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Electronic Invoices and Delivery Notes for Turkey

Hi Everyone,

In this blog post, I intend to give you an overview of our Document and Reporting Compliance Turkey solution, and also consolidate the different documentations we have available.


In Turkey, electronic invoicing is legally binding for companies under certain categories depending on their annual revenues and sector. Additionally, companies that are registered as electronic delivery note users, at the Turkish Revenue Administration, must send electronic delivery notes when sending goods to customers. SAP Document and Reporting Compliance for Turkey enables users to create, process, and monitor electronic invoices and delivery notes. Then this can be submitted to the Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA). The sending and receipt of such electronic documents must be done via the web services of the TRA. Electronic delivery notes must be issued and approved by the TRA before actual shipment of goods. The companies can integrate with authorized service providers who communicate with the TRA on behalf of these companies.


Currently for Invoices, the following electronic documents are supported by the SAP electronic invoicing solution.

  • Basic InvoicesTurkey%20Basic%20eInvoice%20process
  • Commercial InvoicesTurkey%20Commercial%20eInvoice%20Process
  • Consumer InvoicesTurkey%20Consumer%20eInvoice%20Process
  • Export Registration InvoicesTurkey%20Export%20Registration%20eInvoice%20Process
  • Incoming Basic InvoicesTurkey%20Incoming%20Basic%20eInvoice%20Process
  • Incoming Commercial InvoicesTurkey%20Incoming%20Commercial%20eInvoice%20Process

Basic invoices are sent to registered electronic invoice users, and no reply is expected from the
customer . Commercial eInvoices are also sent to registered eInvoice customers , but they are expected to accept/reject such invoices within a defined number of days. If receivers don’t respond within that period, the invoices are considered accepted. Receivers can pull the invoices into their SAP system as incoming basic/commercial invoices . Consumer invoices are sent to receivers who are not registered for electronic invoicing. Export registration invoices are sent to receivers who are either outside of Turkey or situated within free zones in Turkey.

e-Delivery Notes

In the electronic delivery note solution, the following electronic documents are supported by
SAP electronic delivery note solution.

  • Delivery notes for registered usersTurkey%20Delivery%20Note%20for%20Registered%20Users%20Process
    • Delivery notes for unregistered usersTurkey%20Delivery%20Note%20for%20Unregistered%20Users%20Process
    • Incoming delivery notesTurkey%20Incoming%20Delivery%20Note%20Process

Delivery notes for registered users are sent to users who are registered with the TRA. They are expected to accept/reject the document s within a specified number of days. If they don’t respond within that period, the documents are considered accepted. These electronic documents can be pulled into the SAP system as incoming delivery notes. Delivery notes for unregistered users are sent to users who are not registered with the TRA, for example, receivers in scenarios of export sales.

Links to additional information

To know more about the Turkey solution, please visit the following documentation on the SAP Help
Electronic Invoices | Turkey | SAP Help Portal
Electronic Delivery Notes | Turkey | SAP Help Portal

The above documentation provides a comprehensive set of information about the solution, and describes
the configurations you must follow while implementing the solution for the first time.

Additionally, you can refer to the following SAP Notes to troubleshoot the most
common errors you might encounter while implementing and using the solution:
eDocument Framework Troubleshooting Guide
eDocument Turkey Troubleshooting Guide

If you are using an OP solution, then you can refer to the below overview notes to implement our solution.

Please feel free to leave your questions/feedback below.

To stay updated, I encourage you to follow Document and Reporting Compliance. You can read the other blogs available, and ask your questions here.



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