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Prepare for universal Reimagined Home Page upgrade- 1H 2022 Release

New Experience for the Home Page

The Reimagined homepage provides users an updated user experience with more dynamically generated content than the current version.

Sections in the latest home page 

  • A welcome banner
  • Quick Action section
  • Approval section
  • For You Today section
  • Org Update section

A welcome banner  Organizations can choose their own banner image so that it better aligns with your brand. Can hide it, if preferred not to use a banner image. There is an option to Configure a Different Banner Image on the Home Page for Different Groups using Theme manager.

The personalized greeting seen by the user in the banner is driven by the user’s time zone i.e. the time from the browser session the user is in. The Personalized greeting cannot be hidden from the Latest Home Page.

Quick Action section – As the name says it’s a  “quick access” to frequent tasks. users can make action less prominent but still accessible on the home page by adding it as a custom link to the Favorites instead. A maximum of 16 total quick actions can be shown.

Approvals- All the requests (approve, decline, or review) appear in this section. Approvals are to-do tasks, similar to the ones that appear in the page header and To-Do List side panel. When you complete a task, it disappears in both places.

For You Today-  Non-approval To-Do’s will display in the For you Today Section. The content is dynamically generated per user. Engagement Cards provide the information necessary to perform a task. No two users will see the same cards.

There is a certain time frame for the data.

  • To-Do tasks that have been updated in the last 90 days are pulled to create and show cards.
  • To-Do cards also expire based on their due dates. So, if a card has a due date, it will stop showing once 30 days have passed from the due date. For the cards, which does not have a due date, these cards will stop showing after 30 days from the creation of the card

Users get to choose one of these two options. Remind Me Tomorrow i.e. It reappears on the home page after 24 hours. Dismiss the card and remove it from the home page completely.

These are a few cards that get displayed in this section.

Complete 360 Reviews Tasks Prompts you to review and complete the 360 Reviews form for you and others.
Complete Calibration Tasks

Prompts you to review and complete the calibration form, for yourself and for others.

Through the task, reviewers can go directly to their sessions that are in progress to view or give ratings. When a reviewer has multiple sessions, the sessions are ordered by the due date and one of the most urgent, which is overdue the longest or closest to the due date, is displayed.

Review Performance Prompts you to complete the performance review task, for yourself and for your team.

My Team reminder card informs managers when their direct reports have tasks that are overdue or due in the next 7 days. Managers send them an email reminder.

  Goals Card

  •  When the personal goals are not yet complete & are approaching their due dates or are already overdue they get populated in this card.
  • This card will surface any performance or development goals that are 15 days approaching the due date for performance goals, 30 days approaching the due date for development goals, or overdue and the status has not been set to ‘Completed’.
  •  Group or team goals are not yet supported

The Organizational Updates section shows custom content created for your organization. Custom cards can be made visible to specified target groups or at specified times.

Current Scope

The latest home page is now in general availability and can be used by most customers. Most product areas now display some content and most legacy functionality is supported or has been replaced.

Dates to be noted

The universal release of the Latest Home Page is planned for

June 3rd (Preview)

June 24th (Production) as of 17th March 2022.

As a consultant, I recommend starting working on this be an early starter to plan better.

How to enable the Latest homepage

You can enable the latest homepage by navigating to Upgrade Center > Optional Upgrade > Latest Homepage Upgrade.

You have up to 30 days to Undo the upgrade in the Upgrade Center.

After the upgrade, users with homepage permission will be able to see the latest homepage other users will still have the legacy homepage.

You can control access to the latest experience with role-based permissions. You can give the permission by navigating to Administrator permission > Manage system properties > Manage the latest Homepage permission. Each user can only access one version of the home page

It is advisable to provide access to the Latest Home Page permission only to a small group of users(for testing). Later, when you’re ready to roll it out more widely, you can give access permission to a broader group.

Please feel free to post your queries or share your experiences in the comments section of this blog post. I’d be delighted to share my expertise and experiences with you so that together we can achieve a smooth process of this feature implementation.

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      Author's profile photo Bri Caldara
      Bri Caldara

      Is this correct that the release dates have been moved back? Instead of April 15 and May 20, now June 3 and June 24?


      Author's profile photo Jahnavi Avirneni
      Jahnavi Avirneni
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bri Caldara, Yes the latest dates provided by SAP are June 3rd & June 24th

      Author's profile photo Erich Wong
      Erich Wong

      Can you provide more information on how to Undo the upgrade? I would like understand this process before conducting testing.

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Jahnavi Avirneni
      Jahnavi Avirneni
      Blog Post Author

      It can be undone within the Upgrade Center. The 'undo' feature only works for 30 days after the activation occurs. Users have up to 30 days to Undo the upgrade in the Upgrade Center. After the upgrade, users with homepage permission will be able to see the latest homepage other users will still have the legacy homepage.

      Author's profile photo Raja Sanapathi
      Raja Sanapathi

      "Dismiss the card and remove it from the home page completely", do we need to enable any permissions for this?

      Author's profile photo Jahnavi Avirneni
      Jahnavi Avirneni
      Blog Post Author

      We only get the "dismiss" option in the For You Today section. We can either choose to "dismiss" the card or "Remind me Tomorrow". we don't need to enable any permission for this. For cards in the other sections dismiss option is not available.

      Author's profile photo Erin Eklund
      Erin Eklund

      Hello - Is it still the case that there is no way to remove the Personalized Greeting from the banner page?

      Author's profile photo Rowena Rhead
      Rowena Rhead

      Where can I download the welcome banner to add text banner? Jahnavi Avirneni 

      Author's profile photo Rowena Rhead
      Rowena Rhead

      if you go to theme manager expand all and right click and download the banner

      go into paint or 3d paint add text to your banner. keep in mind sap will zoom in on the banner so keep text centralized

      then upload and save. in production make sure to do these same steps but also go into Manage Home and Banner and upload the new banner


      if you want to remove greetings you need to go to manage languages and import the three greetings as blank with 1 space. and update the header of column B to everything but your environment name and import into US English custom template and the greetings will be removed