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SAP Asset Intelligent Network(Now called -SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration) -Scenario

Note: AIN is now called SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration


This blog post describes the scenario explained in a video by SAP on AIN. The purpose of this blog post is to document the scenario as a ready reckoner for EAM consultants.

SAP asset intelligence network is a collaborative platform on the cloud between Operators, Manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, and operators.

Process flow as defined in the demo is as follows


Process steps

Step1 Role Requirement APP Screens
1 Operator/Service Provider Equipment has a defect. To use the SAP AIN in the cloud, the Operator subscribes to SAP AIN SAP URL
2 Operator searches for the manufacturer. Search the Manufacturer. SAP AIN Business partner app

3 Manufacturer is not found and a connection request sent Ask manufacturer to Join SAP AIN Company Profile

4 Manufacturer sees the connection request and joins AINĀ  and shares his Model data for consumption by operators and service providers Manufacturer joins AIN and shares the model data for consumption He can expose the model data like model information like materials, dimensions, model attributes like power, temperatures
5 Operator now has access to the Manufacturer’s model information
6 Operator connects his installed base data to the manufacturer’s Model Mapping takes place between the Manufacture’s model and with equipment of the operator. Using the Smart matcher app.
7 Operator did not find the right model. Sends information to Manufacturer Missing model information data request from the operator to Manufacturer. Model requestor app
8 The manufacturer receives the request and uploads/ and recommends the model missing. Missing model is created and uploaded by the manufacturer and recommends the model to operator
9 Operator’s technician now has access to the latest information on the equipment Latest information access by the operator’s technician for equipment maintenance

How Data gets uploaded? SAP provides many options


AIN is new for many SAP consultants and all EAM experts would like to be AIN experts. Feedback from AIN experts would help to enrich this blog better.

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      Harsh Banda

      Good summary

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      Narasimha Prasad Bhat
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      Thanks Harsh