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How to quickly replace deprecated Business Catalogs

Hello community!


Due to ongoing development of new features and new apps in S/4HANA Cloud, some business catalogs are deprecated and replaced by new ones, this is why it’s necessary to periodically check existing business catalogs to replace them if needed.
You can also check how many deprecated business catalogs you still have in use with the Business Catalogs app. This app lets you change assignments from the old, deprecated business catalogs to the new, active catalogs quickly and easily.

Once the deprecation of a business catalog is announced via the Business Catalogs app, the catalog will remain in the system for two more releases before being deleted. During these two releases you can use the old or the new business catalog. Within this timeframe you can do the replacement when it suits you best. In the Business Catalogs app, you can see the release in which the deprecation of a business catalog was announced and in the Upgrade Schedule & Maintenance Schedule you can check the S/4HANA Cloud maintenance calendar.

In this blog post I’ll show you how to quickly replace your deprecated Business Catalogs by the new ones.

  1. In Fiori Launchpad, go to “Business Catalogs” app

    The “Status” column shows the catalogs that are deprecated and the “Used in Business Roles” column shows the ones that are being used
  2. Click on the Business Catalog that you want to replace
    The “Sucessors” tab indicates the Catalogs that replaces the deprecated one. You can also check in which release it was deprecated. 
  3. Click on “Used in Business Roles” tab and tick the checkbox for all roles displayed
  4. Click on “Adapt Changes” button*Please note that you might lose your maintained restrictions by doing this
  5. If the successor business catalogs have dependencies, a pop-up will open and you’ll need to select the dependencies that you want to add. After that, click on “OK
  6. A pop-up will confirm that the Business Roles were adapted. You added all the successors and the deprecated catalog was removed

You can also, of course, manually delete the Business Catalog and add the successor inside the Business Role using the Maintain Business Roles app. However, it will take you more effort and time.

For more information, please check How to Manage Deprecated Business Catalogs After an Upgrade.


Hope this information is useful for you! I would greatly appreciate if you could share your feedbacks and thoughts in the comments.

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Best regards,



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      Author's profile photo Saumitra Deshmukh
      Saumitra Deshmukh

      Great blog and quick way to ease out the maintenance of the deprecated catalogs @Tayane Mazzarino!

      Author's profile photo Ryan Muller
      Ryan Muller

      Nice blog, an alternative method of viewing these would be with the Manage Business Role Changes After Upgrade application which shows the deprecated catalogs, roles impacted and the successors.