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Author's profile photo Jigang Zhang 张吉刚

Mass Deletion of MRP controller in APO

I recently just first touched on the APO system and surprisingly find out that APO even doesn’t have the MARA/MARC table and Transaction code MM01 not to mention the function module like ‘BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA’!

Here list of the basic approach to mass deletes MRP controllers in APO. It’s for the beginning level of APO development only : P

1. Get the structure of the planning objects by ‘/SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_LIST_GET’

  • Input parameter IV_BAS_PLOBID is mandatory, which will define&provide by functions
  • Input parameter table it_group_by will be lists of object names that will contain fields like material/plant/MRP controller etc. In my case, it’s totally customized fields like Z_MATNR.
  • Output table et_plobs_in_view will be the result of the above Z fields at specified PLOBID.
      iv_bas_plobid            = plobname
      it_selection             = lt_selection
      it_group_by              = lt_group_by
*     is_read_options          = ls_read_options
      et_plobs_in_view         = gt_plobs_in_view
*     et_plob_values           = lt_plob_values
      invalid_selection        = 1
      no_bas_plobid            = 2
      inherited_error          = 3
      coding_generation_failed = 4
      OTHERS                   = 5.

2, Get material related fields for report purposes

Use the value from step1 to fetch fields from below APO tables. Material fields could be MATID~

  • Material table: /SAPAPO/MATKEY
  • Location table: /SAPAPO/LOC
  • Location Product table: /SAPAPO/MATLOC

3, Delete MRP controller using FM ‘/SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_DELETE’

  • Input parameter IV_BAS_PLOBID will be the same as step 1;
  • Input parameter IT_SELECTION will be working as filters like a combination of select-options
" Material
  CLEAR ls_selection.
  ls_selection-iobjnm = 'Z_MATNR'.
  ls_selection-sign  = 'I'.
  ls_selection-option = 'EQ'.
  ls_selection-low = wa_data-matnr.
  APPEND ls_selection TO lt_selection.
..."add other fields accordingly to specify the filter
  • Finally using the FM to do the deletion, no extra commit work is required.
    IV_BAS_PLOBID         = lv_plobid
    IT_SELECTION          = lt_selection
    IV_NOTE_DELETE        = 'X'
   NO_BAS_PLOBID         = 1
   INHERITED_ERROR       = 2
   INTERFACE_ERROR       = 3
   OTHERS                = 4 .

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