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Learn how to add SAP S/4HANA as a Content Provider to SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog was published prior to the re-branding related to SAP Build portfolio, which was announced at SAP TechEd 2022. SAP Launchpad service and SAP Work Zone come together under the SAP Build Work Zone brand, with two editions: standard edition (formerly SAP Launchpad service) and advanced edition (formerly SAP Work Zone).

You can learn more in this blog post

SAP Launchpad service allows its user to create an (SAP) application-centric entry point, providing a harmonized user experience layer that integrates applications, tasks, and notifications. It is one of the digital experience services on SAP BTP, along with SAP Work Zone. The Launchpad service provides administrator with an admin environment enabling them to flexibly configure role-based access to launchpad content and managing configuration of content provider systems.

In this blog I will show you how to add a SAP S/4HANA on-premise system as a content provider to the SAP Launchpad service. I will take you through the process step-by-step and will be using these personas throughout the blog:

  1. SAP S/4HANA admin persona
  2. SAP Launchpad service admin persona
  3. SAP Launchpad service end user persona


Step 1 – SAP S/4HANA admin: Expose content to SAP Launchpad service 

The SAP S/4HANA admin will select the S/4 content that has to be exposed to the SAP Launchpad service. This can be done through the exposure tool  by using the transaction “CDM3_EXP_SCOPE”, where the roles can be selected to be exposed and shared to the Launchpad service.

After the selection of the roles, the ´expose´ button must be clicked to transform the roles to CDM format. Then it will be available to administrators for consumption on their Launchpad service.


Step 2 – SAP Launchpad service admin: Handshake between S/4HANA and SAP Launchpad service

The first thing needed to be done by the SAP Launchpad service admin is to define the destinations, which are created in the BTP subaccount to establish connectivity with the on-prem S/4HANA system. For safely accessing on-premise assets from the cloud, the SAP Cloud Connector needs to be configured as a tunnel.

The two pre-requisite destinations  (runtime destination and design time destination) for handshake between S/4HANA and Launchpad service must be configured through SAP BTP cockpit.


Step 3 – SAP Launchpad service admin: Create a new content provider

The next step is to create a new content provider in the provider manager. The design-time and runtime destination which were set-up earlier must be selected while adding the content provider. This will enable the admin to fetch the content from the S/4HANA content server. All content that is exposed on the provider’s side is created on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

After the creation of content provider, you need to map the appropriate Aliases. This step is only required on use cases where your S/4HANA FES is setup as an HUB system.


Step 4 – SAP Launchpad service admin: Managing the content

The next step is to find and use the S/4HANA content of this content provider, which can be done in content explorer tab, found under the content manager. Here you can select the S/4HANA content provider created earlier and see the roles exposed on it. You can then choose the required number of roles and add them to your content. This will make the content available to all the admins in the sub account.


Step 5 – SAP Launchpad service admin: Create a site & assign SAP S/4HANA content to it

Now these content pieces and roles need to be assigned to your site. This can be done in the site directory by creating a new site.

Then the S/4HANA roles must be added to the new created site.  This is done by clicking the edit option, then adding the searched roles and finally saving it.

Furthermore, the run time authorization needs to be entered so that end users can see the roles and its content in site during runtime. This can be done through the BTP cockpit, under security > users tab. Here you can assign role collection for roles that belong to the SAP S/4HANA content (a role collection on the BTP subaccount was automatically created for each of the SAP S/4HANA roles).


Step 6 – End user: Run site with SAP S/4HANA content provider

Now on the SAP Launchpad service homepage you will be able to see all the S/4HANA content pieces and business applications, according to the structure as they were built on the content provider side (S/4HANA).



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Watch this demo video by Dana Sarfati for more details:

How to add a Content Provider to SAP Launchpad Service – YouTube

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      Author's profile photo Lucas Uccello
      Lucas Uccello

      Hi!, Since which Release is the CDM3_EXP_SCOPE transaction available?


      Author's profile photo Michael Christa
      Michael Christa

      Hi Lucas,

      the transaction is actually '/UI2/CDM3_EXP_SCOPE'. Should be available on S/4HANA.

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Nikhil B
      Nikhil B


      I'm able to open transaction /UI2/CDM3_EXP_SCOPE  [s/4 1909 system] but not able see manage content for launchpad  on BTP instead i'm seeing Define content for launchpad as below.

      Could you please let me know how can i fix this issue, so that i will be able to see manage content screen when i open the tcode.