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SAP Intelligent Agriculture


Farming has been around for a quite long time – being one of the main reasons why humans left the hunter-gatherer condition around twelve thousand years ago. Nowadays, the challenges in the horizon comprise topics ranging from how to improve the productivity per farmed area and, at the same time, ensure sustainability.

In such a scenario, it is important to have as much information as possible in order to make better decisions and SAP Intelligent Agriculture is an SAP product that addresses these challenges in a very effective way. It is a cloud-native solution built on top of SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform), following an API-first approach, which offers an extensive array of information to help farmers make better decisions based on both historical data an predictions based on different AI (Artificial Intelligence) models.

Functionality Description

Released in January 2022, SAP Intelligent Agriculture provides a set of functionalities from planning to harvesting, being the main ones listed below:

Data Model and API

SAP Intelligent Agriculture provides an extensive data model that serves as a base to all farming processes, from planning which crops are going to be cultivated to specific farming processes such as irrigation and fertilization.

All the entities from the data model are exposed via public APIs and accessible on SAP API Hub. This approach provides a good freedom to customers from both an integration perspective, as this architecture makes it easier to integrate with third-party applicationsas, for example, a mobile application, and from the UI perspective, as customers can rely on custom UIs leveraging the API.

The data model also provides extensibility features, allowing customers to extend different entities to adapt the solution to specific needs.

Field Planning and History

Planning can be seen as one of the main activities performed by farmers. The Field Planning and History app provides a complete visibility of the farmed areas, allowing users to plan single or multiple areas at the same time. As a result of the planning process, Crop Zones are created and KPIs can be assigned to it.  A Crop Zone is an entity that links a crop/variety to a field for a specific season. Through Field Planning and History, it is also possible to query for historical data to facilitate the planning process.

Planning can be performed manually considering single or multiple field/crops combinations at a time or via a cropping system, for example, a crop rotation system.


Crop Zone containing three KPIs.

Once the planning process is finished, then one or more Crop Zones are available. KPIs can be assigned and easily maintained either directly, via APIs, or via the intuitive user interface.

Task Management

During daily routine activities, there are many tasks to be performed by different roles to run a farm. Independently of the farm size, SAP Intelligent Agriculture provides a comprehensive task management feature, allowing farm managers and operators to keep track of all the activities planned and being executed.

One can easily create new tasks for a specific field or crop zone considering dependencies, materials, and resources. The Task Scheduling app contains a calendar view that provides the following functionalities:

  • Easily reschedule tasks via drag and drop directly on the calendar
  • Create tasks directly from the calendar
  • Group tasks by field or by resource usage
  • Create new tasks directly from the calendar
  • Quickly view task details by choosing a task on the calendar


Task Scheduling.

In addition to the calendar, there is also the Task List app, which allows a quick access to all the tasks. This app provides a filter functionality that users can configure based on their needs to quickly access and maintain tasks based on specific needs, for example, only show the tasks for a specific farm and or field.

Farming Cockpit

This app provides a graphical overview of the farms that belong to a single tenant by showing all the fields for a specific farm on a map. The main features of the Farming Cockpit app are the following:

  • Show planned and ongoing tasks for each one of the fields
  • Show active Crop Zones for each one of the fields
  • Create a task directly from the map


Farming Cockpit.

The Farming Cockpit also works smoothly on mobile devices, allowing users on the field to have an accurate view of field activities.

What’s next?

As of now, new features will be released following a micro delivery approach, being the main ones as follows:

  • Recommendations
  • Integration with AI partners for automatic yield prediction and harvesting scheduling
  • Farming procedures
  • Additional integrations with S/4 and other third parties

Stay tuned for more information and updates on new features on our product page.


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