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SAP Commerce Cloud: End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM)

This notification is to share important news about the latest End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) policies and to ensure you will have the best experience out of your solution. As indicated in the SAP Commerce Cloud Supplemental Terms and Conditions, Section 4.2, you must only use a version or release of the Cloud Service for which software maintenance and support are current.

When a release enters EoMM status, SAP stops maintaining and releasing patches (delivering corrections, updates, and security patches). You, as a customer, are responsible for the resulting consequences including performance, availability, functionality, and/or security issues experienced with the Cloud Service that are caused by your use of a non-supported version of the Cloud Service.

As of the dates specified in the table below, to help protect customers from the above-mentioned risks, applications using an End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) version will be prohibited from building and deploying new code of Commerce Cloud software.

For clarity, SAP will not suspend use of the Commerce Cloud software, but restrictions will remain until the Commerce Cloud software version is upgraded to a current version under mainstream maintenance.



Commerce Cloud Software Version Date when last deployment will be allowed
1905 31 March 2023
2005 31 March 2023
2011 31 March 2023
2105 31 August 2023
2205 31 May 2024


SAP continuously releases new versions of SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver innovation, increase security, and provide a reliable, constantly evolving platform with enhanced features and capabilities. In May, SAP released Commerce Cloud 2205. Following are some innovation highlights:

  • Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud
    Deliver personalized smart recommendations to customers throughout the storefront experience, including complementary products and suggestions based on the behavior of other shoppers. Boost preferred product recommendations according to business metrics such as revenue and units sold. Maximize conversions with enhanced A/B testing for product trends and related, recommended, and recently viewed products.


  • Headless Commerce and B2B PunchOut
    Cover more headless commerce scenarios with out-of-the-box use cases, new public storefront APIs, and sample stores for Spartacus. Achieve clean, decoupled integrations for B2B scenarios with updated integration hooks, event logic, and cXML APIs that enable punchout from procurement tools into SAP Commerce. The deprecation of some Accelerator UI and OCC template extensions in favor of decoupled solutions allows SAP Commerce to advance our mission to provide a modern, headless commerce experience with easier upgrades of back-end functionality.

See what else is new by following the linkFor additional information on SAP Commerce Cloud End of Mainstream Maintenance and a list of supported releases, please visit:

Call to Action

We kindly request that you upgrade your Commerce Cloud software as soon as possible in compliance with the deadlines outlined above. Your account team can help define the best Commerce Cloud software upgrade path for you. Please ask your account representative whether you are eligible for specific upgrade services which can accelerate the software upgrade process. For more information on the Upgrades services see Appendix on SAP’s Commerce Cloud Services Description that applies to your subscription.  If you require additional support , SAP can put in place a services engagement to deliver an end-to-end upgrade.

The following resources can guide you through your Commerce software upgrade:

To ensure that you always receive important notifications like this one, please subscribe to the SAP Cloud System Notification Subscription (CSNS) service. For more information on CSNS, including a help guide, please visit the Support Portal.

Please do not hesitate to contact your account team with any further questions you might have.

Please, contact the value map team for SAP Customer Experience solutions for guidance.


Kind Regards

Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner – SAP Customer Experience Solutions


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      Author's profile photo Monica Domingo
      Monica Domingo
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Floria!

      Author's profile photo Glenn Michaels
      Glenn Michaels

      These commerce versions have such incredibly short lifecycles,  I do not see how SAP could expect customers to upgrade on such a frequent basis,  customers are going to have their enhancements in the product and the cost to rebuild this code is almost on an yearly basis.  If I start on latest version today to upgrade and by the time I get it deployed, I will have less than 1 year on it by the time it expires in 2024.   There is the constant demand for additional features we are working with our customers on, so again no time to focus on those if we are in a constant upgrade mode.

      Part 2  - SAP has releases every May, my understanding is there will be a 2305 release, why not push to EOMM of min 09/22 to allow customers to migrate to the most current version.

      Part 3 - in the supplement 4.2 I see language that customer assumes the risk but there is no language stating that builds will be prohibitive.

      Author's profile photo Santosh Singh
      Santosh Singh

      Dear Team,

      Another strange thing I got to know that with this release note that SAP will stop build and deployment after EOMM. Is this I understood correct ?

      If yes, Then I think this is not a good thing.... SAP only trying to push for EOMM support....





      Author's profile photo Alexandre Alvarez Guevara
      Alexandre Alvarez Guevara

      Versions out of EOMM do not receive security patch updates. It is important to always be on a supported version, and to perform upgrades on a timely manner.