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Smooth Transition from the Legacy version of Goal Management to the Latest Version of Goal Management

In this blog, I will explain the process of upgrading from the Legacy version of Goal Management to the Latest Goal Management version.

SAP SuccessFactors has introduced a new experience to set up, track, distribute, and manage goals in your organization. Managers and employees benefit from the latest Goal Management in the following scenarios:

  • Employees can now set up and manage their goals and view their activities more efficiently with the improved user interfaces.
  • A single point of entry for performance and development goals allows for easy navigation.
  • Clutter-free goal list views make it simple to find important data, gain insights, and make quick changes.
  • The integration with Continuous Performance Management helps managers and employees explore relationships between activities and goals in a broader perspective.

Goal Management’s latest version has a limited feature set. Before upgrading, I strongly advise that you evaluate the latest version’s features and functions and compare them to your goal template. Following that analysis, you should be able to evaluate whether the latest version meets your business requirements. I recommend that you first test this feature in preview or test environments before enabling it for production environments so that you can still have your Production one in the legacy feature if you change your mind.

NOTE:  This is a one-way upgrade only. Upgrading to the latest Goal Management cannot be undone. We cannot revert back to an older version.

How to enable the Latest Goal Management

  1. Go to Admin Center  Upgrade Center.
  2. Under Optional Upgrades, go to Latest Goal Management, and then choose to Learn More & Upgrade Now.

    3. Choose Upgrade Now.

      4. confirm Yes


You’ve upgraded to the latest Goal Management. You can view the completed upgrade through       Admin Center  Upgrade Center  View Recently Completed Upgrades.


The system is now upgraded to the Latest Goal Management. Now comes the Template conversion part. After the upgrade, the goal plan(s) will be placed into a read-only mode until the associated goal plan template(s) is properly converted.

Template Conversion

  • An existing goal plan template can be converted only once.
  • It is recommended to:
    •  convert existing goal plan templates that you actively use in the current goal cycle.
    •  convert the next template only after the previous one is converted.
  • It is not recommended to convert existing goal plan templates that contain many complex calculation rules.
  • Existing goal plan templates that contain data on group goals can’t be converted.

The template conversion will be done through Admin Center: Manage Templates 

The conversion cannot be stopped or undone. Converting a template takes from a few minutes to several hours depending on the configuration and the amount of data in it.


once the template is converted, users will be able to create/edit the goals in the latest version. New goal plan templates created do not require any conversion.


Templates are converted and available for use in the latest Goal Management. The converted template retains the original ID and name to integrate with other modules properly. For backup and reference purposes, the original template is copied with a new ID and renamed as <Original Name> backup in the read-only mode.

After the Template conversion, You can access the Goal Plan in the latest Format. The goals will continue to display and be editable from the active performance form or 360 review form.

Limitations of Latest Goal management

The following features are not yet supported for performance goals and development goals:

  • Adding goals by copying from other goal plans
  • Linking goals
  • Importing or exporting goals on the goal plan page
  • Printing goals to HTML or PDF
  • OData APIs, including those APIs used for solution extensions
  • Layout configuration
  • Goal audit
  • Spell Check
  • Legal Scan
  • Advanced user search by criteria
  • Peers in People Selector
  • Adding goals from the goal library
  • Commenting on goals
  • Automatic goal numbering

I feel SAP must provide us with an option to switch back to the previous goal management version. Like an option of undo with a specific time frame of 30 days.
Please let me know your opinion on this in the comment section. Do share your experience on the Latest Goal UI & also mention the limitations which you feel must be addressed by SAP in the upcoming release change.

I have written an entire Blog Post on the Replacement of Continuous Performance Management covering the Changes, Limitations, and  How to Upgrade to the Latest CPM.

See my earlier Blog Post for more information on universal Reimagined Home Page upgrade- 1H 2022 Release. It has a lot of info to keep you updated on the latest release.

Check out my  Blog Post Stay current with the SAP SF Performance Management and Goal Management: 1H 2022 Release Highlights.

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      Author's profile photo Lopa Chakraborty
      Lopa Chakraborty


      I really liked your post. We wanted to have the Development goal and performance goal in the same page but we missed out on the goal library and goal comments which SAP must pick up in their upcoming  enhancements.

      Just a quick question with the latest goal plan template we can't import standard goals which are organisation specific goals is there a work around you can suggest.



      Author's profile photo Tania Ramirez
      Tania Ramirez


      If we have already activated the latest version of Goal Management, it cannot be undone, even if it is in a quality or test environment. We cannot go back to a previous version.



      Author's profile photo Balaji Nudurupati
      Balaji Nudurupati

      Hope we can revert back to previous version by refreshing the quality or test instance from Production.

      We are planning to use this option as we cannot revert. Is anyone facing issues with this?