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`Excuse Finder` App with SAP AppGyver – No-Code Challenge

In this article I am sharing my experience about using SAP AppGyver – SAP’s No-Code / Low-Code Platform in context with No Code Challenge.

App link : Excuse Finder

Purpose :

The main purpose of this app is to explore SAP AppGyver – SAP’s No-Code / Low-Code Platform. So I started with something simple (neither any business use case nor technical) then i found this funny and interesting api  Excuser APis

My App

 My app consists of two pages, home page and category page .

Home Page: When app is loaded by default app displays random excuse. Refresh button can be used to get next random excuse.”Find More” button will take us to the category page.

Category Page: This page displays different categories such as (Family, Office, Children, College and Party). No random excuse will be displayed and also excuse block will be hidden until and unless we select one of the excuse category from the selection menu. Once category is selected a random excuse from that category will be displayed and we can request next excuse belonging to the same category via refresh button.



My Experience

While learning about AppGyver i found some of the cool stuffs like adding data sources, defining variables at app(global) and page level, formulas which provides many inbuilt functions which helps in bringing dynamicness in the UI and many more.
huge addon to this platform is Drag and drop option.

Now let’s check cool and uncool things of the SAP AppGyver.

Cool stuff

Add Data Resources:

Very impressed by this option where we can add Data Resources quickly and test as well. we can also define endpoint related options such as HTTP Header, URL placeholder and Query parameter. Schema detection is another very impressive option which helps in collecting property/attributes of the endpoint such as name, id etc.


In Most of the apps navigation is the very crucial part and its handled very elegantly in AppGyver. Following image shows how easy it is to add navigation. There is also privilege to pass parameters only integer and string are allowed, however in order to pass objects we must use app/page variables.


Components – Style and Events

AppGyver is bundle of various cool components such as “List”, “Table”, “Drop-down”, “Text”, “Cards” etc, if additional components required they can be searched and installed to AppGyver. Changing components properties, style and layout is damn easy. For the current use case i have installed button (icon only) component and changed its width, height and icon color.

We can also play around with component’s visibility attribute, I used page variable to show and hide the excuse block in the category page.


Formula block is great wizard, used this wizard to display content received from the endpoint. another advantage of this wizard is to be able to see the example result of the formula in the block itself


I would like to say thank you for this challenge because of which I am able to go and explore SAP AppGyver. This platform will drastically reduces both the development effort and time.
Looking forward to develop few more complex apps and get more insights of the Platform in coming days.

Thanks again for the challenge !!!

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      Author's profile photo Stephanie De Camara Marley
      Stephanie De Camara Marley

      Mahesh Gonda thanks for sharing this clever and fun use. Great to hear what you discovered about AppGyver along the way too!

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Gonda
      Mahesh Gonda
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you for the feedback.

      Author's profile photo Esmee Xavier
      Esmee Xavier

      Thank you for making this! I think we could all use some good excuses every now and then 😀

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Gonda
      Mahesh Gonda
      Blog Post Author

      That's the Goal of the app 😃

      Author's profile photo Priya Chitlangi
      Priya Chitlangi

      Amazing stuff Mahesh Gonda 👏

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Gonda
      Mahesh Gonda
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you 🙂