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Analytics & Intelligence Dashboards: what’s new in SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03



The new release of SAP Focused Run, 3.0 FP03, is available to Customers since the CW13 2022 and it introduces many additional features for most of the available use cases.

This blog is specific to the Advanced Analytics & Intelligence Dashboards (AAI), for additional changes refer to the following page: “what’s new in FRUN 3.0 FP03

Make sure to apply the latest version of the collective note to get the latest features and bugfixes:

3206726 – Composite Note for Advanced Dashboarding & Intelligence in Focused Run 3.0 FP03


New features in OCC Dashboard

Lots of new features have been developed for the OCC Dashboard in Analytics & Intelligence for FRUN 3.0 FP03. These functionalities span from new data providers to enhanced configuration and system selections.


New Statistical Records Data Provider


This new data provider is available to display “ST03N like” metrics for each system.



Statistical Records example


Statistical Records are available only if the related SSI integration has been successfully completed for the monitored system. Check the section STATRAGG in the System Analysis Troubleshooting page for additional details.

The data provider can be used to configure gadget views with different metrics like Response Time, CPU Processing Time, Database Time, etc.

Several filters, like Task Type, Request Name, Job Name and Instance, are offered to customize the configuration with a high level of detail.



Statistical Records Query Settings


Current implementation can display the metrics with a minumum resolution of one hour. When using hourly granularity, each data point at hour H is referring to the time slot H – H+1. For example, a data point at 10:00 is referring to the full hour from 10:00 – 11:00 AM.

The most recent available time period is “H-2”. For example at 10:27 the most recent data point will be at 8:00 (time slot 8:00 – 9:00).


Configuration Import/Export


A new Import / Export functionality is available in “Page Personalization” area of the OCC Dashboard.


It can be used to “transport” complex configurations from one system to another.

The export button will generate a json formatted file containing the configuration of the current page. Once the file is saved locally, it can be imported on another system using the import button.

The size of the imported configuration is limited by default to 500KB. This limit can be changed adding the entry IMPORT_MAX_SIZE in table AAI_PARAM and setting the desired value.


Availability Time Series Key Figure in Service Availability Monitoring Data Provider


This KPI, newly added to the SAM Data Provider, can be used to display a time series showing, for each period, the percentage or minutes where the service was available, had a planned downtime or unplanned outage.



Availability Time Series example


The KPI is selectable in the “Key Figure” tab of the data provider.


The “Availability Time Series” KPI calculates time series based on the outages listed in Service Availability Management outage screen. Days or hours without outage are reported as 100 % available.

The KPI Availability Time Series does not display and does not take into account agreed service times and Contractual Maintenance Patterns. It calculates the availability based on unplanned and planned outages only.  The availability numbers returned by this KPI are therefore not 1:1 comparable to the monthly or weekly availability shown in Service Availability Management or shown by the other KPIs.

For additional details check the Service Availability Management Data Provider page in the expert portal.


Changes in the Exception Monitoring Data Provider


An additional filter is available for the existing Exception Monitoring Data provider (available since 3.0 FP02).



Overview Field specific for each Category


The new filter refers to the “Overview” field which is different for each exception category (e.g. “Message ID” for ABAP Syslogs, “Program” for ABAP Runtime Errors, etc) and can be used to configure  monitoring pages to track very specific sets of errors.

For example, it can be used to filter only specific Message IDs in SysLog exceptions, like A1-09 ( Debug and Replace activity detected).



Example of a Debug and Replace Monitoring View


Additionally, wildcards are supported when configuring the query in Expert Mode.



Instance Level Selection Scope


A new scope selection at page level has been introduced with two level inheritance, Gadget and Query.


New Global Selection Scope at page level


The options to enable the global selections are available in the “View Personalization” area when modifying the Gadget Personalization



and in the “Scope Selection” tab, available for most of the Data Providers.



When the option “Inherit Global Scope Selection” is selected at gadget level, all the selection scopes at query level will be ignored and the global selection will be considered.

When the option ”Inheritance” is flagged at query level, only that query will react to the global scope change.


New features in Tactical Dashboard


Software Component’s “Patch level” and “Latest available Patch Level” are now supported for both ABAP and Java Systems in the Maintenance view of the Tactical Dashboard.



Java Systems software components details


If “Latest Available Patch Level” is lower than the (currently installed) “Patch Level” value, the component will not be rated and a warning is displayed. This can happen when the CR content of the Frun System is not updated as requested.



Warning for CR Content


New features in SAC OData Interface


Starting with FP03, three additional Data Providers are fully supported for the SeriesSacSet entity in the SAP Analytics Cloud Interface.

  • Exception Monitoring
  • Statistical Records
  • Real User Monitoring

The data provider’s individual dimensions are described in the “Specific Dimensions” section of the SAP Analytics Cloud Interface page in the expert portal.



We have presented a list of new features for the OCC Dashboard in SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03:

  • New Statistical Records data provider
  • New Availability Time Series Key Figure for the Service Availability Management data provider
  • Additional filtering possibilities for the Exception Monitoring Data Provider
  • OCC Dashboard configuration import/export
  • New global selection scope for OCC Dashboard
  • New enhancements for the Tactical Dashboard Maintenance Scenario
  • Additional data providers supported in the SAC Interface

You can get more information on SAP Focused Run, Dashboards and Configuration following this links:

Any feedback is always welcome! Let me know what you think and feel free to leave a comment in the dedicated section.



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