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Availability of Low-Code Development Tools in SAP Business Application Studio & Free-Tier for Everyone

Hello Community Members,

SAP Business Application Studio offers a modern development environment tailored to efficiently deliver business applications for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise. It is available as a cloud service in SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and provides a desktop-like experience for users to create full-stack applications and extensions – either using code or visual tools in a low-code experience:

What is new? Great news! The low-code application development in SAP Business Application Studio is now available out-of-the-box to all users and in SAP BTP Free-Tier!

This means that customers, partners, or individual developers, already using SAP Business Application Studio for professional development can now easily access low-code attributes, such as a development toolkit, visual user interface, reusable components, and more, directly from the dev space manager.

With the free-tier model, anyone can try out SAP Business Technology Platform capabilities for free including SAP Business Application Studio’s low-code tools! You can create and test full business applications that can be easily and safely moved to production later.

Build with the visual tools in SAP Business Application Studio

At the heart of SAP Business Application Studio are the ‘dev spaces’, which are comparable to isolated virtual machines in the cloud and contain all tools, capabilities, preinstalled runtimes, and any resources needed for developing your applications or extensions. Based on the business scenario you’re building, such as SAP Fiori, SAP S/4HANA extensions, Workflow, Mobile, you’re provided with a tailored set of tools. This simplifies and saves time in setting up your development environment and allows you to efficiently develop, test, build, and run your solution. In addition, it is equipped with tools specially built for developing business applications in the SAP ecosystem, covering the end-to-end development cycle, such as the ability to clone existing projects with a Git client, create new projects using templates and editors for SAP-specific technologies, easily test apps in the dev spaces while consuming services from remote sources, and build and deploy the application as a multi-target application (MTA). See more details here.

The great news is that you now have the option to create your application or extension using the low-code tools in a dedicated dev space, making it even simpler to create projects and improve developer productivity. From the dev space manager, you can now select the new Low-Code-Based Full-Stack Cloud Application Dev Space and everything you need to visually build your application is already there:

  • Tightly Integrated Development Environment: enables you to easily add components to your cloud application (data models, services, UI elements, workflows, external services) with automatic handling of the boilerplate coding and dependency management.
  • SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and Mobile Services Application Development Tools: develop cloud applications based on CDS, using CDS modeling tools; and mobile apps, modeling and generating OData services, creating mobile native apps from metadata with the Mobile Development Kit to build content for SAP Mobile Cards. And it includes enhanced code editors and database management capabilities.
  • SAP Fiori Tools: simplify the development of SAP Fiori elements with extensions that can help you create applications, visualize navigation, automatically generate code, and more.

You can also visually develop your XML view with the SAPUI5 Layout Editor, create workflow applications and process templates using the SAP Workflow service, configure launchpad to your cloud application , define user roles and authorizations and more, see the full list in the SAP Help Portal.


Try SAP Business Application Studio for low-code development – for free

SAP Business Application Platform offers the possibility for you to explore its capabilities at no cost, with the free tier model. The main benefit is that you get to validate your proof-of-concept first, and afterwards directly upgrade the account into the productive mode with a paid service plan, without losing any of your previous work. And this applies to both company and individual global accounts. Furthermore, you can now leverage this offering to try out the low-code development approach in SAP Business Application Studio. For more details on availability, please see the Application Plans information and the dedicated page on SAP Discovery Center. The video below walks you through the steps required to set up your account:

If you have been testing SAP Business Application Studio with a trial account, read more about the differences between free plans and how you can get started and make the most out of the free tier: BTP Free Trial to Free Tier – It’s a Good Time to Switch.

Get started!

In the new mission “ you can use the visual tools in SAP Business Application Studio to develop a risk management application for Business Partner Validation that runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform Cloud Foundry runtime and uses SAP S/4HANA OData APIs to read additional business partner data from the SAP S/4HANA system and is displayed leveraging the SAP Launchpad service.

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All the best,


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      Author's profile photo Yogananda Muthaiah
      Yogananda Muthaiah

      Alon Shachar
      This is really fantastic feature coming in BAS and all CAP lovers will deploy easily now to BTP...  No more approuter, Authorization concept..

      I would suggest everyone to make use of this feature extensively and without any coding in your local tool anymore.

      Author's profile photo Jeroen Vanattenhoven
      Jeroen Vanattenhoven

      Can you create Low Code applications for On-Premise?

      Author's profile photo Yuval Anafi
      Yuval Anafi



      Yes, you can create an application consuming data from your On-Premise systems.


      Author's profile photo Jacques-Antoine Ollier
      Jacques-Antoine Ollier

      Thanks for this info Alon Shachar !

      When you say, availbale to all users:

      Does this mean even for customers and partners with a Subscription licence model?

      Or do you mean only to users of the Free tier model?

      Thank you for the clarification!


      Author's profile photo Yuval Anafi
      Yuval Anafi



      Yes, for all customers.



      Author's profile photo Jacques-Antoine Ollier
      Jacques-Antoine Ollier

      Hello Yuval Anafi

      Actually the video is specifically mentioning prerequisite models are CPEA or Pay as you go.

      For Subscription model it does not seem to be available as a free service.For sure we do not got it added to our entitlements.

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Fernando Redondo
      Fernando Redondo

      Congrats on the blog post!

      Is is possible to use the Low-Code Development Tools in SAP Business Application Studio to extend SAP Service Cloud?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Alon Shachar
      Alon Shachar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Fernandi,


      For SAP Service Cloud we have embedded AppGyver as the No-Code tool for side-by-side extensions


      Best Regard,