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Over-delivery/under-delivery tolerances


I’m working as a FICO Consultant in Pharma Industry. In this blog post I’m writing about a scenario where I have received more quantity than I’ve ordered for. I’m going to explain how I have handled this scenario in SAP below. Before explaining my scenario in detail, I’d like to give a brief about some important terms that I’m going use in this blog post.

  1. Purchase Order – PO 
  2. Goods Receipt  – GR 
  3. Over-Delivery/Under-Delivery Tolerance
  4. Purchase Info Record 




1. Purchase Order:

Purchase order is a request which is sent to the vendor to supply certain goods or services under the stated conditions to deliver at or by a certain point in time.

2. Goods Receipt:

Receiving the goods or services from the vendor. Goods receipt is created whenever any goods is received against any purchase order created in the system.

3. Over-delivery/Under-delivery tolerance:

When the vendor delivers the goods more/less than what is ordered for it is called Over/Under-delivery. The extent to which an over/under-delivery is permitted is stored in the PO.

4. Purchase Info Record:

It contains the information related to a specific material and a vendor supplying the material. It also contains over/under-delivery information.



I have created a PO for 10 qty @160 INR. I have received the goods from the vendor for 15 qty @160. There is an over-delivery of 5 qty. I have done the below steps to handle this scenario in SAP.


In this blog post, I’m posting 2 solutions for the above scenario.




Step 1: I have created a PO for 10 qty @160 INR using the Tcode – ME21N: 

I have maintained Over-delivery tolerance as 50% under delivery tab in item details section of PO.



Note: If Over-delivery tolerance is not maintained in the PO then the system will popup the below error.


Step 2: I have created Goods Receipt against the PO I have created using Tcode – MIGO:

While creating the Goods Receipt against the PO, I’ve entered the quantity received as 15 qty in the field Qty in Unit of Entry (Because, I have received 15 qty against raised PO of 10 qty) under quantity tab in item details section and created the goods receipt as mentioned below.



Step 3: Display the GR document to check the FI Document:

To display the FI documents, click on the material document and select display in the field Trans./Event which is located under the application menu bar to the left of reference document field (Purchase Order) as mentioned below.




If Over-delivery/under-delivery tolerance field is in display mode (not ready for input) (Check the screenshot 001 below), we can maintain the over/under-delivery tolerance in the purchase info record. To achieve this please follow the steps as mentioned below.


Screenshot 001

Step 1: Go to Change Info Record screen using Tcode – ME12

Enter the details like below.


Change Info Record


Step 2: Maintain Over-delivery/Under-delivery tolerance:

Choose over-delivery/under-delivery based on the scenario and maintain the tolerance limits as I did below.


Over/Under-Delivery Tolerance

Now, Goods Receipt can be created for over-delivery/under-delivery quantity.



It is ordinary that business might receive more/less goods than what we have ordered for. To create a goods receipt for over-delivery or under-delivery, maintaining tolerance for over-delivery or under-delivery is necessary. Either we can maintain the tolerance while creating the purchase order or in the purchase info record.

Note:- The settings for purchase info record will not be valid for existing PO’s.


Thank You!..


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      KIM .

      Hi Prasanna


      Can  we set tolerance limits at plant level ? 


      Thanks & regards