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Author's profile photo Tom Nather

Install issue with ONE Installer – Crowdstrike Antivirus

This blog post will help you with issues installing SAP Business Objects SP9.  Crowdstrike antivirus doesn’t interfere with the install, this will discuss the VERSIONS of Crowdstrike that was interfering with the install

When installing SAP Business Objects SP9 Patch 7 I had the error that the setup_engine could not be updated and the install failed.

What we found is there was a bug in CrowdStrike 6.33 that was not handling the renaming the of the setup_engine_temp to set_up_engine during the install process.

In the setupengine.log you will see this error:

Error: Can’t rename: E:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\setup.engine_temp to: E:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\setup.engine
16:14:02.492 Error: Error updating installed version of the setup engine. Aborting..
16:14:02.492 Error: Can’t update the installed setup engine executables. Aborting.
16:14:02.492 Error: Failed to update setup engine executables. Program will exit.

In ProcessMon you will see the error of ACCESS DENIED on the setup_engine_temp directory.

We updated Crowdstike to 6.37 and this will fix the issue and the installs will run.

If you are using Crowdstrike, work with your Info Security team to check the version and request an upgrade prior to initiating any ONE installer on your servers.

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      Author's profile photo Venkateswara Guptha
      Venkateswara Guptha

      Thanks Tom Nather for drafting the useful information.


      Regards, Venkat.

      SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP02 – BI Platform : What’s New

      Author's profile photo Tom Nather
      Tom Nather
      Blog Post Author

      When installing SAP Business Objects 4.3 SP2 Patch 6, we found that Crowdstrike didn't pull in the fix from 6.37 into 6.40.

      My admin created exclusions for all by Business Objects servers:

      E:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\setup.engine_temp
      E:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\setup.engine

      Running the install as administrator (very important) the install worked.

      We are working with Crowdstrike to get the system fixed again.

      Author's profile photo Hewlett Packard
      Hewlett Packard

      Hello Mister,


      do you have some new update please on this issue ?


      We are running BO 4.3 SP2 on Windows 2016 with Crowdstrike 6.50.16411


      And during BO update sometimes we get "Failed to update cache for execution" error.

      Could it be still related ?


      13:12:17.409 Log opened on 2023/03/16 13:12:17

      13:19:44.265 Error: Could not move temp dest folder to dest folder.

      13:19:44.265 Error:   Temp dest folder: D:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\tmp\

      13:19:44.266 Error:   Dest folder:    D:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\InstallCache\\\

      13:19:44.266 Error: Class name:   class Poco::FileAccessDeniedException

      13:19:44.267 Error: Display text: Access to file denied: \\?\D:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\tmp\

      13:19:44.283 Error: Could not delete temp dest folder: D:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\tmp\\

      13:19:44.283 Error: Class name:   class Poco::FileAccessDeniedException

      13:19:44.284 Error: Display text: Access to file denied: \\?\D:\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\tmp\\icudt30.dll

      13:19:44.284 CopyOrReplaceAtomic: Attempt #1 failed.



      Thank you.