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What’s New in 2022 with Stay Current with SAP Certifications for SAP Enable Now

This blog post is presenting the changed process of  staying current with your certification
for certified learners and also for aspirants to be certified newly in SAP Enable Now.

If you are a consultant certified in SAP Enable Now, this blog post is very important to you, especially the Q&A section below. If you do not follow the requirements to stay current with your SAP Certification (which is launched with SAP Enable Now release 2205) you will lose your certification and badge validity, requiring that you re-certify.


Hello SAP Enable Now Certified Community,

Starting with the 2205 release, there will be changes to how you stay current with SAP Certification for the certifications for SAP Enable Now.

SAP Enable Now is moving to an annual Stay Current assessment schedule

Stay Current content and assessments will be made available for the Q2 release only, which means that you will only need to pass 1 assessment per year to maintain your certification credential.

Schedule for 2022:

  • Q2 (July 15, 2022. 2205 Stay Current deadline is October 31, 2022)

Staying current with SAP Certification

To maintain your SAP Certification credential, you must successfully complete the related Stay Current content and assessments before each period’s deadline. If you fail to complete an assessment for a certification you are holding, you will no longer be certified and will need to take the respective core exam again to re-certify. The SAP Certification team will send you an email to announce the start of a new Stay Current period with relevant information and deadlines. Please read that email carefully. The web application which hosts your content and assessment will also let you know how long the assessment will be valid and a count-down to the expiration date. There will also be a banner in the SAP Enable Now Implementation Learning Room to inform you of Stay Current deadlines.

Watch this video for more information about staying current with SAP Certification.

Receiving reminders from the SAP Certification team

  • Reminder 1: SAP Certification will send you an announcement when new Stay Current content and assessments are available and include information about the deadline for completion.
  • Reminder 2: SAP Certification will send you a reminder four weeks prior to the Stay Current deadline.

You can also view the Stay Current assessment schedule for SAP Enable Now lines of business on the Stay Current with SAP Global Certification page.

How to Access Stay Current content and assessments

Stay Current content and assessments are only accessible via the SAP Learning Hub. You must have an individual SAP Learning Hub subscription to access stay current content and assessments.
These are the L-Hub editions that contain the SAP Enable Now Learning Journey and SAP Enable Now Stay Current content:

SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition
Business Edition
SAP Learning Hub, student edition (access via your university)
SAP Learning Hub,
Edition for
PartnerEdge Edition
Digital Platforms
Procurement and Networks
Customer Experience
IoT and Digital Supply Chain
People Engagement


Exams who require an update can be found in the “Expiring Soon” section






Click on Explore for Consultant and scroll down to the Stay Current area.



This blog post has presented the changed process of  staying current with your certification, as well for certified learners as for aspirants to be certified newly in SAP Enable Now. You have learned about the process changes and how you will be guided and reminded after being certified about necessary next steps by SAP via emails.

I hope many of you will find the information shared here useful and will be able to utilize this to run smoothly through the Stay Current process. Please feel free to post questions, comments, & feedback below.


Frequently asked questions

Q: When will Stay Current content and assessments for SAP Enable Now solutions be available for me to complete in SAP Learning Hub?

A: Stay Current content and assessments will be available on RTC in Q2 (delayed in 2022, we start mid of July). You have approximately 3.5 months (depending on when you passed the core exam) to complete the assessment and maintain your certification and badge. Actual release dates and deadlines will be made available in the email notifications sent to you by SAP Certification. Also see above schedule/deadlines.

Q: Will I receive any reminders or notifications from SAP Certification as to when a Stay Currentassessment is available?

A: Yes, all certified individuals will receive an announcement via email when the latest Stay Current content and assessment become available on the SAP Learning Hub, then you will receive a reminder approximately four weeks prior to the deadline, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to maintain your certification and badge.

Q: What happens if I do not complete the assessment during the Stay Current period, missing the deadline?

A: Your SAP Certification and its associated digital badge will expire. There is no grace period, so please complete the Stay Current requirements prior to the deadline. To be certified again and to reenter the program to stay current, you must complete the latest certification in the Certification Hub. This re-certification attempt will count towards your available exam attempts for SAP Certification regardless of whether you are using the Certification Hub or an SAP Learning Hub edition that includes exam attempts.

Q: Will each Stay Current assessment count as an exam attempt for SAP Certification in my Certification Hub subscription or SAP Learning Hub edition that includes exam attempts?

A: No, Stay Current assessments are not core certification exams, and therefore will not count as an exam attempt. Stay Current assessments use SAP Learning Hub web assessments and are part of your SAP Learning Hub subscription.



Finding additional information

To read more about SAP Certification, please visit:

To read more about Stay Current with SAP Certification, please visit:

To read more about SAP Learning Hub editions, please visit:



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