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SAP S4HANA FIORI advance UI/UX in Finance

Implementing Fiori apps is to get more value out of SAP S/4HANA business innovations and analytics. Best way to start S4 Hana implementation is define UI/UX strategy with Fiori in early stage of project during discover, prepare explore. It is at this moment, when talking about SAP delivers SAP Fiori application under new and renew, hence there is overlap between traditional GUI based applications and new out of box SAP Fiori functionalities.

This second blog in series explains SAP Fiori applications in General Ledger, Account payable . This will give basic idea on SAP Fiori application available for master data and transaction data posting in FI-GL,FI-AP. Below listed most of applications available as part of S4Hana 1909 release

SAP Fiori applications in General Ledger Park and Post Verify General Journal Entries
F2547: Verify General Journal Entries – For Requester
F2728: Verify General Journal Entries – For Processor (Inbox)
F2729: Verify General Journal Entries – For Processor (Outbox)
*workflow approval with My inbox has limited function available compare to SAP Inbox(SBWP)
F0717 Manage Journal Entries
F0718 Post General Journal Entries
F2548 Upload General Journal Entries
(No app for Mass upload for Supplier invoices / Customer Invoice)
F1579 Clear G/L Accounts
F1598 Manage Recurring Journal Entries
Key Reporting Apps in General Ledger F0956A Journal Entry Analyzer (S/4HANA)
F0996A Trial Balance
F2767 Trial Balance Comparison
F2445 General Ledger Overview
F0706 Display G/L Account Line Items
F0707 Display G/L Account Balances
FAGLL03H Display G/L Accounts – Line Items Browser
F0708 Display Financial Statement
*Design studio app require replicate set-based and financial statement hierarchies to reflect information
 Key Reporting Apps in AP F2895 Days Payable Outstanding – Indirect Method
F2896 Days Payable Outstanding – Indirect Method – Detailed Analysis
F0693A Payment Statistics (S/4HANA)
F1741 Days Sales Outstanding (S/4HANA)
F1745 Invoice Processing Analysis (S/4HANA)
F1861 Display Supplier List
F0693A Payment Statistics (S/4HANA)
F5588 Analyze Incoming Payments
F2917 Accounts Payable Overview
Use – F2595 Manage Date Functions create user-defined date functions
Payment apps F1520  Reprocess Bank Statement Items
F1564  Manage Bank Statements
F0770  Manage Automatic Payments (limited support for payment approval workflow. F110 Fiori app need to be activated to support payment approvals
Custom KPI reports Manage KPIs and Reports – self service app to create analytical reports based on user need
Validation and Substitutions

Fiori App F4406 – Manage Substitution/Validation Rules – Journal Entry Item (Manage Substitution/Validation Rules via FIORI)

Transactions GGB0/GGB1/KEDR: cost accounting, financial accounting: legacy substitution and validation tool still can be used only in S/4 Hana on premise. However, while defining consider flow and application transaction and document type flowing from STD SAP Fiori applications for managing journal entries.

Validation and Substitutions Adjust the rules of the validations/substitutions which are based on TCODES if postings of FIORI apps should be considered.
Check BKPF-TCODE but not SYST-TCODE in your validation as FIORI posting opt for different transaction as below
TCODES are filled in BKPF-TCODE but not in SYST-TCODE.
F0718  Post General Journal Entries  FBDC_P001
F1579  G/L Account Clearing            FBDC_C002
F1597  Post Tax Payables       FBDC_P060
F1606  Post Currency Adjustments    FBDC_P050
F1598  Recurring Journal Entries       FBDC_R501
F1598  Post Recurring Journal Entries             FBDC_P501
F1367  Clear Outgoing Payments       FBDC_C012
F1612  Post Outgoing Payments        FBDC_C014
F0773  Clear Incoming Payments      FBDC_C022
F1345  Post Incoming Payments        FBDC_C024
F1520  Reprocess Bank Statement Items FBDC_C080
F1688  Supplier Down Payment Request              FBDC_D013
F1689  Customer Down Payment Request            FBDC_D023
Enabling for Fiori with Coding block fields

Steps 1- Run SCFD_EUI to enable fields for custom fields and logic. In this step you can select the custom coding block field and enable it (ensure ATO setup complete in your system to record and transport changes)

Step2 : Go to FIORI application Custom Fields and Logic – you will see the list of the available coding block fields and you have option to publish the field. Once you publish you will also have option to enable the field for corresponding reporting tile. You need to remap fields in FIORI application based on FI field status variant.

Setting up user default 2519765 – Synchronization of Fiori User Default Values with Backend SET-/GET-Parameters

Avoid setting up controlling area – user parameters (SU3 transaction) the parameter CAC . This will conflict with FIORI reporting parameter. Instead use FIORI user default setup .

 Reprocess Bank Statement

F1520: Reprocess Bank Statement Items throws error – Analyzing the memo line for Unknown Transaction not supported

Analyze memo functionality in Fiori application Reprocess Bank Statement Items is not exact copy of Scan functionality in FEBAN transaction.
Memo line is always analyzed using some of the interpretation algorithms and that interpretation algorithm is picked based on the FEB_TATYP mapping.

Limitations on design studio apps Mass download – note 2846990 to this Incident. The Fiori Embedded Design Studio Control is not intended for mass data export as it uses browser based functionality for the export to Excel.
Setting up SAP Notifications in Launchpad Follow SAP note – 2729492 – Configuring notifications in Fiori Launchpad and known restrictions if Notifications are not displayed in Fiori Launchpad.
Setup SAP web assistant in FIORI

Configure help links and Setup SAP web assistant in FIORI

Other consideration for financial reporting


SAP note 2579584- do not recommend and limited support in future for report painter

SAP recommends a gradual switch to the new CDS based reporting with the

SAP introduces the Appendix ledger (extension ledger) this is mainly for posting adjustment entries in ACDOCA table. Therefore the appendix ledgers are not allowed in Report painter because the data is stored in ACDOCA table. The report painter only displays values for The LEADING ledger and not for non leading ledger or the Appendix ledger

Using “office for analysis” for reporting large volume of data For more than 10K records, you can use the SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office Add-In.
smart enterprise search on FIORI launchpad Activate SAP HANA Enterprise Search functionality in optimized way. Only activate STD require search models .Search Connectors allow business   search information form  structured and unstructured data to show results and links are provided that you can then launch directly to details

Above blog focus on SAP S4 HANA Fiori applications in Finance on Prem 1909 or above.

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