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SAP WM Stock Removal Strategy A(Partial Pallet Quantity) II

We know that SAP WM stock removal strategy a can give priority to remove stock from partial pallets when issue goods. This is undoubtedly conducive to the management of warehouse, which can use up the partial pallet inventory as soon as possible, reduce the number of partial pallet, and make more effective use of the limited warehouse storage space.


This blog mainly shows how the SAP system automatically finds the right storage bin to removal stock after performing a small quantity goods issue posting when related material have many partial pallets.


Material number 800 is used to the demo of this blog.


The stock removal indicator and stock placement indicator are both Z05. According to the setting of storage type search, related storage type is Z05.

There are 500 EA in a full pallet.


The storage type Z05, stock removal strategy is A (Partial Pallet Quantity).



1, Material number 800, batch number 0000000501, the stock data in storage type Z05.


2, Execute transaction code MIGO, post goods issue to cost center, batch number is 0000000501, the quantity is 5 EA.


Save it,

Check the WM data for the material document,


TR#106, TO#117 created automatically(this is actualized by the WM movement type 201).


Check the TO document,


The stock was removed from the storage bin 17-04-06. Why it is from storage bin 17-04-06?  See the initial WM stock for this material batch,


The stock quantity of this material batch in storage bin 17-04-06 is 11 EA, the smallest pallet in the storage type Z05. According to the stock removal strategy A, SAP remove stock from this storage bin definitely.



3, Now see the updated stock data for this material batch in storage type Z05.


The stock in storage bin 17-04-02 is 30; the stock in storage bin 17-04-06 is 10; the stock in storage bin 17-04-04 is 20.



4, If we issue goods to cost center with quantity 30 EA. Then how SAP will remove the stock? Will SAP remove stock from storage bin 17-04-02 for 30 EA or remove stock from storage bin 17-04-06 and 17-04-04 together for the 30 EA?


Execute transaction code MIGO, movement type 201,


The quantity is 30, the batch is 0000000501.


Save it,


A material document created. Check this material document WM data,


TO#119, check the source storage bin of this TO document,


Even if the stock in storage bin 17-04-02 is 30 EA, it is a partial pallet. But SAP system find that there are 2 smaller pallets (in storage bin 17-04-06 and storage bin 17-04-04) for this material batch in storage type Z05, the total quantity of the stock in those two smaller partial pallet is 30 EA. So SAP remove 30 stock for those two smaller pallet, from the storage bin 17-04-06 and storage bin 17-04-04.




This is the control effect of the stock removal strategy A (Partial Pallet Quantity).



Note:This blog is based on SAP S4/HANA 1909 system.


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