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Author's profile photo Dominik Tylczynski

Enable Gutenberg editor in SAP Blogs


Vote for the improvement proposal: Enable Gutenberg editor in SAP Blogs

WordPress platform is the backbone of SAP Blogs. That is great as WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform. It is widely adopted and developed by the vibrant open source community. Therefore SAP Blogs could and should benefit from all the features and advantages of WordPress.

They should, but they do not. SAP Blogs are still stuck with TiniMNC classic editor.

In December 2018, WordPress introduced Gutenberg block editor to address all the limitations of the classic one. The new, modern tool allows seamless creation of rich content and visually appealing posts.

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The proposal is to enable Gutenberg editor next to the classic one in SAP Blogs.

This way the bloggers will be able to create much more rich content easily. Blog posts will be more visually appealing and this will bring more users to the SAP Blogs community.

At the same time Classic Editor plugin, which is the official plugin maintained by the WordPress team, provides a choice between Gutenberg or classic editor for each post.

Vote for the improvement proposal: Enable Gutenberg editor in SAP Blogs

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      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      If it enables me to write my posts directly in Markdown (I can't tell from looking at the articles on Gutenberg in WP - it just mentions being able to paste Markdown in and having it automatically converted)  then I'd vote for this.

      Author's profile photo Dominik Tylczynski
      Dominik Tylczynski
      Blog Post Author

      Hi DJ Adams

      That is a very valuable comment indeed, thank you!

      WordPress Gutenberg doesn't support Markdown directly. You can still write the Markdown content in an external editor and copy/paste it to Gutenberg. Then the Markdown content is automatically converted to Gutenberg blocks. That works, but is far from the perfect solution.

      Still, there are numerous implementations of custom Gutenberg blocks (yes, Gutenberg is flexible enough to accommodate them) that support Markdown directly e.g.

      Let me enhance the improvement proposal and request implementation of Markdown support too. Hope SAP is as flexible here as WordPress and Gutenberg are.

      Best regards

      Dominik Tylczynski

      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      Yep, thanks Dominik. For me, basic Markdown support in an online editor (textarea) is a fundamental requirement. I mean, it's not as if markup in general is a new thing in editors - I was using a simple markup language to write office documents in the 1980's (as were every single one of my colleagues - it was the default*), and it was superb.

      *for those wondering, it was part of the IBM PROFS installation at work.

      Author's profile photo Andrea Borgia
      Andrea Borgia

      ah, good, that was my question as well, still the new editor is worth voting for anyway