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Author's profile photo Ishani Goel

Transportation Management : Update Means of Transport in Freight Order

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the technical series of the SAP Transportation Management where we are aiming to learn basic codes that are used in SAP TM.

In this blog post, we will see how to update data in Freight order document through enhancement.

Our requirement here is to update the means of transport in freight order document and we will fetch means of transport from another custom table based on SPI code which is available in outbound delivery.

We have found standard class /SCMTMS/CL_TOR_D_ROOT_BS that gets called when freight document is saved. ( Please let me know if you know any better place to write this enhancement).

My aim here is to make you all aware about the code to update the data in the freight document using BOPF framework.

  • So we created post-exit in the method /BOBF/IF_FRW_DETERMINATION~EXECUTE of the class /SCMTMS/CL_TOR_D_ROOT_BS


  • First step is to Read the Freight Order and Freight Unit Data
    *-- Read the Freight Order and Freight Unit data
            CALL METHOD io_read->retrieve(
                it_key  = it_key
                iv_node = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_node-root
                et_data = lt_d_root ). " This will have FO and FU data
  • Then we stored the keys of various documents in different internal table
    *-- Get the Key of Freight Order, freight Booking and freight Unit
            LOOP AT lt_d_root ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<lfs_d_root>).
              CASE <lfs_d_root>-tor_cat.
                WHEN 'TO' .         "Freight Order ( Road)
                  IF <lfs_d_root>-mtr IS INITIAL.       
     " If Means of Transport is initial, then only consider it for processing
                    lt_fo_key = VALUE #( BASE lt_fo_key
                                        ( key = <lfs_d_root>-key ) ).
                WHEN 'BO'.            "Freight Booking (Sea)
                  IF <lfs_d_root>-mtr IS INITIAL.        
      " If Means of Transport is initial, then only consider it for processing
                    lt_fb_key = VALUE #( BASE lt_fo_key
                                        ( key = <lfs_d_root>-key ) ).
                WHEN 'FU'.           "Freight Unit
                  lt_fu_key = VALUE #( BASE lt_fu_key
                                      ( key = <lfs_d_root>-key ) ).
                  APPEND <lfs_d_root> TO lt_d_freight_unit_root.
                WHEN OTHERS.
  • Please note that as of now, we are doing this change for single mode scenario As logic would be complex for multimode scenario.


  • Third step is to Get the Delivery Number from Freight Unit
     " Get the Delivery Number
    DATA(lv_delivery_no) = VALUE vbeln( lt_d_freight_unit_root[ 1 ]-labeltxt OPTIONAL ) .
  • Next Step is to Get the Means of Transport as per the special processing indicator maintained in the delivery
    IF lv_delivery_no IS NOT INITIAL.
                    input  = lv_delivery_no
                    output = lv_delivery_no.
     DATA : lt_likp TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF likp.
                    i_vbeln        = lv_delivery_no
                    e_likp         = lt_likp
                    no_entry_found = 1
                    OTHERS         = 2.
         IF sy-subrc = 0.
           DATA(lv_sdabw) = VALUE #( lt_likp[ 1 ]-sdabw OPTIONAL ).
  • Next step is to Fetch the means of Transport value based on Special Processing Indicator from Custom table ZTM_MTR_MAPPING
                SELECT SINGLE mtr
                  INTO @DATA(lv_mtr)
                  FROM ztm_mtr_mapping
                  WHERE sdabw = @lv_sdabw.
                IF sy-subrc = 0 AND lv_mtr IS NOT INITIAL.
  • Final Step is to Update the means of Transport value on the freight order. So first Read the freight order Line item data
    data lt_item_tr_data TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_item_tr_k.
    CALL METHOD io_read->retrieve_by_association
            iv_node        = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_node-root
            it_key         = lt_fo_key
            iv_association = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_association-root-item_tr
            iv_fill_data   = abap_true
            et_target_key  = DATA(lt_fo_tem_tr_key)
            et_data        = lt_item_tr_data
            OTHERS         = 1.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          CLEAR lt_item_tr_data.
  • Now Create  the modification Table to update freight order
        DATA : ls_root       TYPE /scmtms/s_tor_item_tr_k,
               lt_chg_fields TYPE /bobf/t_frw_name,
               lt_mod        TYPE /bobf/t_frw_modification.
    *-- Create the Update table
        CLEAR lt_chg_fields.
        INSERT /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_node_attribute-item_tr-mtr  INTO TABLE lt_chg_fields.
    LOOP AT lt_order_item_data INTO DATA(ls_fo_item_data).
          ls_root = CORRESPONDING #( ls_fo_item_data ) .
          ls_root-mtr = lv_mtr.  "UPDATE MTR here
          IF ls_root IS NOT INITIAL.
                      is_data           = ls_root
                       it_changed_fields = lt_chg_fields
                       iv_key            = ls_root-key
                       iv_node           = /scmtms/if_tor_c=>sc_node-item_tr
                        ct_mod            = lt_mod ).
  • Final step is to call modify method and pass LT_mod table to it
    IF lt_mod IS NOT INITIAL.
               it_modification =  lt_mod      ).
     io_modify->end_modify( IMPORTING eo_message = lo_message
                                       eo_change = lo_change ).
    ENDIF. "lt_mod IS NOT INITIAL.​
  • This will Update the Means of transport in the freight order

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please note  in real time, we will have to raise various error messages like MTR not available in custom table etc, But here, just to explain how LT_mod is created and how data is updated have kept the example simple.

After the execution of this enhancement, MTR will be updated in below field in freight order


Freight Order Screen


Thank You


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      Author's profile photo Indraneel Maganti
      Indraneel Maganti

      Hey Ishani,


      Great blog for technical requirements. Also from functional standpoint you can still use the Condition for Def MTR at the Freight Order type config.

      1. Modify the condition type to be able to accomodate the custom field.
      2. Assign this condition to the Freight Order Type.

      This will give you more flexibility to maintain the condition which is helpful for Functional as well as business users who are going to maintain it longterm.



      Indraneel Maganti.