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Author's profile photo Isabel Ostermeier

Horizon New Theme Available with SAP Business ByDesign

In 2021, a new visual theme called Horizon was introduced into the SAP design system. Horizon represents a significant step in the evolution of our aesthetic and a new way of building products at SAP.

By taking Horizon to SAP Business ByDesign, we are introducing a fresher and more modern product experience. Now, with introducing the Horizon theme, SAP Business ByDesign has a consistent look and feel with other SME products such as SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA.

How To Switch Themes in SAP Business ByDesign?

Horizon is set as the default theme in release 2208.
If it is not the default theme of your current system, you can set up as follows:

  1. Click the user icon.
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. Click the Appearance
  4. Select Horizon
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. Refresh or Logout & Login your system.

    Now, you can experience what Horizon brings to your daily work.


New User Experience for SAP Business ByDesign 2208

  1. Intuitive Enterprise Search

    As enterprise search plays an essential role in daily workflow, we make it more noticeable in Horizon by bringing it out to the center of the shell. You can find and visit it in an easier and quicker way. You can select your desirable search area from the dropdown list on the left.

  2. Refaced Page Tabs

    We have redesigned page tabs. Users of today are familiar with the browser experience. The previous page tabs seemed outdated and did not accommodate user habits. We bring the tabs to the header area to make them easier to be noticed. With this new design, we can reduce information redundancy to make the screen clean and tidy.

Floorplan%20TabsIn addition, we add a tab menu, which brings flexibility to users when they switch between tabs.

New Visual UI for SAP Business ByDesign 2208

  1. Brighter colors and rounded shapes present delightful user experience.
    We adapt brighter colors and more rounded corners in the Horizon theme to make ByDesign more user-friendly and modern in appearance for a more delightful working experience.

  2. Bolder font and adjusted visual focus improve information accessibility.
    We’ve introduced more font weights and sizes to distinguish the prominence of essential information. Bolder font weights and bigger font sizes can bring information right in front of our face. Everything has never been so clear before.

    Meanwhile, we readjusted users’ visual focus by adopting a solid border and brighter color. You can notice where you are and what the status is at a glance.

Focus%20outline<img /> 3. Multi-level shadows and card layout set out information structure

We use a card-like layout to group information on one page by different work area, which presents a more intuitive and clearer structure for our users to increase work efficiency.
We give more focus on shadows than we did before. We use shadows to improve perception of control status and page structure. Shadows help improve hierarchy of information.<img />


Our final goal is not just to adapt the product from the visual theme level, but also to improve the user experience to meet our SAP Business ByDesign customers’ expectations.

Let me know you opinion!

Do You Still Wonder What Is Horizon?

In the blog : The Experience Mindset — Redesigning How We Build Products at SAP : The Experience Mindset — Redesigning How We Build Products at SAP, Horizon embodies an evolutionary aesthetic and an experience mindset with a focus on incorporating much more feedback and insights from our users. Horizon is set out with an aim to help every person to make business decisions faster, more intuitively and with better outcomes than ever before.

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      Author's profile photo Natalie Knopf
      Natalie Knopf



      how can we change the color of the new Horizon theme?

      In Belize, we use different colors for the test system and the productive system to help differenciate faster between the two systems.

      In the Horizon theme, when selecting another color in the Personalization Mode screen, the color is not transferred to the system (I even logged myself out and in again).


      Thanks and best regards,

      Natalie Knopf

      Author's profile photo Marisa Falbo
      Marisa Falbo

      You can't change the background, but you can change the color along the top of the window/shell, as it was called.  Where the search option is. You can change it via personalization for yourself, or via Adaptation for everyone.


      Author's profile photo Thomas Braunshausen
      Thomas Braunshausen

      Hello Isabel,


      I like the look and the new features of the Horizon theme!


      But I do miss that the title of the view currently in use is displayed prominently. This was better in the Belize theme and I would miss this function. Is there any way to display this in the Horizon theme as well?








      Also, you can close open tabs by clicking on the X in the tabs bar, but this is not available for the first tab:



      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Christian Warken
      Christian Warken

      Yes, thats right. This is essential for my common work flow. Especially because some views look quite similar and I need to know exactly in which view I am at this very moment

      Author's profile photo Nicholas Tubb
      Nicholas Tubb

      I have read in the KBA 3231664 that you can't change the background colour nor can you make company wide changes. As we use the background as an identity and also to distinguish between production and test systems this appears to be yet another oversight from SAP to add to the list (don't even get me started on the mobile app permissions). It feels like you are slowly stripping away the flexibility and customisation that made ByD a great product to work with.