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One Exposure: Reconcile bank account balance cross different data sources

One Exposure, which is the central storage for SAP Cash Management, storing the data (named cash flows) which forming the figures displayed in the apps for Cash Position and/or for Liquidity Analysis.

It turns out that is a common and basic requirement to compare the figures from One Exposure with other data sources, like bank statement, G/L accounts, etc. Among all the figures, the bank account balance is the essential one.


Account Dimension

To reconcile the bank account balance cross One Exposure and other data sources, we need firstly make the definition of bank account balance on the same page. That’s the concept ‘account dimension’ coming from.

Account Dimension: G/L Account

When account dimension as ‘G/L account’, it means, we fetch balance based on the G/L accounts. And for One Exposure, the flows which shipped G/L account normally coming from Accounting integration part, or in short FI flows. Or, to be more specific, the G/L account balance from One Exposure is the accumulated amount from ACTUAL flows per G/L account (field FI_ACCOUNT) and currency.


There are two blogs which describes the ‘bank account balance’ very well:

What is Actual Bank Account Balance in New Cash? | SAP Blogs

GAP Analysis of Balance between Cash Apps and G/L | SAP Blogs

Despite the fact that the Notes mentioned in the blogs above are not more needed after Flow Builder Plus on the stage since OP2021, the bank account balance described in the posts are still correct.

Account Dimension: Bank Account (House Bank/House Bank Account)

The apps in SAP Cash management side are based on Bank Account by default, the bank account here stands for the account which modeled in ‘Bank Account Management’. And normally the bank account will define with connectivity path what is the linkage between house bank/house bank account and the bank account.

To be more specific, the bank account account balance from One Exposure is the accumulated amount from ACTUAL flows per bank account (field: BANK_ACCOUNT_ID) and currency.

Unlike the G/L account dimension:

  • Bank account dimension relies on house bank/house bank account information in the original documents.
  • The linkage between house bank/house bank and bank account itself could change. And it is normally impossible to change G/L account information in accounting documents.
  • The house bank/house bank account which is part of account assignment, means it could be influenced by the inheritance in the document chain tracing process (Liquidity Analysis part). For instance, the bank line item without house bank/house bank account but it cleared a payment with such information, the final flow will fetch house bank/house bank account from the payment document and may result in a different bank account.


Cash Position Cash Flow and Liquidity Analysis Cash Flow

Flow Builder Plus, a.k.a. Flow Builder 2.0, introduces the accounting scope concept, and the different accounting scope will result in different cash flows.

There will be two data sets for flows from accounting side: Cash Position cash flow and Liquidity Analysis cash flow.

Please refer to my old post for detail: Flow Builder Plus: the business insight, Part I for a better understanding.


Program ‘Bank Account Balance Reconciliation’

Program ‘Bank Account balance Reconciliation’ (T-code: FCLM_BANK_RECONCIL) was released already. This program targets to:

  • Help the customer to gather G/L account balance;
  • Help the customer to compare bank account balance from:
    • Bank Statement (closing balance)
    • G/L account balance
    • Classical CM balance
    • Account balance in One Exposure
  • Drill down to detail page to compare accounting document line item with One Exposure flow
  • Analyze the difference by ‘Show Difference Only’
    • Add the document back to Delta Table and trigger event for Flow Builder to reprocess.


In the elder releases, that program supports G/L account dimension only. Now since OP2021, this program has been enhanced:

  • Supporting Bank Account (house bank/house bank account) dimension.
    • The bank statement balance fetching by house bank/house bank account not G/L account;
    • The G/L account balance are fetched by the G/L account defined in connectivity path.
  • Supporting Cash Position Cash Flow and Liquidity Analysis Cash Flow;



The dimension ‘Bank Account’ are introduced by the new enhancement, and is for OP2021 only, please refer to Note 3195729 – Bank Account Balance Reconciliation.


As the prerequisite, your system shall be OP2021 SP1 (or apply Note for Flow Builder Plus on OP2021 SP0) and a well configured:

  1. Collective Note 3097908 and,
  2. Technical implementation Note 3111810
  3. Trouble shooting Note 3144000



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      Author's profile photo Helen Geraldine Salas galvez
      Helen Geraldine Salas galvez

      Hi Everyone,

      I need your Help.

      - I made a payment and the liquidity position was never placed in my document, because i had an error in my derivation.
      - Later I did a bank reconciliation for this document.
      - After bank reconciliation I edit and correct liquidity position and excute FQM_UPD_litem first and later FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER
      but the liquidity position never generated and the document is not found in FQM_FLOW, what can i do?

      Author's profile photo Hongjun Qian
      Hongjun Qian
      Blog Post Author

      Maybe you need create an OSS ticket.

      BTW, this post regards the bank account balance reconciliation which focus on the comparison, it is irrelevant with the scenario you described.

      Author's profile photo Helen Geraldine Salas galvez
      Helen Geraldine Salas galvez

      Thanks for your answer,  I have a support

      Author's profile photo Jack Reynolds
      Jack Reynolds

      Hi Hongjun Qian

      I'm using program FCLM_BANK_ACC_RECONCIL a lot to ensure bank balances reconcile with cash management and I have a few wishes for improvements, please could you consider the following:

      • Add the bank statement available balance field (FEBKO-CLOSING_AVAILABLE_BALANCE) into the ALV.  The balance in FQM_FLOW often doesn't match the bank statement closing balance (FEBKO-ESBTR) due to future value dated items.  FQM_FLOW balance should ideally match the available balance as this takes into account the value date.
      • The FCLM_BANK_RECONCIL program does not select bank accounts with status in BAM 09-Marked for closing & 10-Closing Request sent to bank.  These bank accounts are still open so should definitely still be included in the report (see screenshot below of the code)
      • FCLM_BANK_RECONCIL also doesn't select closed accounts from BAM.  We have had cases when balances still exist in CM for closed bank accounts and the data needs to be cleaned up so I'd like the option to include closed accounts in this report as well to reconcile that the balance is zero.  Maybe the BAM account status could be added as a parameter in the selection screen and as a new column in the ALV?
      • There is currently no delta column in the ALV for "Bank Statement Closing Balance" vs "Cash Management" balance.  This means I need to extract the data into XLS to calculate this value. It would be great if this could be added.




      Author's profile photo Hongjun Qian
      Hongjun Qian
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jack,

      I think you are using the second report FCLM_BANK_ACC_RECONCIL not the report FCLM_BANK_RECONCIL.

      Regards your observations, I would suggest creating an incident to follow. What do you think?

      Best regards, Hongjun


      Author's profile photo Jack Reynolds
      Jack Reynolds

      HI Hongjun,

      Thanks for getting back to me and yes, it's FCLM_BANK_ACC_RECONCIL which we are using.

      As requested, I've created an incident and attached a document with the details.  It would be fantastic if you could pick this up and consider the improvements 🙂

      264697 / 2023 Improvements to program FCLM_BANK_ACC_RECONCIL

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Burkhard Drews
      Burkhard Drews

      Hi Hongjun Qian,

      As you mention above it is almost impossible to correct the GL if the House Bank and House Bank Account are blank or incorrect.

      I am facing the challenge that SAP Finance (Public Cloud) was setup in 2020 and there are inconsistencies going back up to 3 years. We have found ways to correct the balances with the exception for the cases where the GL has incorrect House Bank/House Bank Account information.

      Edit Cash Flow Item does not allow to correct House Bank/Account in One Exposure which would be the easiest way in my opinion.

      What is the best way to correct this situation?

      Kind Regards,