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Author's profile photo Mamikee Kanneh

Should I Learn ABAP?

SAP Champion Michael Keller and I discussed why we got started with ABAP and why you should too. We talked briefly on our experience with ABAP and Michael shared his expertise and why he “Hearts ABAP”.

Check out the 3 minute video below


If you are also interested in learning ABAP, check out the resources below:

  1. ABAP Development in SAP Community →
  2. 2 minutes of ABAP →
  3. SAP Champion program →
  4. SAP Influencers program →


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      Author's profile photo Bärbel Winkler
      Bärbel Winkler

      Thanks for the interview your enthusiams for ABAP, Mamikee Kanneh & Michael Keller!

      A neat addition to the suggestions of how to learn ABAP would be the blog post about Abap on Exercism recently published by Lars Hvam. After reading the blog post I gave ABAP on Exercism a try myself and wrote about my initial take-aways here. It's fun!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Next get Graham Robinson long time he is not posting, then get Thomas and Rich, DJ, Joselyn, Raymond 🙂

      Author's profile photo Andreas Muno
      Andreas Muno

      With SAP S/4HANA Cloud getting enabled soon to support on-stack ABAP development, there is yet another reason to learn ABAP now. S/4HANA Cloud buffs may have heard the mantra "keep the core clean". That was meant to focus customers and partners on the principle of fitting business processes to the SAP-provided standard delivered with built-in best practices ("Fit-to-Standard"). SAP S/4HANA Cloud ABAP Environment is designed in such a way that custom developments will keep the SAP core clean and also allow for a much higher level of customization than before. Wile that amounts to great new power, please do not forget the Peter Parker principle: "With great powers comes great responsibility". Before going "all in" on ABAPing the heck out of the S/4-embedded Steampunk capabilities please establish some ground rules with the team in charge of maintaining and evolving the system and landscape. Part of those ground rule considerations should probably be:

      • Availability of skilled maintenance personnel and respective cost of maintenance,
      • Opportunity cost of (not) having a specific feature custom developed,
      • Alternative cheaper ways of achieving the same/ "close enough" similar outcome
      • Actual value contribution of the added code,
      • Compliance; is the added code enabling compliance or adding risk of non-compliance.

      This list is by no means complete. There may be more reasonable criteria, please chime in.