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Author's profile photo ASUTOSH MAHARANA

Sharepoint Custom Adapter for SAP CPI


SAP Cloud Integration has capabilities to add custom adapters using SAP ADK framework. I am going to show you a Sharepoint adapter for sap CPI.

As per the response from my previous article on Sharepoint, by using SAP HTTP receiver adapter we are facing I/O error from Sharepoint APIs for binary file uploads. So this adapter will be able to fix those issues.


I have developed one custom adapter using SAP ADK. You can download the .esa file from my GitHub repo.

We have created a simple iFlow with below configurations.



Upload Adapter file and Deploy


iFlow Configuration


Deploy Security Material



Postman Configuration


Binary File successfully uploaded


This adapter should not be used in any production tenant but someone should go through the implementation from my GitHub Repo to understand how we can develop a new custom adapter easily using SAP provided maven archetype.



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      Author's profile photo Nagendra Kumar Tiwari
      Nagendra Kumar Tiwari

      Nice Blog Ashutosh.

      Keep blogging.

      Author's profile photo Morten Wittrock
      Morten Wittrock

      Slightly off topic, but CI is really not a good abbreviation for Cloud Integration. CI is and will continue to be Continuous Integration. I still use the CPI abbreviation, even though the product name has changed. Alternatively I go with Cloud Integration, which is somewhat longer but unambiguous at least.



      Author's profile photo ASUTOSH MAHARANA
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for pointing this out. Updated the same 🙂

      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen

      I agree Morten. Cloud Integration/CPI is a better form.

      Author's profile photo Caroline Oakes
      Caroline Oakes

      Enjoyed this blog. Good work.

      Author's profile photo R B
      R B

      Hi Asutosh,

      nice post. What are the other fields passed as xml payload in postman. cant see the tags. Can you specify which are other fields passed.

      The values in adapter are hardcoded. Are they not taken from payload

      Author's profile photo ASUTOSH MAHARANA
      Blog Post Author



      There are no other headers were passed from postman, if you want you can use different adapters as well to pick the files like SFTP or AS2 as well.

      And for the values which are hardcoded as of now are meant to be hardcoded like domain name and filepath. You can try using simple expression as well. for using camel simple expression try downloading the .esa file again as i have committed the changes now.



      Asutosh Maharana

      Author's profile photo Alberto Calle
      Alberto Calle

      Nice Blog Ashutosh.!!!!

      I have a doubt, how do I upload a "Add Integration Adapter" from my CPI no?

      thank you very much