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Different options in “Maintain Category for Planning” configuration activity

Welcome to this blogpost on “Maintain Category for Planning configuration”. We have seen a few queries related to copy and delete financial plan data from plan category. In this blogpost, we will discuss on how to configure plan category and various options available on configuration.

Maintain Category for Planning

In this step, user can define categories for various planning from CBC client. Different categories can be used for different planning and user can create as many categories as required.

Note- Pre-delivered categories must not be modified.

SAP delivers the following preconfigured categories –

Category Description Remarks
PLN Plan Used for Plan Data
BUDGET01 Project Budget Used for Project Budgeting
BUDGET02 Cost Center Budgeting Used for Cost center Budgeting

Login to CBC client and search for “Maintain Category for Planning” SSCUI.

Click on “New Entry” and enter the desired information.

  • Plan Category – Used to differentiate different type of plan data.
  • Medium Description – Description of Plan category
  • Application Type – Defines specific applications, which use the planning data.
  • Exchange Rate Type – Use to store different exchange rates
  • Usage – A special process, for example budgeting, which uses the plan data of the category for various purposes. i.e., budgets.


Allow Entry/ Delete of plan data

  • By Importing Financial Plan Data

To import financial plan data for newly created category, user must select this indicator. If not selected user will not be able to upload plan data via Import Financial Plan Data app.

Note: User must define the source of plan data in source file using the third row in the source file (Downloaded from Import Financial Plan Data App). To do this, enter an X for each field that you want to be part of the scope of your plan data. Starting from the fourth row, you then specify the plan data which you want to be imported into the system. Each plan data value in the file that belongs to a field marked with an X contributes to the selection of plan data that will be overwritten by new plan data. This means that existing plan data in the system and that contains any of the combinations of these values will be reversed before new plan data is posted.


  • By Copying Another Plan Category

User must select this indicatory to copy plan data from one plan category to another plan category. If this indicator is selected, then Plan Category is visible to copy in Copy Financial Plan Data App.


  • By Deleting Financial Plan Data

There are several reasons why user may need to correct the plan data. User must select this indicator to delete financial plan data from the database. Selected Data is deleted permanently and is irrecoverable.

If user selects this indicator, then Plan Category is visible to delete plan data in “Delete Financial Plan Data – with Timestamp” Fiori app.

Note –  The financial data no longer in use can be archived.



Hope this blog will clarify the different options available during creation of new planning category and their impact.

You can find more information about apps from below links:

Reference SAP Best practice : 1HB

Thanks for reading this blog post. I would like to see your comments and  would like to  answer questions which u can post  at Q&A tag area :

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      Author's profile photo Haris Karabulut
      Haris Karabulut

      Excellent blog I-Lin! Thanks for sharing.

      I have a question regarding Importing plan data from SAC to S/4HANA. I would like to plan my production cost in SAC and then import them to S/4HANA.

      For this I would use the Plan Category for the Application Type "Product Cost Controlling" when importing. However, the system does not allow import with this application type, similarly I cannot enable the Import function in S/4HANA for this specific application type in the "maintain plan category"

      Do you know why this is not possible, because I would also like to import the price rates and there this application type is best suited. Is there any other solution?

      Many greetings