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Mass Creation/Update of Product Master with Custom Fields using /SCWM/MIG_PRODUCT

It is common in most of the SAP implementation to have custom fields to meet the business requirements. We use different approaches to add these fields in product master warehouse and the storage type views.

Once you add the custom fields to the standard table, then it comes to update of the field/s. How do we achieve this in standard way? There are other alternate ways to update the field/s created.

This blog post is related to the mass creation/update of product master with the custom fields. This is a very simple solution which will avoid using other methodologies to update only the custom fields. The template provided can be used to add the custom fields created. Refer the OSS note –


My earlier blog post explains about creation of the custom field using the Fiori app Custom Fields and logic – EWM Product Master – Field Enhancement using Custom Fields and Logic App

Note: If the materials are getting created automatically as product master at warehouse level, then this process doesn’t apply. The custom fields are available in the structure used by the FM for creation of the product.  Link – Automatic Creation of Warehouse Product when creating Product/Material


Note – All the steps were configured and tested on SAP S/4 2021 Embedded. 


  • Decentralized EWM and Embedded.
  • Application Component – LO-MD-MM


  • Make sure have at least one custom field created/added to the product master screen.
  • This applies only to the EWM product master create/change using the transaction code /SCWM/PRODUCT.


      1. The transaction code /SCWM/PRODUCT (program – /SCWM/R_MIG_PRODUCT) uses the table type- /SCWM/TT_PRODUCT_MIG.
      2. The table type /SCWM/TT_PRODUCT_MIG has the line type/structure /SCWM/S_PRODUCT_MIG having the fields similar to the load template.
      3. Structure%20Fields
      4. Add the same custom fields to this structure by using the system created structure using the screen enhancement process. In our case it is ‘ZZ1_QPPMRJGMK6DZ5IIUQUFRC5SJFA’.
      5. Save and activate the appended structure.
      6. Add the field/s to the upload template. We need to make sure the positions of the fields are as per the structure.


      • Add the same fields as flags in the structure /SAPAPO/EXT_MATLWHX to get them updated.
      • The system uses the function module ‘/SAPAPO/DM_PRODUCTS_MAINTAIN’ to create/update the product master.


  1. Table entries before the upload.
  2. Build the load template.
  3. Run transaction code /SCWM/MIG_PRODUCT and upload the above file by selecting the appropriate options.
  4. After execution, the below screen will pop up.
  5. Verify the uploaded data in the table /SCWM/MATLWH
  6. Also the same can be verified using the transaction code /SCWM/MAT1.

Useful Links:


  • The upload template needs to be updated every time a new field added to the screen.


Using this simple approach, we can avoid having multiple migration objects and the effort can be reduced accordingly. The same template provided SAP will be enhanced to upload the additional custom field without much effort.

Your suggestions/feedbacks are highly appreciated. There are few more articles on the way. Please follow my profile for the new blog posts related to latest features provided by SAP.

Do you have any further comments related to this topic? Do share them in the comments sections below without any hesitation. You can also ask questions in the SAP EWM Master Data Community Q & A Section

Note – All the images are created by me and free to use/share.

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      Author's profile photo srinivas kotturu
      srinivas kotturu

      Hi Shiva,

      This document is really good.

      I have tried all the above steps to add custom fields for Product master data.  But we need to enhance one more structure : /SCWM/S_PRODUCT_WH using APPPEND statement to add custom fields.  while load Product data using t-code : /SCWM/MIG_PRODUCT.