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Moving the Estimator entirely to the SAP Discovery Center

*Note: The move is postponed to Q4 2022. Further updates will follow.

In this blog post I want to share the upcoming updates regarding the Estimator. Back in August 2021 we announced that a new Estimator is available in the SAP Discovery Center, which brings the services, the missions, and the estimates closer together. Since then, we added new features to the SAP Discovery Center Estimator, which led to the decision to move the Estimator from entirely to the SAP Discovery Center by end of July 2022*.

You can update your bookmark for the Estimator with following link:

What is the timeline of the move?

The move of the Estimator from to the SAP Discovery Center is planned to happen end of July 2022*.

The functionalities of creating new estimates and sharing estimates in will already be disabled by end of May 2022*. By then we will include a redirect link to the SAP Discovery Center Estimator and inform you as well about the changes on the Estimator page.

Nevertheless, as the SAP Discovery Center Estimator is already available and working you can start creating new estimates there anytime.

What will happen with my estimates that I have created in the Estimator?

It is possible to migrate your estimate from the Estimator to the SAP Discovery Center Estimator. Therefore, if you have an estimate in place in the Estimator you just need to enter the SAP Discovery Center Estimator via the link and there you will find a notification with the possibility to migrate.

If you do not have an account and want to migrate your estimate without logging on, you can use following link:

How can I use the SAP Discovery Center Estimator?

Please read through the following description to get a step-by-step guidance on how to create a new estimate and on how to use the different features available in the SAP Discovery Center Estimator.

Enter the Estimator

There are four different ways to access the Estimator:

  1. Via the “Estimates” link,
  2. Via the “Control Center” link –> in the Control Center click on “Estimates”:
  3. Via the menu “Estimator Basket” directly to the “My Estimates in Control Center” or
  4. Via direct link:

Create New Estimate

To create a new estimate, click on the “+ Create New Estimate” tile in the “Estimates” page of the Control Center, where all your estimates are listed. A new and blank estimate will be created and opened.

Customize Estimate

Click on the “Customize Estimate” button to be able to change following information regarding your estimate:

  • Estimate Name
  • Currency
  • Estimation Period
  • License Model*: “CPEA” or “Pay-As-You-Go”
  • Discount (CPEA only)
  • Start of Contract Date (CPEA only)

Edit Structure

To structure your estimate according to your needs, for example to split it up to “Production”, “Quality” and “Development”, use the function “Edit Structure”. You will see this option after clicking on the three dots.

After the sections where added you can edit them in the estimate itself.

Add Services

Via the “Add Services” button on each section it is possible to add multiple services, according to your needs.

Partial Usage

For each service you can decide on a partial usage via clicking on the pie chart icon and editing the percentage assumed:

This functionality was requested from customers and sales representatives. The thought behind that is that services for example are sometimes also used in other projects and therefore the price of these services should only be accounted partially for a specific estimate, because it is only partially used.

Share Estimate

After finishing the estimate, you can click on the three dots to share your estimate. The link that is generated can then be shared with stakeholders.

Download Estimate (PDF and CSV)

It is also possible to download the estimate after it was finished as a PDF or CSV file. Therefore, you need to click on the three dots, select the option “Download” and then decide whether you want to have a PDF or CSV file.

Further Features in the Estimator

When clicking on the three dots in the estimate, you have also the possibility to duplicate and reset your estimate.

Furthermore, with CPEA it is possible to “Request a Quote” according to the created estimate.

If you have build an estimate with the commercial model Pay-As-You-Go you can directly jump to the SAP Store by clicking on “Start Now”.

New Estimate in Control Center

Back in the Control Center the newly created estimate appears in “My Estimates” and also in “Shared Estimates”, because a link for sharing was generated.


What are the next planned changes regarding the SAP Discovery Center Estimator?

Currently there are new features planned to be added to the Control Center and the Estimator mid of the year as well as we plan to implement a new sharing concept.


Which information was shared in this blog post?

We updated you that the move of the Estimator entirely to the SAP Discovery Center will happen end of July 2022*. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to migrate your estimates from the Estimator to the SAP Discovery Center Estimator. If your interested, you can already start to create new estimates today. Therefore, please check out the SAP Discovery Center:


*Note: There will be a name change of the wording “License Model” to “Commercial Model” according to one voice. Also see the SAP Help Portal documentation here.

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      Author's profile photo Pierre COL
      Pierre COL


      I joined SAP in November 2018 from Contextor acquisition, and I never ever heard about the Estimator. And I might not be the only one...

      Thanks a lot Anett Richel for giving us the opportunity of discovering this tool!