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PreBilt for SAP EWM: A Modernized Alternative for the ITS Mobile Interface

In the SAP S/4HANA 2021 release the SAP EWM development teams have delivered a new “EWM_MOBGUI” service in the transaction SICF, which is used to maintain services for HTTP communication. Via this service, you can display ABAP Dynpro in RF Framework as SAP GUI for HTML. It is optimized for mobile use cases. There are three key advantages for using this service over ITSmobile:

  • It requires no generation of an HTML template
  • It renders the RF screens in the most recent SAP Themes and Fiori Design for a modern look and feel
  • Screens can be further personalized using SAP Screen Personas

However, today I want to present an alternative solution for modernizing your ITS Mobile interface, courtesy from our partners at The Config Team.

What is PreBilt™ for EWM?

PreBilt for EWM is a feature-rich, highly configurable mobile solution, developed by The Config Team, that enables supply chain processes running on SAP EWM to be executed quickly and easily on a mobile device.

Development Background

The SAP standard mobile solution for EWM, ITS Mobile, can be complex to use and navigate for users.

As a result, PreBilt for EWM focuses on improving the experience for users. Taking the EWM RF framework, the solution offers an intuitive interface to easily execute transactions. The flexible configuration toolkit enables customers the ability to easily configure screen layouts and appearance to meet their specific requirements, without any development work.

The same Bin to Bin menu screen in ITS Mobile and PreBilt for EWM, which includes icons and annotations to clearly explain each menu option:


User Experience Improvements

PreBilt for EWM offers the following capabilities as part of its solution:

  • Easily change the layout and appearance of screens to remove fields, re-position fields, change field label names, change font size and colour
  • The ability to add hint text to fields and change fields to a drop-down menu, making it clearer for users to understand what they need to input into fields
  • Inclusion of icons and annotations on menu screens and function keys to clearly explain the purpose of each option
  • Automatically render screens to fit the device that the solution is being deployed on
  • Exception codes are provided in a drop-down menu format, eliminating the need for users to learn all of the four character exception codes that are needed to be inputted into ITS Mobile

The same screen in ITS Mobile and PreBilt for EWM, in which some fields have been removed, fields have been clearly labelled and hint text has been added to ensure users intuitively know how to use the transaction:

The way that exception codes are handled by ITS Mobile (on the left), with the user needing to input the correct four character code into the correct field, compared with PreBilt for EWM (on the right), which displays a drop down list of the possible exception codes along with a description of each one:


While a fundamental difference of PreBilt for EWM is its user experience, The Config Team has also delivered enhanced functionality, that is not possible with ITS Mobile, which includes;

  • The ability to capture a picture and add to a task, for example as evidence of damaged goods during goods receipt.
  • Display pictures, for example during the picking process for visual verification the correct product is selected.
  • The capability to sign-on-glass to record a signature for audit purposes.
  • Integration with voice-technology and wearable devices.
  • Real-time analytics on key metrics tailored for the business.
  • Robust connection handling that stores any data entered if the network connection drops out, which is then simply uploaded to SAP once the connection is restored.
  • The option of adding gamification elements to any warehouse task to motivate and engage users.

The same physical inventory count screen, where a user is required to enter the quantity of the item selected to count. On the ITS screen on the left, the user needs the knowledge that the yellow highlighted field is where the quantity is entered. With PreBilt, the Quantity field is clearly labelled, with hint text instructing the user to enter the quantity, an image of the item is also displayed for visual verification it is the correct product:


PreBilt for EWM can execute any EWM process, with custom ITS transactions also catered for, through the ability to convert custom ITS transactions into the improved PreBilt user interface.


PreBilt for EWM can be deployed into a customer’s SAP EWM landscape within days. The improved user interface and enhanced functionality offer multiple business and operational benefits:

  • Reduction in user training time
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Real-time insights to enable quick, informed business decisions

Technical Requirements

PreBilt for EWM is available for any business operating SAP EWM on ECC or S/4HANA. It is device agnostic and can run on handheld scanners, mobile phones, tablets and fork-lift devices operating Android, Apple or Windows.


If you wish to find out more about PreBilt for EWM, I recommend you check out the official landing page for this solution.

For more information about SAP Extended Warehouse Management, please follow us on social media, our YouTube channel or our community pages:

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EWM LinkedIn Community:

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For a complete list of Q&A from the EWM community, please access this link:

In case you do not find your specific question there, feel free to post your question via the following form:

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      Author's profile photo Franceli Donde Tonini
      Franceli Donde Tonini

      Nice content, but I don't understood if the solution is Free or if the company have to pay for partner (config team) to use. Tks.

      Author's profile photo Mike Nicklin
      Mike Nicklin

      Hi Franceli

      This is a subscription based service but is a very low cost when compared with developing apps from scratch.

      Please get in touch for more details.



      Author's profile photo Christoffer Lochen
      Christoffer Lochen

      Hi, question why would I want to use 3rd party partner solution (with additional subscription costs and maintenance challenges) versus using the (new) SAP standard Screen Personas with GUI for HTML (mobile version or possibly slipstream engine) ? (note: different solution to the old ITS mobile solution providing scripting ability and flexible/simple wysiwyg screen editor etc etc), but interested in understanding the "hard" tangible benefits of using it.

      Author's profile photo Mike Nicklin
      Mike Nicklin

      Hi Christoffer

      There are many ways to answer your question!  Please contact me on and I can set up a call to discuss.