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Author's profile photo James Barlow

Something completely different in SAC

A while back I set myself the challenge of building an Analytic App that brought together
a number of scripting elements; primarily as an exercise in understanding script interactions
and chains of events.

As you start creating ever more complex Apps for customers, you quickly realise that
each script / function in isolation is fairly easy to develop.

However things rapidly get more complicated when you have to string everything together, pre-empt
user journey’s & interactions within the app and consider timings – e.g. data loading/filtering and so on.

Elements I wanted to use included:

–  Timers
–  Arrays
–  Script Functions
–  Variables
–  Layout & Relative position settings
–  Dynamic visibility

The outcome of the exercise was this:

The finished App consists of circa:

43 panels
28 script variables
24 script functions
45 shapes
11 timers


I guess the real point this highlights is that when scoping and designing an Analytic Application with a customer, the initial ask may appear fairly simple.

It’s not until you start coding and working through inputs and outcomes of each block of code that the simple looking end result belies the complexity required to achieve this.


An exercise like this has really helped me to better estimate the development time required for an Analytic Application, which in turn results in a more realistic project plan and ultimately a happier customer.


If there any specific bits of code you’d like me to share, please comment below
(there’s too much to put it all in a single blog post)


As always help from the SAP community can be found here:
SAP Analytics Cloud Designer Q&A


Blog part 2 is here:  High level code overview

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      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      It's always interesting to see where imagination brings developers, James!

      Was it based on any data model, or just widgets plus scripting?


      Author's profile photo James Barlow
      James Barlow
      Blog Post Author

      Hi there,

      No data at all - just widgets and scripting

      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Your post made into our dev news:

      I hope that I pronounced your name correctly.

      Author's profile photo Iver van de Zand
      Iver van de Zand

      would be cool if you share some of it or maybe make a video so we can see it "at work"

      cool stuff !!

      Author's profile photo James Barlow
      James Barlow
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Iver,

      I can share the code (I suspect it would get ripped apart as I taught myself Java - so the code is a bit of a mess  😉  )

      I'll do a new blog post - part 2 and try and explain the code (I didn't document anything as it's all in my head)

      Author's profile photo Xavier Hacking
      Xavier Hacking

      Hi James,

      Very cool this Sac-Man game! 😃 I'm curious about part 2.


      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski

      Really interesting, thanks for sharing.

      P.S.: Are you a Monty Python fan?