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Limitations of ACR Colombia (Magnetic Media)

When moving from ECC to S4 the new ACR magnetic media solution needs to be used to report to DIAN. The legacy solution ZDIAN_15 is not supported in S4.

The new ACR solution is real nice for the users. However it has substantial limitations to the legacy solution. With this blog we would like to share our experience with the SAP community.

List of limitations:

Report format 1001

  • GR/IR process not supported
    In order to report purchased goods which are posted to GR/IR, the stock accounts instead of the GR/IR accounts have to be configured. Because the goods movement is the starting position several things are not reported (e.g. additional freight). If you receive the goods and the invoice not in the same year the values are not reported in the correct year.
    For us the limitations where so big we decided to keep using the legacy solution to report the format 1001 / concept 5007.
  • Reference key 1 (BSEG-XREF1) to be filled at all times
    In the new solution the field is required to be filled always. We created a program in order that the tax number from the business partner is filled into the expense line.
    See OSS note 3128041 – DRC – Magnetic Media: Basic Prerequisites for Using SAP S/4HANA Magnetic Media Compliance Reports
  • Withholding tax
    If you have a vendor which has expenses in different concepts the withholding tax is summarized. This will result in the withholding tax amount to be reported multiplied. The SAP proposal to have separate withholding tax codes per concept made no sense to us.
    We created a custom report to find out which vendors are reported in multiple concepts and then evaluated the withholding tax amounts. The result has to be manually entered into the report to DIAN.
  • Direct asset purchases
    In order to report direct asset purchases the technical asset clearing posting needs to have the BSEG-XREF1 filled.
    There is no real nice solution for this. We solved the issue by omitting direct asset purchases (always use internal orders for asset purchases).

Report format 1007

  • Rebates as returns
    Rebates in the sales order show up as returns instead of sales reductions. We solved the issue by creating a custom 1007 ACR report.
  • Re-postings do not work
    While re-postings (Debit Expense / Credit Expense) are reported correctly in the formats 1001, 1005 and 1006 in the report format 1007 this does not work.
    We solved the issue with manually determining the affected postings and adjusting the report to DIAN.

A further issue is the performance in ACR Analytics. Reporting runs very slow and exporting the data to Excel is big pain.

We hope that the solution with all its limitations will improve in the coming years.

Good luck

Jean Daniel

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