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Experience the enjoyment of Data Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Hello fellow SAC Fanatics,

This Blog Post was written by Filippo Naggi from NIMBL Finance Practice, SAP Analytics Cloud F1 channel.


This weekend I will travel to Orlando,Florida with my friend Alessio, a fellow SAP BPC Master, to enjoy the Florida sunshine, the Ocean and the amazing attractions of the Disney Hollywood Studio amusement park. I’m sure we will end talking about impossible BADIs and The Russia project, during which we spent countless sleepless nights near the Red Square enhancing our latest SAP BPC custom allocation engine.

Let’s stop with memories and begin talking about the future, about this weekend.

Since I’m a SAP SAC nerd, I would like to model an application to track our experience satisfaction in the Disney Hollywood Studio park.


Let’s start from the dimensions and the models to be used in our SAC tenant.


Experience Model

Account dimension: Experience.
This will track the satisfaction level for every attractions, wait times, KPIs ( eg WeLoveIt = satisfaction/wait time)

Organization dimension: Attraction
This will track every single attraction in the park, e.g. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Tower of Terror, …

Version Dimension:
This will track Expectations and Actual. You can apply this to the combination Experience/Attraction.
I can fill Expectation Version while flying out from Detroit on Friday night, while Alessio can fill Actual before sleeping in a fancy motel on his way back a Carolina project.

Date Dimension:
Unfortunately we can stay in the park only one day (happy wives, happy life), so we are going to record all the data on a single day. In case we “can” return, the model is already set to receive further data.


Let’s move now to Stories

Input Story:
We need a story input by with Experience in row and Attraction in Column.
In page we can have the Version, to switch between Expectations and Actual.
Date will be in page selection: in case we will return, we will be able to switch across the different dates we will visit the park.

Report Story:
It would be great evaluate the KPI of each attractions before and after the magic day.
We can build a report story with:
Attractions and the master KPI (WeLoveIt) in row
Version in column, to compare Expectations and Actual
Finally we can put the Date in page, to compare different visit outcome.


This hyper-agile modelling technique, which I’m mastering, demonstrate how much SAP SAC is flexible and can boost your productivity.
In few minutes we can build a true multidimensional applications running on Kubernetis, which can indefinitely scale.


Just imagine to add the Visitor dimension: BOOM.

SAP SAC is so scalable that we can track the entire mankind experience at Disney.
This is not a nerdy thing, this is business, delivered in a fraction of the time of what can be required with a native C#/PHP/GO/JAVA application.



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As soon as this post will reach 500 like I will continue with a new one to enhance the experience with Predictive Scenario, a cool SAP SAC feature that will enable Alessio and I to get even more from our visit.

If you have questions feel free to comment. The more we learn about the power of SAP Analytics Cloud, the better.

Stay tuned for hot off the press Filippo and Alessio adventure!



with my team, we DO


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