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SAP PaPM Cloud : “When” to expect “What” to reach your tenant

Hello Everyone,

Previously in my blogpost, SAP PaPM Cloud – Modeling Environment LifeCycle & Promotion

I provided a sneak peak on the difference of SaaS vs On-Premise.

SaaS or Solution as a Service approach eliminates implementation of SAP Note, upgrade or patching of the solution. Unlike in the On-Premise world where you as a customer decides when to implement solution related enhancements and changes, in the Cloud you will get new features and enhancements automatically without the need to worry about catastrophic technical implementation issues

In today’s blogpost I want to clear with you when to expect updates on your  SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud) tenants, and what exactly are the functionalities that had been released in your tenants recently.

Let us discuss first about the “When”

SAP PaPM Cloud new features are thoroughly planned on a quarterly basis and are listed in the Product Roadmap . Though you can see the features plotted in the Product Roadmap quarterly, do not misinterpret this to only be able to enjoy and get updates ever 3 months.

So how does it work?

As SAP PaPM Cloud wishes to continuously support its customers on their business requirements as soon as possible, the solution is now releasing enhancements and new functionalities every 1-2 weeks. This means that without additional administration efforts from the customers, new features and enhancements are to reflect and can be used in the subscribed tenants in 1-2 weeks automatically.

Focusing now on Sample Contents; Useful sample contents are being released for SAP PaPM Cloud on a quarterly basis (end of each Quarter). In case you are curious how you can monitor and upload these sample contents in your tenant, you may visit SAP help portal

Lastly, speaking of SAP help portal — just like in SAP PaPM On-Premise, SAP PaPM Cloud wraps up the quarter by providing official updates in SAP Help Portal which can guide customers on how to properly use the solution.

I understand though that you would want to be informed of the released functionalities going into your system every 1-2 weeks , and because of that we from the development team will be releasing regular “what’s new in SAP PaPM Cloud” every 2 weeks starting on my next paragraphs so please turn on your notifications to automatically be informed. (^^,)

So “what” is new as of 2022-05-13?

General friendly reminder:

Some Images were added to have better visual representation. Click on the image to zoom-in


Modeling Input Function

As an alternative to input-relationship arrows in modeling diagram, modelers can now use the properties panel to specify an input function.

Analytic Privileges (Object Based Authorization)

In SAP PaPM On-premise, performing Object Based Authorization with the help of SAP Business Warehouse is usually being used by modelers to restrict and control datasets to be exposed. SAP PaPM Cloud now has an equivalent functionality called Analytic Privileges.

A blogpost will be released in the next days to give you tips and tricks on how to use it.

Reference: SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud: Analytic Privileges

Model View: Model Join

A new Model View function type called Model Join has been released which automatically create a HANA View upon activation. To know more about this function type, visit this blogpost

Remote Function Adapter: GL, GLI, AR, AP

Finance Experts, good news! Integration to General Ledger, General Ledger Items, Account Receivable and Account Payable through the released RFA types are now available. Visit this blogpost to know how to configure

Process Management

Process Scheduler

Do you want to run an activity in the evening or over the weekend, or simply just schedule your Process Activity execution?

A new application called Process Scheduler has been released in order to perform this action.

A blogpost will be released in the next days to give you tips and tricks on how to use it.

Commenting Feature

It is now possible to have additional information about the activity that is to be executed or had been executed by creating a simple comment and monitor the series of comments for the Process Instance Execution and Input/Output activities through Process Management > Comment section

Aside from this Process Instance Specific commenting feature, it is also possible now to see all comments across different Environments and Process Instances through this newly introduced Comment Monitor under System Node


now let us give good news too, to our Administrators.


User: User Creation Button

Unlike before that an Admin will need to go through SAP BTP manually and navigate through the sections, this new button has been added to allow administrators to be redirected to SAP BTP Cockpit > Users section automatically.

Take note that for steps 1-3, the user should have been granted SAP PaPM Cloud Administration Role, and for step 4, the user should have been granted with Subaccount Administration Role

API (Application Programming Interface)

To those who are technical and would like to integrate SAP PaPM Cloud applications into their solutions, there are already two available APIs released by SAP PaPM Cloud. These APIs are the following:

Calculation Workbook

A special API has been released by SAP PaPM Cloud so SAP PaPM On-Premise can call Calculation Workbook via Calculation Workbook Adapter.

To know more on how to set this up, visit the Admin Guide of SAP PaPM On-Premise.


This gives external callers an option to execute a process instance outside SAP PaPM Cloud. To know more how to call it, visit SAP PaPM Cloud API Guide.


Alright.. I believe this is it for now. (^^,) I hope you can enjoy these newly released features.

Expect another “What’s new in SAP PaPM Cloud” blogpost from our team in 2weeks!!!


Thank you for reading through, happy Friday, and as always Enjoy Modeling in the Cloud!!!

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      Author's profile photo Akshay Georaikar
      Akshay Georaikar

      Hi Justine,


      Thanks a lot for details on newly added features. This is certainly helpful.



      Akshay Georaikar