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Do too many pages spoil the story?

You felt so and we took your feedback to heart: too many channels and you never knew where to look for information.

With the advent of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, we thought that it would be a good opportunity to simplify the information access for you. And this is what we want to show you today.

Product Page

We have deactivated the SAP Document Compliance product page and moved the information to other channels.


But no worries: the links you have bookmarked will still work because we have redirected them to the new sources. Remember to clean the cache or history of your browse for the redirects to work properly!

If you hadn’t any links bookmarked, here an overview where to find the information now:


The info that used to be here

is now here

The videos are still in the same place: in the YouTube channel.

If you are interested in getting the new videos firsthand, subscribe to this channel.

You can find news about SAP S/4HANA  the What’s New Viewer for this product.


We have incorporated the implementation instructions to the overall information about SAP Document and Reporting Compliance. Check the links:


You can find the information about the specific features the Supported Compliance Tasks for Countries/Regions topic on the Technical Details column. Check the links:

For electronic document processing there is a main troubleshooting guide with links to specific troubleshooting guides for countries or regions.

You can find the same information in the Supported Compliance Tasks for Countries/Regions topic on the Technical Details column. Check the links:

The Early Customer Engagement pages will be soon migrating to the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance community page. Stay tuned for more information.

Please bookmark the link to the Announcement of Legal Changes app, if you haven’t done so yet.


Product Assistance

We have also done changes to the product assistance in the Help Portal.


Type of information

What is SAP Document and Reporting Compliance. Contains the overall SAP Document and Reporting Compliance offering and its general features. Check the links:

Supported Compliance Tasks by Country/Region.


Contains tasks you can do using SAP Document and Reporting Compliance for a given country/region. It contains links to the specific documentation or integration information.

It also tells you at a glance some important technical details and or where you can find troubleshooting guides. Check the links:


SAP Community

The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance community provides you with news, blog posts, and discussions around electronic document processing and statutory reporting. The SAP Document Compliance community, which contains only electronic document processing content, is still active. However, new content published after October 18, 2021 will not be mirrored there.


Leave a comment under this blog if you are missing anything.

And: Stay tuned for more news around electronic document processing using SAP Document and Reporting Compliance!

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      Author's profile photo Eduardo Nedel
      Eduardo Nedel

      Great blog, greater news, Nora!

      I'm glad to hear we are simplifying the number of channels where our customers can find the information they need. They will certainly be grateful.

      Nice initiative. Let's keep on running simple!