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Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff

Short and Powerful: Convenient URLs for SAPUI5/OpenUI5 CDN

Accessing SAPUI5 / OpenUI5

When accessing the UI5 Demo Kit to see the latest documentation, you typically access it via the Content Delivery Network (CDN). And when using UI5 in cloud scenarios, you also load the framework from the CDN. To simplify this, we now provide handy URLs which are future-proof, independent of the platform.

A single, short URL for SAPUI5
A single, short URL for OpenUI5

With this, the UI5 team streamlines documentation, coding, samples, and rollout information to feature this unique URL. It simplifies loading SAPUI5 and OpenUI5, helps understanding and indicates the independence of the UI5 CDNs from e.g. SAP BTP, Neo environment.

What should you do?

Use (for SAPUI5) and (for OpenUI5).
That’s it.

(And forget about and Still, these URLs continue to work, there is no actual change implemented or planned as of now.)

Note: To bootstrap SAPUI5 in non-cloud scenarios please use the Standard Variant for Bootstrapping. See details on the difference in Docu: Bootstrapping from Content Delivery Network and in note 2943781.

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      Author's profile photo Huseyin Dereli
      Huseyin Dereli

      Perfect, thanks!

      Author's profile photo Mike B.
      Mike B.

      Possible inconsistency: In the sentence «It simplifies loading SAPUI5 and OpenUI5…».

      The first link forwards to, which is the old-one URL, while the second-one uses the new single, short URL —

      Perhaps, it's better to make URLs more consistent and they should be and instead?

      Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff
      Oliver Graeff
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Mike, I fixed it.

      Author's profile photo Mike B.
      Mike B.

      Oliver Graeff, one more possible bug / behavioral inconsistency.

      There are two NIGHTLY-build pages:

      Both of these pages have a button with a title "What's New in Version 1.106". When I click on this button from, then I'm forwarded to and that page really has the wanted content (What's New in OpenUI5 1.106), it's OK.

      But when I click on the same button on, then I'm forwarded to and get an error: "The requested resource was not found." AND the most important, that if I click on the Documentation link (left-upper corner) on this page, then I'm forwarded to the NON-NIGHTLY build version —!

      Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff
      Oliver Graeff
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Mike,

      thanks. Somehow I was not able to reproduce this issue: I see no error and with 'Documentation' I stay in the nightly build version. But if you still experience this, could you kindly create an incident for the development team to get this bug fixed?

      Thanks a lot, Oliver

      Author's profile photo Mike B.
      Mike B.

      Repro steps:

      1. Open
      2. Click on the button "What's New in Version 1.106"

      Expected result: To get an article what's new in 1.106

      Result in fact: I see a page with "The requested resource was not found.". And when I click on "Documentation" link, I'm forwarded to instead of

      Anyway, the bug report is done already: with an internal incident 2270118936.

      Author's profile photo Marc Schleeweiß
      Marc Schleeweiß

      Hey Oliver Graeff,

      I have heard of before in a different article about patch level independent bootstrapping. Could this also be implemented for

      The result would be that I could reference instead of


      BR Marc

      Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff
      Oliver Graeff
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Marc,

      yes, you are right. We have this planned for version 1.110.
      (As usual with such forward-looking statements, we might need to change plans and therefore ask you to not rely on this information.)

      Best regards,