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Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider

Extended Enterprise Search

As of today, a user in SAP Business ByDesign, who was looking for help, was not able to use the Enterprise Search (ES).
To find help, opening the Help Center (HC) and using the search within the HC was required. This differentiation was confusing for the user and often let to questions why the focus of the two searches is different.
The reason was that the ES only covers the business data and does not fetch the content from the different help repositories.

Search behavior as of today

With the release 2205 this will change.
With the new release the search scope of ES will be extended and will also cover the help resources including

  • Help Topics (SAP help as well as customer-specific help topics),
  • Community,
  • Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) as well as
  • Google search results if this is configured.

All search search categories are separated by tab. On the landing page (All Categories) the top 3 hits per category will be shown if content for the search term is available.
If you want see all results for a specific category, the user just need to click the View All .. button of the category.
The existing All Categories search results from the current ES are now part of Business Documents, and this functionality stays as it is. The search criteria, such as Analytics, Business, and People are only relevant for Business Documents and don’t affect the results from the other categories.

Extended Enterprise Search

Similar to the results of the current ES, object-based navigation for all search results is available, meaning the user can access the search topic by clicking the related link.

With the extended ES we provide the user with a consistent help search experience independently if they search is triggered from the help center or the enterprise search.

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      Author's profile photo Pierre Braun
      Pierre Braun

      Hi Kristof,

      although also this is a great improvement and it works fine, we are receiving the following complaints from end-users who have so far been using the Enterprise Search as their standard tool to search for business documents.

      Maybe you have a some ideas on how to solve this:

      1. after clicking "Go" in ES, the results view opens the tab "All categories":
        •  As a result, business users who are searching for business documents now need an additional click
        • Is there a way to configure that the result screen right away opens the tab "Business Documents?
      2. since the improvement, the search field" is automatically closed after clicking "Go"
        • as a result, business users who need to do multiple queries, need to reopen the search bar (additional click)
        • and the new search will not update the open search result screen but open a new tab; therefore the old result screen needs to be closed manually
        • is there a way to keep the search field open and update the already open result screen when entering a new search?

      Thank you in advance.

      Kind regards,



      Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider
      Kristof Schneider
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pierre,

      Thanks for your question.

      I will discuss this with our development team and get back to you as soon as possible.



      Author's profile photo Pierre Braun
      Pierre Braun

      Hi Kristof Schneider,

      do you already have an update for us?


      With kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider
      Kristof Schneider
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pierre,

      We are currently working on a solution. As soon as this is ready, I let you know.

      Regards, Kristof