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Flex Working at SAP

A Personal Account of Hybrid Working

What is the future of work? The jury is still out – but one thing is perfectly clear – flexible work is part of it. SAP got the memo early on and responded by announcing SAP’s Pledge to Flex in June 2021, making a commitment to provide a permanent flexible, hybrid work model for all employees across the globe. A recent SAP employee survey showed that 80% of employees prefer a mix of working remotely with onsite office time.

The future of work mandates a digital workplace. SAP had digital technology already in place to ensure a smooth transition to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic but continued employ and develop more tools to ensure business went on as usual, or as close to usual as possible.

As offices have already or are beginning to re-open, digital dexterity to support hybrid work has become even more important than ever. Modern solutions that include communication, collaboration, and remote technology tools and modern office facilities catering to the new needs of employees are invaluable. At SAP, tools, like the FlexConnect app, have been created to give SAP employees more insight to planning their onsite visits.

What does all this mean for me personally as an SAP employee? It means that SAP trusts me to decide how, when, and where I work. Allowing me to work in an environment that best suits my needs, depending on the task at hand. Somedays, I prefer a quiet and stress-free workspace at home. Other days, working at the office for better communication, collaboration, and face-to-face meetings, prove to be an advantage. I value having the freedom to adjust my schedule to accommodate business meetings outside of my time zone or even personal appointments without fearing judgment or repercussions.

This modern freedom even gave me the opportunity combine travel with work. When my husband told me that his company was sending him to Melbourne, Australia, I was envious. After a quick chat with my manager, I booked the flights and applied for my visa. I used the FlexConnect app to schedule my visit to the SAP offices in Melbourne. I spent two weeks in Australia, and as a part-time employee was able use late afternoons, evenings, and weekends to sight-see and spend time with my husband. Although technically it was not vacation, it felt like vacation.

I believe SAP’s Pledge to Flex, our hybrid work model, and the hardware, solutions, and tools that SAP provides for flex work to be one of the great values of working at SAP. What do you value most in being able to work flexible? What advantages or disadvantages of hybrid working do you see? Share your feedback and thoughts in a comment. Follow my profile and those of my colleagues for more interesting content on this topic.

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      Author's profile photo Lena Beier
      Lena Beier

      Hi Britta Lehn

      thank you so much for sharing your perspective on what Flex Work at SAP means - you really made the best out of the opportunity! Very inspiring for me. Looking forward to your next post.

      Author's profile photo Britta Lehn
      Britta Lehn
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Lena, I hope that you are making the most of our hybrid work model too!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Britta - a wonderful article.  I really enjoyed reading it.  I agree with you,  FlexWork is changing the way we work creating more opportunities for self-empowering employees.  It is great to work for SAP where this value is supported.  As the board has stated "Lets make the Future of Work a reality, together as One SAP."

      Author's profile photo Britta Lehn
      Britta Lehn
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Marcy. I could not agree more. FlexWork enables self-empowerment! Well said.


      Author's profile photo anna Lee
      anna Lee

      thank you for this

      Author's profile photo Britta Lehn
      Britta Lehn
      Blog Post Author

      About half a year later, I am still thankful for the opportunity that I had to combine work and travel.