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2 Step KANBAN Stock transfer with EWM managed storage locations

Objective: The objective of this blog post is to showcase system demo and settings that we need to perform for 2 step KANBAN stock transfer with EWM managed storage locations. Both source and destination storage locations will be EWM managed.

Context: 2 step stock transfer is generally used when the source storage location from which the material for replenishment is to be withdrawn and the production storage location (destination storage location) are spatially separated and the material therefore has to be transported.

We will follow the process steps documented in below SAP help link and outline all the system configuration that we need to do for this process to work.


Ok- all good to go!

Let’s start with the first step .

Step 1

KANBAN is set EMPTY in S4 CORE system. This step will create outbound delivery in S4 CORE that will be distributed to EWM for logistics steps to be done like picking, packing, goods issue etc.

Which delivery type system will create? What will be the shipping point? Which customer? What will be movement type in the delivery? Lots of questions will arise for this step.

Let’s go one by one.

Delivery type and movement type determination

Please follow below node for delivery type and movement type determination.

For the combination of your plant and storage location , please enter correct delivery type here. You can create your own new delivery types for KANBAN and maintain in this customizing. We take SAP standard delivery type DOG for outbound process and DIG for inbound process.

Movement type for outbound should be set as 313 and for inbound as 315.

For our example storage location 1010 is the source and 1500 is the destination.

Ship to party determination for Outbound delivery:

We need to maintain customer for the plant. Please follow below customizing node to do so.

You also need to maintain sales area in above customizing node.

What else do we need to create an outbound delivery?

We at least need- sales area, delivery type, and shipping point to run the transaction to start creating delivery. You may check first screen of transaction VL01NO.

Shipping point determination

This is determined from below node. Please have a note this is not determined based on normal shipping point determination rules based on the combination of shipping condition, loading group and delivery plant.

You can assign shipping point at plant level in above customizing and give more specific shipping point at storage location level as well.

We are good now to make KANBAN empty and expect our outbound delivery to be created.

Once KANBAN is set EMPTY- OBD will be created and distributed to EWM system. OBD can be seen in PK13N as well once you double click the KANBAN ID.

Once GI is posted for OBD from EWM system, two things happen at the S4 CORE side.

1- IBD is created at S4 CORE side for movement type 315 to receive goods from stock in transit to receiving storage location.

2- KANBAN status is set to In-transit

Not to mention, GI is posted with material document 313 which will remove stock from supplying storage location and put into stock in transfer of receiving storage location.

Both IBD and OBD can be seen in the PK13N once you double click on the KANBAN ID number.

IBD will be also linked in the document flow of the OBD.

Now let’s switch our discussion back to IBD. How does supplier is determined for IBD?

We know what delivery type and movement type IBD should have, but we haven’t talked about the supplier determination until now.

Well- it will be determined from the same node where we did setup the shipping point. Please scroll up and check , we maintained supplier 200 for our test 🙂

IBD will be distributed to EWM system and will be processed like normal EWM inbound delivery- Create and confirm warehouse task->GR will be posted upon WT confirmation.

You can also post GR as first step and later create and confirm WT.

Once GR is posted for the IBD what happens?

1- GR material document is posted with MVT type 315. This moves stock from stock in transfer to receiving storage location.

2- KANBAN status is set to FULL (Color legend= GREEN)

What will be the put away strategy for the IBD?

Once we do stock transfer with KANBAN then we need to assign destination storage bin in the KANBAN control cycle. This is the bin location where stock will be put away. You can see the PSA assignment to the IBD. This will make sure that stock is put away to the correct PSA bin location as per the KANBAN control cycle.

We are about to finish our blog, but haven’t talked about KANBAN replenishment strategy and control cycles.

Ok- let’s cover important thing that we need to take care about the KANBAN replenishment strategy.

KANBAN replenishment strategy:

Please go to below node to customize KANBAN replenishment strategy.

SAP standard is 0007. You can copy and create your own. You must need to change MVT type to 313 for two step process to work. Rest all fields should stay like as in standard.


We must need to create KANBAN CC for the combination of our material, plant and PSA. PSA- is production supply area which you need to create in transaction PK05. This PSA must be created for destination EWM managed storage location.

In KANBAN CC, you maintain the source storage location as well as destination storage bin where the stock should finally go.


PSA is created in transaction PK05 . It must be created for EWM managed destination storage location.

So finally we are done with this blog.

There are some other ways by which you can determine supplier/customer for certain processes. like setting vendor, customer, delivery type at MVT type level. You can also define default customer, vendor, shipping point, sales area at warehouse level.



After following this blog, you will be able to understand the basic material flow in two step KANBAN stock transfer from one EWM managed storage location to another EWM managed storage location and different system settings that we need to perform to make this process work.

Hence the KANBAN 2 Step stock transfer topic ends here. I will wait for your comments and improvements to make this blog more productive.

Please feel free to provide your valuable comments, feedback and ask any questions pertaining to this blog post on material flow or system settings. Your feedback and comments are welcome.

Thank you very much for your time.


Extension of blog per request/query/question:

Question: How does system know if process will be two step KANBAN stock transfer or one step KANBAN Stock transfer?

Well- We start with the KANBAN CC. In KANBAN CC, we have maintained the stock transfer strategy (SAP standard is 0007). This strategy has control type 7(Delivery from an EWM managed storage location). It is important and necessary to put movement type 313 in the movement type field. movement type 313 represents goods issue from storage location to put stock in “stock in transfer” of the receiving storage location.

Based on movement type , plant (supplying and receiving) and storage location (supplying and receiving) system determines the outbound and inbound delivery type and movement type.

First it will determine the OBD type.


Important to note here is – “process in integration” is predefined by SAP like:

K4- KANBAN 1- step Stock transfer

K3- KANBAN 2-step stock transfer, GI into stock in transfer

K2- KANBAN 2-step stock transfer, GR from stock in transfer

Based on movement type, supplying plant and supplying storage location, if system finds an entry with K3 then it will be treated as 2 step KANBAN stock transfer.

Technical details can be traced in class /SPE/CL_EWM_MAN_KANBAN_INTF



All the images are copy right from S4 HANA sandbox practice server. So please don’t copy images without prior consent of the blog post author.

Best regards

Aslam Ansari

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      Author's profile photo Guillaume COURREGES
      Guillaume COURREGES

      Excellent blog 😉

      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks 😛



      Author's profile photo Daniil Mazurkevich
      Daniil Mazurkevich

      Hi Aslam, it is pretty well described, thanks!

      May I ask how system decides if it is one or two step transfer? I do not see it on screenshots. And I am missing steps for kanban creation,maybe you can add steps for this as well.




      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Daniil

      thanks for the feedback.

      For KANABN creation, I have put some details that are must to be maintained. I have not included all steps to illustrate how to create KANBAN CC. If you can tell me what kind of detailing you wish to have, then I will be happy to update the blog accordingly.

      For system to know whether a process is one step or two step, I will include technical details in the blog to explain this point in detail.


      Regards- ASLAM


      Author's profile photo Daniil Mazurkevich
      Daniil Mazurkevich

      Hi Aslam, Thanks, now it is a link between CC and a stock transfer strategy is there.

      You have one Plant and two storage locations, your process is for 2 Step transfer. If both storage locations are EWM managed and it is a same warehouse (if I do not need to post GI/GR, to use Transport, and it is fine to have a posting change) what shell be changed in the customizing/masterdata to achieve this. Is it as well stock transfer strategy?



      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Deniil

      I have added technical details of how system knows if process will be one step or two step.

      For your query to not post GR/GI, we need below changes

      1- Stock transfer strategy will remain same with one change- You need to maintain  movement type 411 in stock transfer strategy. 411 is SAP standard movement type to setup for one step stock transfer.

      2- In the customizing of delivery type determination, you need to maintain delivery type for process 'K4'. You can follow SAP standard- Delivery type = DOG, movement type = 411

      Later you need to map this DOG delivery type to correct EWM PC delivery type based on right 'initiator of communication'

      BC set


      There is a nice blog available written by shailesh mishra  for one step KANBAN stock transfer. You can check that.


      Author's profile photo Daniil Mazurkevich
      Daniil Mazurkevich

      Thanks Aslam, now it is clear.

      Author's profile photo Jaidy Jiang
      Jaidy Jiang

      Hello Aslam.

      I have one question with this case. could you help me?

          I 'm  completed goods issue posting in EWM. Than In ERP Side , Material document already have been created, mvt = 313 . but ERP don't  have Automatic create inbound delivery. What happen for that?


      Author's profile photo Guillaume COURREGES
      Guillaume COURREGES

      I have the same issue actually, inbound delivery generation is not triggered after good issue.

      Probably because i have not defined ship to party determination.



      Author's profile photo Jaidy Jiang
      Jaidy Jiang

      Now I have solved this problem!

      I try to active  workfolw function ,then can Auto create inbound delivery!



      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Yes- you need to setup supplier determination in table T001L. I have mentioned about this in the blog.

      For manual troubleshooting of the IBD creation, just setup SPED message type for your OBD and trigger SPED manually after GI is posted. This will show you the error.

      Regards- ASLAM

      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Yes- we need suppler determination maintained in table T001L

      You can do manual troubleshooting by triggering SPED message out of OBD

      Regards- ASLAM


      Author's profile photo Jaidy Jiang
      Jaidy Jiang

      Hello ASLAM,

      I have other question, after Inbound delivery replicate to EWM, I want to create putaway tasks to the correct PSA bin , but system have Error message ,It means that the des BIN cannot be found.

      I already Maintenance “Destination Storage Bin” and “ Destination Storage type” in control cycle.

      could you give me some help?

        Question : How to create putaway tasks to the correct PSA bin?




      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jaidy

      Please notice below points

      1- PSA shall come automatically at IBD position level from CC. Do you have PSA information available automatically once IBD is created in EWM? Does your IBD has right AVGRP that of AVGRP assigned to PSA storage location?

      2- Destination storage bin should come automatically while creating WT as per the CC. As we already know the bin info from CC, system should not do any destination bin search.

      3- Your PK13N should display both IBD and OBD in PK13N once you display KANBAN ID. This is proof that both OBD and IBD are linked with same KANBAN ID.


      KANBAN CC just for information:

      Log for WT creation clearly shows that system should not go ahead for put away bin search strategy.

      Please check these points and let us know where is the issue.



      Regards- ASLAM


      Author's profile photo Jaidy Jiang
      Jaidy Jiang

      Than you  for your reply~

      I checked the steps above and found nothing wrong, so it's confusing!

      Any other suggestions?

      Author's profile photo Aslam Ansari
      Aslam Ansari
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jaidy

      What I can see from your WT screenshot is- first WT is of type HU WT. It means you would have setup POSC for your inbound delivery.

      Please check if your POSC steps are clearly defined and working in case of normal IBD. If you just need to put away the stock w/o POSC then first WT(in fact put away WT) should be product WT, not HU WT.

      Out of curiosity, I tested the IBD flow with POSC as well. It worked well.

      Please remove any POSC setup and test - Later on test with POSC once you have made sure that your POSC is working well with normal IBD flow.


      Regards- ASLAM


      Author's profile photo Karattur Madan
      Karattur Madan

      Greetings Aslam

      Very thorough document. Question: How do we handle if there is KANBAN in both IM & EWM?

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Vinaykumar Sharma
      Vinaykumar Sharma

      Hello Aslam,


      It is great Document. I am facing issue that Kanban Container is not changing status and Inbound Delivery is not getting generate.

      I am doing set up for both EWM Location and one IM and other EWM Location.

      If possible then please share some FM/Class of Kanbans which are getting triggered to execute actions for Kanban Container status change and Inbound Delivery.

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Navale
      Ganesh Navale

      Can we achieve PMR staging multi step with help of either POSC or LOSC?