F_W3_15 on form builder, there is no data binding for any of the state boxes. See attached screenshot. Thank you for any help you can provide!screenshot


      Author's profile photo Chandra Veeramony
      Chandra Veeramony

      Graziela Dondoni - when can we expect the YE2023 blog site?


      Author's profile photo Graziela Dondoni
      Graziela Dondoni
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Chandra,

      Please, check:
      U.S Tax Reporter Year End 2023 | SAP Blogs

      Kind regards,