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Author's profile photo Eric FENOLLOSA

SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction – June 2022 update

April 2023 update: check out

The SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction (SoD) provides guidance to our SAP BusinessObjects customers on the product directions of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects solutions. The SoD got some important updates this month and can be found here.

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects

SAP Analytics Cloud is the strategic analytics offering from SAP and is changing the way our customers run their business, by allowing them to analyze their data in context and to make better and faster decisions. The integration of BI, planning and augmented analytics in a native cloud solution allows to move from insight to action, brings analytics closer to the point of decision, and provides trusted insights from their most valuable data.As we define the future of SAP Analytics Cloud, we are committed to our existing SAP BusinessObjects BI suite customers. We continue to add enterprise reporting features like formatted reports, sections, and more recently in 2022, we added the report bursting capability. This allows most BI use cases, including reporting, to be transitioned to SAP Analytics Cloud. However, with the mainstream maintenance of version 4.3 of SAP BusinessObjects BI suite ending in 2025, we do not want to leave SAP BusinessObjects customers behind, and therefore we have decided to release an updated version of the BI suite code named SAP BusinessObjects BI 2024 to provide more time to our onpremises customers to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 2024

We are planning to release a new version of the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite code named SAP BusinessObjects BI 2024, available onpremises and through managed cloud, and focused on the most widely adopted solutions: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, single source .unx universes, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office and the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.We will provide clear use case migration paths for the components for which we plan the end ofsupport after 2027.Our intention is to only support Windows and Linux platforms.

Software as a Service, Managed Cloud or On Premise: pick up your favorite deployment models

As more of our customers shift their onpremises workloads to the cloud, we also offer SAPBusinessObjects Enterprise, private cloud edition (PCE), which runs the BI suite in a managed cloudenvironment operated by SAP. The public cloud subscription model for SAP Analytics Cloud and theprivate cloud edition of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise provide a flexible framework to adjust thenumber of users on either solution, and to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud at their own pace, as usage patterns evolve over time. Many of our largest SAP BusinessObjects customers already run both solutions side-by-side, during their transition to the cloud.

Want to learn more?

Enjoy right now the full Statement of Direction.

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      Author's profile photo Dietmar Splitt
      Dietmar Splitt

      I do not quite understand the goal/purpose?

      Will there be any improvements in BO2024 or only deleting 4.3-features to force customers to move to SAC?

      4.3 has just closed the gap (with SP02 a few weeks ago) to the features of the old 4.2 !

      Instead of spending time for permanently migrating, it would be nice to see some improvements in BO, in order not to migrate to the competitor right now.

      Author's profile photo Eric FENOLLOSA
      Eric FENOLLOSA
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dietmar, thank you for your question.

      We bring new features in every Service Package (cf. latest one) and we will continue to do so.

      What we announce here, is that 4.3 is not the end of the road for BusinessObjects BI on premise.

      We are currently focused on the development of BusinesObjects BI SP3 (planned for Q4 this year), and we will start to communicate on the content of BI 2024 around Q2 2023.


      Eric Fenollosa

      Author's profile photo Mikhail Kravchenko
      Mikhail Kravchenko

      Thanks for the update!

      It states that one of the features to be removed is Lumira.

      Does this include both Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer?

      If so, is there any successor for the Lumira Designer? Is this SAC Analytics Designer?

      My client is heavily invested in Lumira Designer for web reports, dashboards, and planning applications. I am wondering whether the SAC is the only alternative.




      Author's profile photo Eric FENOLLOSA
      Eric FENOLLOSA
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mike,

      Designer and Discovery are both part of one single product, Lumira, and our plan is indeed to stop Lumira after v2.4 as documented in this note.

      For both self-service scenarios and application design, we already recommend SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), and SAC will be the strategic SAP Analytics solution going forward.



      Author's profile photo Michael Tocik
      Michael Tocik


      As a customer that has 4.3 and SAC we find ourselves in a difficult situation the features to move to SAC application designer are not there and we cannot move our lumira content but at the same time we are paying for bobj BOBJ licences and SAC license which makes no sense. When we started with our SAC journey two years ago the understanding was there would be feature parity between lumira and SAC application designer. As of today we are definitely not there and will not be there for some time. I think SAP should relook at adopting some sort of hybrid license model between the two products to avoid forcing customers to move to SAC when SAC maturity is still not there. Our main data source for reporting is BW so my comments relate to using SAC off BW with complex data and business requirements.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Isenberg
      Tobias Isenberg

      Basically, I welcome the fact that SAP BO is being further developed. However, it is incomprehensible to me why SAP Lumira is not also being developed further. A lot of companies have invested a lot into custom dasboards with Lumira. And Lumira is often the reason why the BI Platform is used. Beside SAP Analysis Office. The question is also why there is no migration tool from Lumira to SAC?
      It would be nice if SAP reconsiders the strategy regarding Lumira Roadmap.


      Author's profile photo Michael Mallory
      Michael Mallory

      Hi Eric,

      Regarding this statement: "Our intention is to only support Windows and Linux platforms."

      Is it still SAP's intention to no longer support AIX and Solaris in BI 2024?




      Author's profile photo Eric FENOLLOSA
      Eric FENOLLOSA
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Michael, yes indeed.

      Author's profile photo Michael Mallory
      Michael Mallory

      Hi Guru's,

      Is there any update on availability of SAP BI 4.3 SP04?  Someone inside my organization said it was released today, but I am not able to find any information that this is the case.




      Author's profile photo Loic LE REUN
      Loic LE REUN

      Hi Michael,

      The version that has just been released is SAP BI 4.3 SP03 Patch 4.
      SAP BI 4.3 SP04 is planned for December 2023.


      Author's profile photo Michael Mallory
      Michael Mallory

      Thank you, Loic!