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Webinar Summary – SAP Analysis for Office Updates & News

SAP’s Jeanne Bigonnet joined us recently to discuss the latest updates for SAP Analysis for Office (AO), including both the Standard Edition for SAP BusinessObjects and the Edition for SAP Analytics Cloud.

Jeanne began by outlining the history of SAP Analysis Office and identifying some of the major trends occurring during her time in Analysis for Office product management. The biggest development has been SAP Analysis for Office for SAP Analytics Cloud, which follows the trend toward SAP Analytics Cloud, and continues a strong partnership with Microsoft.

Jeanne then turned to the larger topic of Microsoft integration. SAP’s Analysis for Office product exists in two “flavors,” the Standard Edition, which is included in the licenses for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, and the Edition for SAP Analytics Cloud, which is included with the subscription to SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise.

Jeanne noted that connectivity for the Edition for SAP Analytics Cloud has been roughly equivalent to the Standard Edition since Version 2.8 SP9, which was released in June, 2021, and includes BEx workbook conversion.

Note that there are no plans to include PowerPoint integration and BI platform scheduling. The EPM add-in and BPC activity pane/plug-in are not included, because the Standard Edition of Analysis for Office is included with BPC.

In addition, you cannot store AO workbooks in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Jeanne then turned to improvements that have been made to AO for SAP Analytics Cloud, including direct access from BW/HANA and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

AO for SAP Analytics Cloud also includes the ability to open your work directly from BW/HANA and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, as well as the ability to convert your BEx workbooks.

The process of moving from AO Standard to AO for SAC is simple. However, because there is no storage for workbooks in SAC, you will need to use a manual process with the Link option in the SAP Analytics Cloud File Repository menu.

Storing workbooks directly in SAC is currently the subject of a POC, but no delivery date on this capability has been announced.

In May of this year, SAP added the ability to link directly to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from both editions of AO, with the limitations shown below.

See note 2038663 for more information.

Jeanne then provided a brief demonstration of AO to DWC connectivity.

Statement of Direction

She followed this demonstration with discussion of SAP’s Statement of Direction regarding the newer SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office.

SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office is not a successor to AO, as it is based on different technology. Completely rebuilt on JavaScript, this add-in is the strategic go-to front end for Office 365 Excel in use with SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and potentially other SAP Cloud sources. For more information on other potential Cloud sources, see the Roadmap.

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office will continue to be supported and enhanced, as illustrated by the addition of Cloud connectivity, but the SAC add-in represents the way forward.

Because the solutions are based on entirely different technologies, there will be no direct migration path.

For information on AO connectivity limitations with SAP Analytics Cloud, see note 2787445.

SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office

Jeanne provided more detail on the new SAC add-in for Microsoft Office.

The new add-in for Microsoft Office is dedicated to SAC, allows you to work from anywhere with Office 365’s online capabilities, as well as with desktop Excel, and is available through the Microsoft Store.

SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office Roadmap

SAP is working closely with Microsoft on an aggressive roadmap for the new add-in, with new releases approximately every four weeks focusing on the elimination of limitations.

Jeanne provided resources for those who want to investigate this new add-in more deeply.

Note: You can view this entire webinar on demand, and download a PDF version of the presentation; there in which all links are live.

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office Road Map

Jeanne also discussed the relatively light road ahead for AO, which consists of continuous improvement, rather than strategic investment.

Jeanne noted that this roadmap is not available in the SAP Roadmap Explorer, because it is not part of SAP’s strategic direction moving forward, but she does maintain the roadmap on the SAP Community page dedicated to AO.

Related APOS Solutions

Allan Pym joined the conversation to talk about related solutions from APOS in two categories:

  • Solutions for Analysis Office
  • BEx Broadcasting Replacement

APOS Publisher and other APOS solutions for SAP BusinessObjects provide the following capabilities for AO:

  • Report Publishing
  • High-Volume Scheduling
  • Report Management

APOS Publisher for Cloud is an APOS solution that lets you replace BEx Broadcasting workflows. This has become a critical issue for organizations that have adopted SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Resources

APOS Resources

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      Author's profile photo Kim Nielsen
      Kim Nielsen

      Hi, great and very informative post. One question: is the newer "SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Office" also dependent on having SAC Enterprise Edition (like it is the case for "SAP Analysis for Office")?



      Author's profile photo Matthias Klocke
      Matthias Klocke

      Hi Tom,

      a well structured summary, thanks.

      The last screen-capture is a duplicate, however the link to the SAP Analysis for MS office community replaces that.


      Author's profile photo Emre Ilhan
      Emre Ilhan

      Hi, a question regarding the co-existence:

      Can you use the standard Analysis for Office at the same time as the SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office?


      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Jeevan Ravindran
      Jeevan Ravindran

      Yes, both tools can be used in Parallel. Please see the Blog from Steffan Heine: SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office – Standard vs. SAP Analytics Cloud edition | SAP Blogs



      Author's profile photo Frederik Ulf Hansen
      Frederik Ulf Hansen

      AO SAC Edition still does not work for SAP Datasphere Analytical Models which is really disappointing. Any plans on solving this issue Tom Woodhead