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AES-GCM and (ECB, OFB, CFB) Encryption in ABAP


You need AES-GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) or one of the other modes (ECB, OFB, CFB) Encryption/Decryption in ABAP.


SAP offers neither solution nor support for this. See 2972991 and 3074516.

For GCM you cannot use OpenSSL either.

Standard ABAP. Monalisa Biswal has written a blog about AES Encryption.
But the standard cl_sec_sxml_writer methods { decrypt / encrypt } support only Cipher Block Chaining CBC. In encrypt you cannot even supply the IV. It is randomly generated for you. cl_sec_sxml_writer has another method crypt_aes_ctr, which provides counter mode CTR.

Possible solutions

There is a pure ABAP implementation:
It has support for modes ECB, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC and PCBC.
GCM is still missing.

For GCM decryption if the IV is exactly 12 bytes and you don’t care about the TAG you may have  a look here.


Here you can find complete AES-GCM implementation in ABAP:

Additional to GCM it is offering ECB, OFB and CFB modes. The methods are basically wrappers around the methods decrypt, encrypt and encrypt_iv of class cl_sec_sxml_writer.

Using the Kernel to do the AES encrypt/decrypt results in hundreds of times better performance for ECB, OFB and CFB compared to the pure ABAP implementation above.

GCM consists of 2 functions: encryption AES-CTR and authentication. As the authentication (ghash/gf_multiply) is implemented in ABAP performance will be slow.

It is not perfect though. You have to care about padding and the nonce when needed . For GCM only 128 bit TAG is implemented. Other lengths can be easily implemented, as this will require just stripping the extra length.


      key      TYPE xstring,
      iv       TYPE xstring,
      plain    TYPE xstring,
      cipher   TYPE xstring,
      aad      TYPE xstring,
      tag      TYPE xstring,
      l_plain  TYPE xstring,
      l_cipher TYPE xstring,
      l_tag    TYPE xstring.

" test case 16
key    = 'FEFFE9928665731C6D6A8F9467308308FEFFE9928665731C6D6A8F9467308308'.
plain  = 'D9313225F88406E5A55909C5AFF5269A86A7A9531534F7DA2E4C303D8A318A721C3C0C95956809532FCF0E2449A6B525B16AEDF5AA0DE657BA637B39'.
cipher = '522DC1F099567D07F47F37A32A84427D643A8CDCBFE5C0C97598A2BD2555D1AA8CB08E48590DBB3DA7B08B1056828838C5F61E6393BA7A0ABCC9F662'.
tag    = '76FC6ECE0F4E1768CDDF8853BB2D551B'.

    plain      = plain
    key        = key
    iv         = iv
    aad        = aad
    cipher     = l_cipher
    tag        = l_tag

    cipher     = l_cipher
    key        = key
    iv         = iv
    aad        = aad
    tag        = l_tag
    plain      = l_plain

More examples and test cases are here. The tests for GCM are taken from the AES-GCM Specs.


To summarize

AES Encryption in ABAP is possible for all modes using the Kernel. This way we don’t have to take countermeasures against side channel attacks or the like. CommonCryptoLib is doing this for us. The authentication TAG in GCM is still calculated in ABAP, but it doesn’t involve the key.
I hope someone will find it (especially GCM) useful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to send me a message or write a comment here.


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