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SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop “SAP Business Technology Platform” Virtual, June 22-23, 2022


June 22-23, 2022


Slides & Recording (Day 1 / Day 2)

DAY 1:
00:02:15 Welcome & Introduction (Balaji Gaddam)
00:16:23 Vision for SAP Business Technology Platform – Past, Present & Future (Christian Loos)
01:01:54 SAP Business Technology Platform for consistent and accelerated Integration (Konstantin Heine)
01:38:29 Low-code/No-code Application Development and Process Automation (Steven Jacobson)
02:18:50 SAP Application Extension Methodology (Marco Matha)
02:40:20 SAP S/4HANA Extensions to Keep Core Clean (Ashok Kumar M)
03:28:34 Customer Feedback & Closing Remarks (Haibo Huang)

DAY 2:
00:02:25 Welcome & Recap from Previous Day (Anja-Katja Kerber)
00:15:00 Vision for SAP Business Technology Platform – Data and Analytics (Haridas Nair)
01:00:40 An End-to-End Data Analytics Story – Strategy (Balasubramanya Nagaraj, Scott Broadway)
01:47:21 An End-to-End Data Analytics Story – Execution (Vivek RR, Unnati Hasija)
02:31:20 Run at your best with prebuilt SAP Content using the SAP Discovery Center (Nis Boy Naeve, Unnati Hasija, Robby Manis)
03:13:04 Customer Feedback & Closing Remarks (Balasubramanya Nagaraj)

Dear Valued Customer,

On June 22-23, 2022, we hosted a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop focusing on SAP Business Technology Platform. The speakers from SAP Technology and Innovation and SAP MaxAttention Center of Expertise (CoE) contributed to the event.

The workshop offered an interactive platform for SAP MaxAttention customers to learn how the SAP Business Technology Platform can accelerate the transformation to an Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise, exchange experiences, learn from peers, and ask SAP experts questions. There were more than 300 registrations from SAP MaxAttention customers.

For Day 1 Kickoff, Balaji Gaddam (Vice President and Head of Premium Hub CoE North America, SAP Customer Success) welcomed our customers and shared the vision and evolution of SAP MaxAttention and how SAP MaxAttention services can help the customers embark their transformation journey.

SAP Business Technology Platform is the foundation of the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together application development, integration, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence in one, unified environment. It is a platform built with flexibility and choice in mind can help accelerate innovation to unlock the business potential.

Christian Loos (Product Manager, Business Technology Platform, SAP Technology & Innovation) shared the vision, capabilities, and the latest development including SAP Low-Code/No-Code Unified Offering, SAP Process Automation, infusing intelligence into business processes, multi-cloud strategy, etc. Various real-world customer examples leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform to gain business value were shared.

Understandably, customers wanted to get more insights into the four key pillars of the SAP Business Technology Platform: App Dev, Integration, Data and Analytics, and AI. The following presentations by SAP experts provided further deep insights into key pillars.

Konstantin Heine (Product Manager, Business Technology Platform, SAP Technology & Innovation) provided an update on SAP Integration Strategy and key integration principles with SAP BTP. Integrated business processes and suite qualities provide consistent experience and deliver significant business outcome, and SAP Integration Suite is the key enabler for integrated intelligent enterprise. Further, the newly released integration assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite was explained in detail to help share enterprise integration strategy.

Steven Jacobson (Product Manager, Business Technology Platform, SAP Technology & Innovation) shared SAP Process Automation to achieve hyperautomation, and low-code/no-code capabilities to enable citizen developers innovate at the speed of the business demand. The demo “Invoice Processing and Approval” provided further insight how to leverage SAP Process Automation to automate whole process with clear responsibilities, short time to value and improved user experience.

Marco Matha (Product Manager, Business Technology Platform, SAP Technology & Innovation) introduced a structured, technology agnostic approach “SAP Application Extension Methodology” to define organization specific extension strategy and to guide and support the extension implementation. It follows 3-phased approach to help Enterprise Architects in assessing their extension use cases and defining an extension target solution. Following this methodology, the customer can have an overview about possible technical extension building blocks and to decide on a future extension architecture.

Ashok Kumar M (BTP Architect, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) shared extensibility concept and patterns in SAP S/4HANA, and the engineering approach to rethink and modernize custom code to keep S/4HANA clean. The new development paradigm (in-app, on-stack, and side-by-side extension) and different tools offered from SAP were explained in detail with customer examples.

Haibo Huang (Senior Director, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) wrapped up the day 1 with recapping the key highlights from earlier sessions and PE Business Scenario to help MaxAttention customers innovate, integrate, and extend with SAP Business Technology Platform while transforming to an Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise.

Giving Data Purpose with SAP Data and Analytics Portfolio

Anja-Katja Kerber (Senior Director, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) kicked off the second day with a quick recap of day one, highlighting the importance of BTP concerning application development, extension, and integration and setting the stage for day two on how BTP can be leveraged to fulfill data and analytics business requirements.

Haridas Nair (Global Head of Cross Product Management, SAP Technology & Innovation) gave an introduction on the vision of BTP regarding data and analytics and how to give data purpose by integrating, storing, cataloging, preparing, modeling, and sharing your data to derive actionable insights and planning with BTPs Data, Analytics, and Planning Services and Products. BTP Data and Analytics product portfolio was briefly introduced, and how SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Data Intelligence work as one integrated solution to extract value from diverse data assets. Haridas emphasized the importance to ‘democratizing data’ to derive to data-informed decisions.

Balasubramanya N (Senior Director, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) and Scott Broadway (Data Architect, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) presented in the next session how BTP is an integral and essential part of the RISE initiative where modular cloud ERP brings core ERP modules across lines of business together in a public cloud offering. Integrated and enterprise-wide data assets are then available not just for analytics but are also infused with intelligence to realize data-to-value scenarios. The session also focused briefly on the evolution of trends in data areas from structured data sets to data fabric and data mesh and how BTP technologies are well-positioned to support customers in this journey.

Vivek RR (HANA Architect, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) and Unnati Hasija (HANA Architect, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) presented an end-to-end analytics scenario leveraging HANA Cloud and the HANA Cloud Data Lake. In a live demo, a unified architecture for data management with SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP HANA Cloud was presented and it was outlined how hyperscaler technologies for data management are integrated into BTPs Data Management services. The use case reiterated how data federation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can be leveraged to access data at its source (for example AWS Athena, Azure Data Explorer, and Google Big Query) and how the SAP HANA Data Lake can store large data files thus effectively achieving TCO of SAP HANA Cloud.

Nis Boy Naeve (Cross-Application BTP Product Management, SAP Technology & Innovation) provided information on the SAP Discovery Center and how prebuilt content can be used to help customers accelerate their journey to adapt BTP. Missions and use cases available in the SAP Discovery Center can be easily implemented and adjusted to specific customer needs. They come with a full adoption enablement package, including guidance and support. SAP MaxAttention services can be leveraged to realize the use cases. Two specific Discovery Center Missions were then introduced by Unnati Hasija (Premium Hub CoE North America, SAP Customer Success) and Robby Manis (Premium Hub CoE North America, SAP Customer Success).

Balasubramanya N (Senior Director, Premium Hub CoE, SAP Customer Success) wrapped up the two eventful days. Customers provided excellent feedback about the sessions content, the interactivity, and the learnings on new topics. In a nutshell, realizing maximum value out of your data assets is a critical business priority. SAP BTP Data and Analytics portfolio is well-positioned to help customers navigate the data-to-value solution path.

We would like to thank all the presenters and participants to make this event successful.

In case you are interested in further SAP Innovation Workshops click here or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.

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      Author's profile photo Abraham MD
      Abraham MD

      This is an excellent initiative. I may have issues in attending it due to timezone problems and also leave plan. Will the sessions be recorded? I sent e-mail for registration. Also, if you could give some guidance on how to start BTP projects in terms of Set up, Governance, Development, Deployment, Monitoring etc, it would help. In our current organization, we have confusion regarding Account model, Commercial license model and SSO architecture. Despite the SAP help and blogs we went through our specific questions remain unanswered.Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Julian Goldschmitt
      Julian Goldschmitt

      Dear Abraham, Thank you so much for the comment. Kindly note that we updated the blogpost and included the material such as the slides as well as the recording. Please get in touch with us by sending an E-Mail to We will further proceed your request.